xzibit.jpgWest Coast rapper Xzibit was issued a summons and his driver’s license was confiscated last week in Holland while taking part in the annual Gumball 3000 rally. The event, which is billed as a “cultural tour” rather than a race, is primarily an opportunity for entertainers, businessmen and other celebrities to show off their expensive sports cars during the 3000 mile trek across 17 countries. According to the Times Online, X to the Z and about 50 other drivers first had their car keys taken away as the rally crossed into Germany. Although Gumball organizers are said to have negotiated with German authorities prior to the rally, the racers appear to have been stopped because of one overzealous police officer. When the rapper finally made his way to Holland, he was again stopped by authorities there for traveling at speeds in excess of 50 kph or around 30 miles per hour. The trouble plagued race was eventually cancelled following a crash in Macedonia near the Albanian border that left a married couple dead. Race organizer Maximillion Cooper immediately cancelled a planned victory parade scheduled for Saturday in London. Adidas, one of the event’s main corporate sponsors, pulled out on Friday (May 4) and promptly cancelled all future sponsorship.