Chamillionaire Preps Ultimate Victory, Offers New Mixtape and DVD for Free Download

chamillionaire1.jpgHouston native Chamillionaire is preparing for the September 18 release of his sophomore solo LP, Ultimate Victory, with a new single and a free mixtape and DVD. Cham is set to release “Hip-Hop Police,” the project’s first single, which features pioneering MC Slick Rick, to radio later this month. In an effort to hold his fans over during the three month period until the LP drops, the “Ridin’ Dirty” star will offer his new street album Mixtape Messiah 3 and an accompanying DVD for free download from his website on July 18. The DVD will feature exclusive interviews, concert performances, backstage and in-studio footage. “I’ve been hard at work, putting the final touches on Ultimate Victory while my fans have remained patient and overwhelmingly supportive of me. Now that the new album is finally complete and the first official single, “Hip Hop Police” featuring Slick Rick is ready for release, I’m back on my mixtape grind,” says Chamillionaire. “In addition to giving away Mixtape Messiah 3, the release of the DVD is just an extra token to show my appreciation to the fans that have supported me over the years.”

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  • I know rap

    The mixtape messiah was the hardest
    im ready for the messiah 3
    ultimate victory= 460,000 sold (1st week)

  • c

    1st scrubs!

  • dez

    460,000 kill that noise more like 150,000 if that

  • Stack$

    cham be 1 of da realest cats out. straitup

  • J-Reese

    I dont get why peps like this dude???

  • Stack$

    and its mixtape 2 not 3

  • str8 buckin

    chamillionaire is a lyrical genius. what yall know bout get ya mind correct wit paul wall and all dem freestyles he wrecked on. shidd dis nigga aint no joke. color changin campaign pop da champagne

  • brownsville bully

    fuck chamillionaire hes a bitch ass nigger who used og ronc and his own brother rasque and once he went platnuim he shitted on them and they anit even get no plaques u fagget

  • C

    Anyone know where you can find the exact soundscan figures?

  • Freddy(Vega$)

    King Koopa is doin his thing!!! Keep countin them checks nigga….Curtis…..

  • Nick

    Stack$ its not 2 its 3…. He released 2 a few months ago for free on his website. Get your facts right.

  • sc21eptx

    brownsville bully what r u talking about og ron c is his official dj and chopped and screwed his cd and rasaq is on his label geting his own cd. for real stop acting like u know shit

  • da king

    “If It Aint No Cham Then It Aint Go jam”!what u know about that!

  • da king

    “If It Aint No Cham Then It Aint Go jam”!what u know about that!

  • VA

    cham is a down to earth dude and manages to rap about real shit while still getting commercial success and hot singles. he is one of my favoites. def one of the best from the south

  • EReal

    “My bad Im actin like your favorite rapper isnt me / tell your 2nd favorite whos the best and show em a picture of me”

    Cham is the lyrical monster of the south. Yall shit on him, theres noone else in the south left except studio gangstas and gimmick rappers. Real Spit.

    1 hunned.

  • CJ

    aight Cham nice but he stole dat Hip Hop Police shit from Papoose from the song Sharades but wtf it dont matta