Shots Fired After Anti-Crime Concert Featuring DJ Unk

unk.jpgShots were fired and one man was arrested in Richmond, VA. following a concert featuring Atlanta’s DJ Unk that was meant to promote an anti-crime message. According to Richmond’s CBS 6, nobody was injured and one suspect was arrested outside of the Landmark Theater where the show took place. Ironically, Unk’s appearance at the event was prompted by a request from Richmond Police Chief Rodney Monroe, who sought to promote the positive aspects of hip-hop to young people in the area. The show started and finished early in an effort to get kids home before curfew. “I had parents that stayed on my back every day to make sure the things that I did in school was right, stay out of trouble,” Unk told Richmond’s NBC News 12.

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    NEXT THING YOU KNOW….thurrz gon be a shootout at a will smith concert…cant walk it out, cant get jiggy….what can you do….

  • TRZT

    All this shooting at RAP concerts is just a Gov plot to fuck wit Hip Hop.
    Fuck Da Police !!

  • HA


  • FourOneDuece

    i guess homeboy missed the stop the violence part huh

  • Danny

    Can you spell I-R-O-N-Y….

  • dat dude

    TRZT wat tha fuck r u talkin bout dat was jus sum ignorant person actin stupid dat wasnt know gov plot or watever u thought it was


    unk need 2 get shot any way wack ass nigga

  • 11kap

    Stupid infiltrator.



  • HAHA

    too bad they didnt aim the gun at him, we need to stop this pop rap bull shit.

  • http://xxl Puerto-Black

    Damn shame.

  • cee pee

    thats richmond for you. even crime mob got shot at here. terrible.

  • B-Stock

    1st off it was a boosie and trill fam concert, unk did like 1 one song and left because niggas was throwin bottles at him and was jumped the stage and his bitch ass left…. this how it go in rich-city mane, top 15 most dangerous city….yall niggas get familiar

  • Buck Jones Pony

    Highland Park

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  • Insane Detroit

    He should have thru a bottle back!Most dangerous city”you dumb Bitch”!

  • M.E.M.P.H.I.$ NIGGA

    mane fuck the va.nigga it’s bout that M.E.M.P.H.I.$ shit suckaz.we known for runnin bitch made ass niggaz out our town at random.nigga where i’m from we see dead bodies’s just the way life nigga.M-T-L NORTH M.E.M.P.H.I.$ HOLLYWOOD GANGSTA 4 LIFE!!!!!!

  • BOSA

    they shoulda shot unk

  • Cofa Boy

    Ay guess what doe, if one of dem pussy niggaz wouldve shot unk they wouldve had to deal with me!

  • Kal

    TRZT Says:

    May 11th, 2007 at 12:54 pm
    All this shooting at RAP concerts is just a Gov plot to fuck wit Hip Hop.
    Fuck Da Police !!

    …man uz an ignorant ass motha fuka.. u dum ass hell… rap is obviously somethin that causes alot of violence nd thers gun shots at a pussy DJ UNk concert nd ur sayin its a gov. plot?? u a dumass


  • Young_Rich

    lame ass unk thats how it is in da R tho RICH CITY all day haha

  • Cuban Link

    lmao this is a classic

  • Caine

    First of all dat shit was crunk. I had front row seats at dat joint. It was not Unk’s show to begin wit. He just opened up for Boosie & Webbie. He did his lil act and dippped. (I luv to see dem hoez walkin it out) Shit soon as Boosie & em came out shawty niggaz started goin nuts! But for the most part this shit was peaceful compared to how we usually get down. Da nigga dat did da shooting ain’t buss nobody…Few fights, few stompouts, regular Richmond shit ya dig. Highland Park – Northside Standup!!!

  • EReal

    LMFAOO! classic.

    The 40 cal’l hit yo leg, GO ON WALK IT OUT.

    LMAO @ These dudes reppin their city’s crime rate. YEAH MAN! WE LIVE IN THE SHITTIEST PLACE EVAR!! WHAT WHAT!! OUR CITY IS AWESOME! YOU JUST GET SHOT FOR NOTHIN! lol! Ignorant Assholes.

    1 hunned.

  • yung ceasa

    irony at its best……..LMAFO!!!!!

  • Loccz27 eazt zide

    dat shxt crazi he ant even get nuccaz crunk he ant lil john

  • Caine

    Yo EReal,

    Usually you be on some real shit, but as far as niggaz reppin their city’s crime rate, this is where we come from Homie. Good, bad, clean dirty, murders, all dat shit is home. And on some real shit nigga, niggaz do get shot for nothin out dis bitch. Da wrong look could get yo ass bodied ASAP. You ever been through da projects when niggaz was screamin SOS(shoot on sight) if they don’t know da car you in? I don’t think so nigga. Get Real… May be ingnorance to you, but it’s home to us dogg! From one Man to another…

  • EReal


    I understand the struggle, so no disrespect on that. My city has one of the highest murder rates and fastest growing crim rates in the U.S. right now. Orange County, Florida. I know that isnt Camden, or Compton, or some crazy shit, so I understand its real.

    I just dont understand cats big uppin it and wearin it as a badge of honor, like its cool to live that way. IMO, the only way you should wear that as a badge of honor is if you made it out, kna mean?

    1 hunned.

  • Caine

    @ EReal

    It’s all good pimpin’. I ain’t mad at ‘cha…

  • Ziggy

    caine suck nuts you dirtbag

  • Caine

    Wit a name like Ziggy u opened yoself up for some shit…but I don’t beef wit young ass white boys dat aint bout shit. You wanna check me out fag, see my myspace page pimpin’. -