Charlie Wilson Sues EMI, Heineken Over Use of Snoop’s “Beautiful”

snoop.jpgCharlie Wilson, lead singer of funk group The Gap Band, recently filed suit in Manhattan federal court against record label EMI and Heineken over what he says is the unauthorized use of his vocals in a beer commercial. According to Reuters, Wilson claims that he never granted Heineken permission to use Snoop Dogg’s smash hit “Beautiful”—which features vocals from himself and Pharrell Williams—in a commercial for their Premium Light Beer. The suit states that Capitol Records, the U.S. arm of EMI, without proper permission, licensed portions of the recording. Wilson also charges that EMI never paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits from “Beautiful” and “You’ve Got What I Want,” which also features his vocals alongside Snoop, Ludacris, Jelly Roll and Goldie Loc.

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  • tony starks

    get dat dough. don’t let dem pimp smack you.

  • jay

    ok found that shit out like 4 days ago OLD ASS NEWS!!!

  • Worley

    That’s right baby. Get your forty acres, a mule and a couple hundred grand.

  • cstyle559

    Damn charlie u broke!Just Be Glad ur old ass is still poppin up!Yo didnt that record of yours sell like 5 copys or somthin! opps my bad


    XXL yall is SLIPPIN man!!

    Yall had the SAME music SAME news up for days…

    STOP SLEEPING up there maan!!!