50 Cent Performs for Charity Event in New York City

50-cent.jpgOn Wednesday, June 20, 50 Cent performed at the Cipriani Wall Street concert series in New York City. The proceeds from the event went towards the charity of the Duchess of York, the Sarah Ferguson Foundation, which provides humanitarian aid to children in need. 50 told the Associated Press he was going to donate his six-figure performance fee for the event to his G-Unity charity. “My G-Unity foundation, I’ve already donated over $3 million,” 50 told the AP. “I don’t really talk about that. It’s not anything that I’m open about. I think if you’re doing the right thing, good things happen to you.” Before the concert, the hip-hop mogul commented on his upcoming album, Curtis, and the superstar guest appearances on the LP, such as Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, Akon, Robin Thicke and Mary J. Blige. “I can go there now. I feel like I’ve proven myself at this point,” 50 said. “I just didn’t want people to be able to interpret me making music with other people as if I needed to. I just accomplished everything I needed to accomplish on m y own and now it’s time for me to creatively merge with some of these people in order to create special songs.” Curtis will be released on September 4.

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  • 50 cent

    this album better not blow ass like the last one

  • dreday

    1st bitches… curtis goin be a certified multiplatinum…..

  • TC

    Curtis Better Be A Hot Album, So far the best album I have heard this year is Shock Value by Timbaland.

  • http://www.fuckyomom.com EReal

    Real dudes do real things. Givin back but not making it a point to tell everyone. I remember when I was in NYC we saw this dude at the mission givin everyone free G-Unit sweaters n shit. It was nice to see that, the people were so thankful ya know? Good Shit.

    1 hunned.

  • http://xxl q-buro-2-thuro

    best album out right now….nuthin
    Nacerima dream…cop it

  • fireforreal

    I think it’s cool that rappers who come from the hood give back to the hood,because it can’t always be about buying out the bar every weekend or all that other bullshit. I’m not a fan of his music but I admire what he did,but he says he’s given 3 milliln to his foundation and doesn’t talk about that but he said it right there so he is talking about it. That’s like saying I donated 1 million to a homeless shelter but I don’t talk about it.

  • http://jarredr_904yahoo.com J-Reese

    I heard that the album got pushed back to Dec.?? So when does it drop is Sep. 4th the date?

  • kal

    yo fireforreal… get realll man.. the dude dont talk bout it as he dont brag bout that shit of course he aint gonna keep him given 3 mill. in donations a top fuckin secret.. he doin good fer the community or watever n u still gotta say some hatin shit on em.. 50 doin his thang



  • BIG

    kal said it right mane. could say it better myself

  • ken

    come on mayne any true business man knows that another way of getting over is to create a foundation da nigga is paying hisself read between the lines “My G-Unity foundation
    that money going right back to him pimps and pimpettes …myspace.com/thebayliens
    check out the album crop circles dont sleep on it!hear one track on the site ya ll may be surprised!

  • http://www.50cent.com Curtis

    i´m 50, i´m ready for New York City!
    50 and Em´ Ft. Holiday