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  • OpeN.Minded

    first assholes

  • 1,2..1,2 it don’t stop81

    2nd to none.

    aye it’s good look for dude, fat shouts to him and his whole crew for doin that real day to day get by music man, it ain’t all birds,whips and grills and thats no disrespect to anyone’s region but we need more cats like common doin this real shit.

  • Detroit P

    I like the song…I dont really care for the video tho..kinda boring

  • sk

    song is fiyah….video is hot also (he doing it for “the people”)

  • paychexx

    this song is tight, the video is nice, at least he walk down his streets with no bodyguards like some of ya favorite rappers… midwest stand up!!!!


    Nice track! Feeling the video because it shows how he connects with “The People”. I know the album is gonna be a classic.

  • cali neon green


  • stoneyisland

    This is real hip hop, every rapper you see aint driving a Bentley, ever rapper you see aint got MTV cribs. This shit humble and I respect the fuck out of it. MTV and other outlets though probably wont push it because it’s positive but let R.Kelly put out a video with half naked ass women and it will get spinned more than a bottle at a summer camp.

  • Begging for mercy from God

    Common is better than Jay-z flat out. Checkout Lecrae from Texas, and a guy name Flame from Saint louis.

  • Young nab

    ‘Aint no beefs for an ol’gee like common. You what I mean he’s a real gee.!!!!!!!!!

  • http://n/a ya boy


    much love from the bay.. yeeee