Chaka Zulu Issues Statement on Altercation with T.I.

dtp.jpgDisturbing Tha Peace CEO Chaka Zulu has issued a statement about his fight with T.I. on Sunday (June 24) at the “Make It Happen” charity luncheon held by Kevin Liles in West Hollywood.
The statement reads:
“It’s a shame that things like this continue to happen especially with the backdrop of an event that was about benevolence and charitable works. I’m thankful that all issues have been resolved.”
Zulu’s publicist called the attack “unprovoked” and noted that the DTP exec was “forced to defend himself.”

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  • XTC


  • JR.P

    album drops in 1week hmmm….. TIPs lil publicity stunt trying to sell records. TI should be disapointed of TIP. lol
    i was going to buy his shit and support but after this i think ill pass and just download it

  • PRofane to da

    Hahaha, CHAKA jus got knocked the fuck out!

  • $nOwMaN

    luda and TI are two of the best artists out rite now… n both of them needa put that shit behind them.

  • Sire For Hire

    Niggas need to tighten up. There already gettin money, so what’s the fuckin problem.
    When keepin it real goes wrong.

  • Stonyman

    The problem is muthafuckas think that violence and anger is going to solve shit. Fucking walking away and blazing up a blunt and laughing about how it could have went down would have been the proper thing to do.

  • john cochran


  • marlon

    Chaka’s statement shows a class individual. Very well done. Brushed it off and is going about his business

  • Mr Manish

    It was T.I.P

  • Ras

    Chaka did the right thing by not stooping to the street level. However, its sad to see Hip Hop get to this point. With Uncle Murda vs. Papoose, Stack Bundles recent death, and this it seems like Hip Hop will be dead because of our community and those who support it!!

  • King Ben




  • Dub

    I heard T.I.P did dat shit…. T.I ol punk ass wouldnt even around when da shit popped off.

  • jigga

    Tryin to get his street cred up for his album release.

    fake mother fucker

  • jesse james

    shit i doubt tip gon sock somebody manager when it was unprovoked at a charity event, but tips on rap city tomorrow so i guess well see if he got any black eyes lol

  • JoeVyoubeezy

    somebody needs to tell TI to lay of the powder cause that little 4 or 5ft nigga think he like 6’10 300lbs. He that little nigga that think he can take on the world ha ha ha shit like that just makes me laugh. THIZZ OR DIE tell TI to come out to the bay area yeeeeeeeeeeee.

  • bonie

    man we all know is the hottest rapper out now!

  • Face Phoenix

    Ignanze (Ignorance) nos (Knows) No Bounds. Rap is looking real pitiful about now.

  • facescar

    …he just skin n bones…



  • HollyHood

    I hope luda man up and rides 4 his team. Cuz if he sit there and waits 4 it 2 disappear he gonna hear about it on a gangsta grills from tip makin the shit bigger than it was

  • jada

    money aint ery thing homie, am talkin 2 u sire 4 hire . i’ve got some ish happening 2 mi now n dere’s no way money is gonna handle ma problem. so fix up look sharp.

  • guyeight

    TIP is badass, i wanna hear another STOMP where they takin shots at eacother on the same song. THAT shit was tight as fuck.

  • guyeight

    JADA what the fuck r u talking about? no one cares about your problems you whiney lil bitch…go make sum money and and find out how much it helps moron

  • Streets Is Watchin

    you get punched in the face by a 97 pound nigga (unprovoked, provoked, planned, audibled, remixed, or whatever) its not a good look… i gives a fuck about how classy chaka lookin you got snuffed by a dude built like the nicole richie but the venue could have been different

  • ben trill zone 4

    dear tip

    drugs give u false sense of gangsterizmness so please let them go.

  • the dizzle

    Luda and dtp are a joke, long live the king….T.I.P.

  • EReal

    Crystal Meth is a helluva drug…

    “7 Days before your album drop, huh? You little bitch!!” – Fisty Scent

    T.I. = Fake Ass Ja / Wanna be Pac

    Oh and on STOMP, Luda STOMPED on this pussy and he pulled his verse so game jumped on it after, thats WEAK.

    Speaking of WEAK, his album is too. The link I got it from was removed, but hit me wit ur email and i’ll hit u with the RAR.

    1 hunned.

  • guyeight

    hey EREAL. TI didnt pull his verse you fuck. get ur facts str8. he recorded his verse and it sounded like a luda diss so buck went and snitched to him and then luda threw his own verse on there makin fun of TI. TIP tried to re-record his shit after ludas part but they wouldnt allow it so TIP didnt allow his shit to be used. He wasnt even aimin at luda and his shit is still better. If he woulda even know they were dissing eachother TIP woulda slain man….

  • Rednose pit bull

    fuck t.i

  • Al Pratt

    I use to fuck with T.I. however, this new tough man shit he’s on please stop. He has the little man complex… Zulu, did it the right way. Pratt Boys for life… Ohio playa (216) Whats good krazy Ken repping that whole yay area… By the way, Bobby Cutts Jr. is not guilty… Canton police is untrustworthy…. Holla @ me on facebook, A.pratt..

  • http://yahoo bigmike

    ti is a bitch a f**k n@gga he mad cause he didn’t win the grammy luda is better than him and will always be better. stop acting like you bad lil boy wanna be pac stop hatting dude somebody needs to woop his ass, he a midget yo

  • http://N/A THE CAPTIAN


  • tony starks

    fuck both luda ant t.i there both shit artist. ingnorant south niggas need to grow and settle thier disputes in a muture fashion.

  • EReal

    guyeight Says:

    June 26th, 2007 at 1:20 pm
    hey EREAL. TI didnt pull his verse you fuck. get ur facts str8. he recorded his verse and it sounded like a luda diss so buck went and snitched to him and then luda threw his own verse on there makin fun of TI. TIP tried to re-record his shit ******after ludas part but they wouldnt allow it so TIP didnt allow his shit to be used.******
    Exactly, he pulled his fuckin verse. Thanks for proving my point.
    Oh, and I dont care if T.I. had a year to make his verse, Luda murdered him and at that point in his carrer he was just gettin off the ground and every damn thing Luda said woulda stung. No way at that point in his carreer T.I. coulda came near that verse.

  • guyeight

    haha dont kid yourself EREAL. Im saying luda knew he was dissin TI in that song and TI was just rappin takin subliminal shots while not focusing on a diss at all. Thats why LUDAS verse seems better cuz he knew bout it before. TI still fuckin kills that track and doesnt even know that ludas even gonna be on it. I like both LUDA and TI and wish they would make songs together cuz they seem real ass niggas from the A, but dont say LUDA is better man cuz TI’s got the crown right now man….KING BITCH

  • jay

    all ya people needa stop runnin yer fuckin mouth about t.i cuz u most def aint gonna do shit t.i got a little hot tempered is all so all yah dumb asses needa fall the fuck back for i get tip on your ass t.i is the king homie! just cuz he little dont mean shit if he happened to get mad and hit a nigga then so be it hop off dick u dont matter to him so stop tryna diss him cuz hes still makin money and hes still gonna be famous and u still aint t.i is tha shit!

  • 252

    I cant believe yall sittin on here thinkin its a publicity stunt!!!! WTF??? Zulu or whateva his damn name is was running his mouth and it got shut…..point blank. TIP is from the streets and in the streets it aint no talkin. Did anyone catch Luda tryin to defend him???? NOPE. Hope you know why, cuz if Luda did, TIP woulda ACTED A FOOL!!!! on his ass!!!!