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  • Blaxxx

    Thank God.

  • G-BTP

    sheet mayne game won’t stop rappin his livin on it he will just chill for 1 year than hes freash ass hell’ and he gonna drop hes fourth album like a Bomb

  • zilla


  • CKT

    Well I’m a fan of games, but if he wants this to be his last album I support him either way

  • carmen

    I mad at game!!!! why he want to quit??? both his albums was the shit and for him to just up and say he gonna throw in the towl after just THREE albums i’m like come on game what the fuck you doing boo??.Thats my nigga right there and i’m mad that he want to quit already and it feel like he just got here but I got to support his decison even though I feel its to soon

  • B-DOG4LIF3

    FUCK That faggot let that B his last album gaY-me is a Bitch! That Nigga Time iz cummin! Fo Real!

  • BIG M

    fuck u B-DOG4LIF3 Game is one of the realist niggaz in da game rite now. i bet he will come out wit anotha album and it will be sweet as fuck. Do yo thing Game. SUUWOOP! Bs up Cs down