Al Sharpton Brings Decency in Hip-Hop Campaign to Detroit, Collects Bars of Soap

sharpton.jpgReverend Al Sharpton and Reverend Horace L. Sheffield III of the New Galilee Missionary Baptist Church announced the kickoff of the Detroit leg of the Decency in Hip-Hop Campaign on Saturday afternoon (June 2). According to the Detroit Free Press, Sharpton referenced musical legend Marvin Gaye while decrying the vulgarity of today’s music during a speech in front of the Motown Museum on West Grand Boulevard. “They did not make women objects of denigration,” Sharpton said, referring to Gaye. After playing an instrumental role in the removal of shock jock Don Imus from the airwaves in April, Sharpton has now set his sites on the recording industry. The reverend’s goal is to have the terms “bitch,” “hoe” and “nigga” eliminated from popular music. Sharpton has stated that a double standard exists in the music industry, where lyrics that demean other groups are removed from rotation, but songs offensive to African-Americans are allowed to play. As part of the campaign to “clean up” rap music, Rev. Sharpton is asking like minded protestors to donate bars of soap as symbols of the effort.

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  • B Seals


    Hey Sharpton, music should NEVER be censored, nor should any entertainment. If you don’t like it, don’t listen and teach your kids to do the same. As far as what other people do, in expressing their right under Freedom of Speach, keep your nose out of it!!

    As far as women goes, they know who the terms “bitch” and “hoe” apply to. If your not a bitch or a hoe, and you know your not, there is no reason to be offended by those words….

  • MoSexIndex

    Al sharpton be that real nigga, he ain’t no studio gangster, he REAL.

    Fuck Jay Z

  • Thankful Hip Hop Fan

    B Seals…how can you say there is no reason to be offended by those words?? Bring some intelligence to the table please. When whites involved in the civil rights movement heard the word nigger and were offended, does it mean the word is not offensive because they were white? That is what you are saying about hoe and bitch. Just because women know they are not those things doesnt mean the words are offensive. Also, PLEASE dont tlel me you are not offended by the word nigger. When people like Martin Luther King fought his life to eliminate the word…when people like your parents and grandparents got called such a vulgar and insulting word and were hurt by them, and now ppl and rappers go around spitting it out of their mouths claiming its a term of endearment is the most ignorant thing in the world. Thats whats so messed up with society today. We erase the history of our heroes by doing silly things like this. Good for Al Sharpton to do his part. I dont always agree with him by any means but his heart is in the right place with this one. By the way..dont take this as a personal attack on you because in just about 85% of comments left on this website the word nigger and any variant including nigga is used. People need to grow up and make this country a better place. By the way…why do you think african americans are the laughign stock of blacks from other places? Because we constantly use the term nigger and bring ourselves down. Crab in a barrel mentality.

  • DirtDoggy

    ^^^^true that.

    Sharpton you fat bastard, are you trying to get some blue collar white votes in the futre ? is that what this is all about ? use some of that soap to wipe the greed off your hands.

    One things for sure big AL you never had a Hoe or Bitch in your life, damn your a ugly dude lookin like humpty dumpty, big egg shaped mutherfucker. I hope you fall off the wall and they can’t put you together again.

  • BklynBandette

    I Ain’t Ever Mad.

  • Stack$

    bars of soap? man what the fuck?

  • MAC 50

    someone should assassinate Al Sharpton for real

  • Dr Flav

    Now I love the brother Marvin, RIP, but does Al even know Marvin’s history? Pop was out there with the ladies. This campaign is the best lick Sharpton has had in a while.

  • Truth

    See this is why I can’t stand this fake blake leader. Now he is quoting Marvin who died a drug addict and was a womanizer. While we have blackmen like Jay-z,luda,Ti,and 50 who are creating jobs for people of color and opportunities for people to get out of the inner city struggle not just sing about it. Detroit has the highest foreclosure rate in the country and this fake nigga wants to go their and take about rap lyrics. He should be speaking to those banks and collecting money to give people and helping people pay their fucking mortgage.

  • EReal

    MLK = Equal Rights for all / Empowerment

    Malcom X = Empowerment and waking of the strength of the black people as a whole / equal respect throught the black community for each other.

    Sharpton = Attcked Rap Music.

    Great legacy, you fake ass nappy headed douche. What about Sean Bell? What about racial profiling? What happened to the “Ban 50 Cent” campaign? Wafflin ass pussy. Hes only still on this shit because its still in the news and the second it loses that power to draw interest to himself, he’ll abandon it like everything else.
    What MAJOR contributions do you know of that Al Sharpton brought about? What has he changed? Yet he’s famous?

    Fuck Sharpton. Worst civil rights leader evar.

  • Worley

    Sharpton is committing suicide. He’s banned together with those crotchety middle class blacks that usually want nothing to do with him. When they drop his ass again who is he going to turn to? The hip-hop generation is turning 20, 30 and, in some cases, 40. None of us will want anything to do with him neither will his present group of middle class black allies.

  • J-Reese

    Al Fake Ass Sharrpton!! I must say he is the bigest sell out in the black commuinte i ever seen this dude talks about the way we talk but hes been quoted saying nigga and other things. Man this dude think hes helping the black pople but hes helping the white man bring us where he wants us to be. They hate to see us taking what they gave us and making money off of it. Like “B Seal” said if you dont like it dont buy it and teach your kids the same way and a hoes or a bitch know what they are. Al Sharpton is todays house nigger. Sale Out!! Fuck that dude.

  • Dirrty South Soldier

    asshole, did he ever hear of “THE FREEDOM OF SPEACH”!!! if u dont like it, dont listen to it…

  • Caine

    EReal hit da nail on da head. Dude jus ain’t for us…

  • triple5

    Sharpton is not sincere,he never has been and never will be. Why censor what your Generation introduced to our generation.I first heard the words Nigga,Bitch,Ho from my parents generation. Now you want to censor Hip Hop? Now you want to censor the record labels? Why because it’s killing society? It’s Funny how women hear these same lyrics but love to dance to them at the club.All women are not voicing their displeasure because I believe they understand it’s entertainment. I can’t for the life of me understand why the parents or guardians who raise these kids that emulate hip hop not taking responsibilty for that child actions.I have listen to the same lyrical content my entire life and not once have I wanted to be like a rapper. I guess good parenting is what really keeps a child on the correct path.

    Also I know more kids who want to be Scarface than kids who want to be Jay-Z so why not attack the movie industry first? That’s because Hip Hop seems to be an easier battle.

  • traebiz

    If this can take place then why are these two not in Washington D.C trying to make change? Like maybe gun control or trafficking. In the end it only affects our neighborhoods.

  • beeyo

    Traebiz, you are on the right track. If more people thought like that, the scapegoating of rap music AND the use of rap as an excuse to say or do dumb meaningless shit would die out. This argument America is having over rap is ridiculous.

  • detroit

    you know what rev. sharpton needs to go stick some dicks in his mouth and never talk again he was wrong about that duke lacross thing and then just shook it off when they were inocent like he never said anything about then being guilty.and no hes coming to detroit we dont need that shit. he is not gonna change anybodies mind here. especialy not eminems one of the greatest rapper of all time and obie trice the most underrated