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By now, you’ve heard the news: On April 4, radio host Don Imus made the extremely offensive comments wherein he referred to members of the Rutgers women’s basketball squad as “nappy-headed hoes.” After public outcry, the shock jock defensively insisted that it was okay for him to use those words since it’s fine in rap. As if…

Somehow, the disrespectful sayings of an old White man have caused a sudden attack on hip-hop, and Rev. Al Sharpton and his crew have been leading the mission. Even Russell Simmons and the Hip-Hop Action Network have bowed down to the Rev., releasing a statement encouraging labels to censor rappers from using the words “nigga,” “bitch” and “hoe.”

The whole thing has caused quite an uproar. Oprah used the occasion to hold a two-day forum exploring issues in hip-hop with guests like Russell, Ben Chavis and Common. Cam’ron appeared on 60 Minutes with CNN anchor Anderson Cooper to discuss the concept of “no snitching” (sooo one year ago), stating that he wouldn’t even notify police if a serial killer lived next door to him. Ice-T wasn’t so impressed with the rapper’s statements, and called him out. The rapper turned actor also insisted he would never stop saying those three lil’ words. Bun B was photographed sporting a “Don Imus is a nappy-headed hoe” T-shirt, and Snoop Dogg responded to Imus’ comments by clarifying that rappers’ hoes are actually “hoes that’s in the hood that ain’t doing shit.” Thanks, Snoop!

With rap under attack, XXL has drawn up a five-point course of action to counter the assault.

1. Organize a Million Rapper March from New York City to ATL’s Magic City (you can even throw an after-party) led by Snoop Dogg and Common. The Doggfather can then give a speech explaining the subtle nuances between different types of bitches and hoes and why he don’t love ’em, while Common speaks on practicing safe mind sex.

2. Enlist Bun B to create a “We Are the World”–type collabo record featuring Fat Joe, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Andre 3000, Juelz Santana, R. Kelly and Akon. Recruit DJ Unk (Yung Joc as a backup) to create a signature dance—Come on, do the hip, hop!

3. Nominate Ice-T to replace Cam’ron as the official spokesperson for hip-hop. Apparently, Ice thinks Cam isn’t the most reliable source, having called his 60 Minutes appearance a “bad move.” (Um, has he seen Coco’s outfits lately?)

4. In response to the proposed three-word ban, initiate a campaign to ban mainstream media from using the rap terms “bling-bling,” “crunk,” “Fiddy” and any word ending in “-izzle.” News organizations must also stop referring to R&B singers as rappers whenever they get in trouble.

5. Just get Jay-Z on the case—look at what he did to Cristal.

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  • lake

    lmao so true but some other people should be on that we are the world thing and it should be put together by dj khaled

  • Dante Garganta

    It pisses me off that black people get mad at Imus’ dumb ass but not at any of these rappers who say the same shit. I love hip hop, but how the hell can you make a song about bitches and hos and call yourself an artist? It’s sad what hip hop has come to represent: whereas it used to be the unifying voice of an unheard youth, it is now a shameless spectacle of ignorance and materialism.

  • kirk

    Imus isn’t hip hop, yet he blames it for his mishaps at work what kind of cop out is that? I believe in free speech but he knows what he can say at certain times this is a grown man you don’t be saying about bitches and hoes at work unless your a rapper is Don Imus a rapper? if he is he gets a pass if not you get fired

    no seriously I just think he was on some kind of drug or sumthing or maybe he wanted to be fired cuz that was one dumbass mistake and there’s no excuse for it but if he really believes they are all nappy headed hoes I would respect him more if he didn’t apologize for saying we all know he meant what he said he just played the hiphop card now were not talking about him were talking about censoring rap records what the hell does he have to do with that

  • kirk

    first they censor bitches and hoes then they censor gun talk then they censor homophobia then they keep censoring until hip hop turns into shit hop

  • Lady G (UK/NZ)

    Hip hop represents people and ‘those three lil words’ are common place on the streets. i just wish people would differentiate hip hop from rap. We can’t put tribe called quest, pharcyde or talib with 50 or lil John but it all gets grouped together.

    I swear more than most and have no objections to it in music along with conscious lyrical content. If you don’t feel it don’t look for it. There’s enough censoring on radio already. I’m not going to go into church and tell them to stop preeching against sinners like me so step back and let us do our thing!

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