50-cent.jpg50 Cent will be opening a boutique in the virtual world of Zwinktopia to peddle his G-Unit clothing and push his new album Curtis. According to Reuters, 50’s virtual shop will be one of several being established to distribute digital “clothing” and merchandise to the over 6.5 million members of the community. Zwinktopia allows members to create virtual characters, dress them up in the latest fashions and interact with other inhabitants. According to Reuters, the entertainment executives involved are still figuring out the exact business model for operating in Zwinktopia. “It's the equivalent of sending a marketing team to a new country where there is a new economy,” says Chris "Broadway" Romero, 50’s creative director of digital media. While merchandise from other artists, such as The Sex Pistols and Slipknot will be sold using Zbucks—the virtual land’s currency—50’s boutique will be giving away G-Unit gear for free.