betlogo.gifBET has struck a deal with their sister network, MTV, to bring their number one rated music countdown show, 106 & Park, to MTV Japan this fall. Unlike its U.S. counterpart, MTV Japan will only air a weekly “best of” 106 & Park in English with Japanese subtitles. Hosts Rosci and Terrance recently took a trip to the Land of the Rising Sun to tape footage for their inaugural shows. “I was surprised they were not that far behind when it comes to hip-hop and I’m proud to share our Black culture with our newly-found Japanese fans,” says Terrance. BET Chairman, Debra Lee, helped broker the deal in order to expand the company’s international reach. “Black American culture has incredible appeal around the world and transcends barriers of race and ethnicity,” says Lee. “There are places around the globe that hunger for what BET has to offer. It’s our plan to build a footprint of international partners to help us deliver that content.”