Scarface’s new group, Green City, Denies Stealing “Party Like A Rock Star” from Atlanta’s Shop Boyz

green-city.jpgEarlier this year, Houston legend and Geto Boys member, Scarface, added a new edition to his Underground Railroad record label by signing Green City, a seven man collective from Killen, TX. But there is controversy surrounding their new single with Mannie Fresh, “Like A Porn Star (Party Like A Rock Star).” The song shares the same title and concept of “Party Like A Rock Star,” the new hit by the Atlanta trio, Shop Boyz, who have the No. 1 ringtone in the country with their version.

But according to Green City member Spark Dawg, the similarities are coincidental. “What people have to understand is, whether they had the song idea longer than us or not, we didn’t know about it.” Spark Dawg tells “We’re down in Texas and a lot of that underground shit that goes on in Atlanta doesn’t get to us until maybe half-a-year later. Originally, when our producer, Da Champ, made that track, the hook was a sample from a Lil’ Jon record. So we definitely didn’t get the hook from the Shop Boyz, it was from Lil’ Jon. Then Mannie Fresh volunteered to re-record his own hook over the sample.”

“We did the song the first week of February and then a couple of weeks later, I start hearing about this other track called “Party Like A Rock Star” that’s getting hot in Atlanta,” Spark Dawg continued to tell “But what were we gonna do? We’re not going to change our music just because great minds think alike. But in no way, shape or form did we hear that song before we recorded ours.”

Reporting by Ryan Proctor

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    I’ve never heard either of these tracks…but wasn’t there a song called “party like a rockstar” off St. Marksmen like 2-3 years ago…Hmmmmmmmmm. MOP wins again.

  • Severe

    Whatever. both songs suck. hip hop might not be dead…but its on life support. and these wack ass groups aint helpin…

  • Jay

    ^^^^^^^^tired of hearin that same shit its on life support.. tht shits old now but neways both songs suck didnt hear either but its a typical south song song so fuck it

  • Kill YouSELF


  • west west

    1st of all its rockstar eneryg drink theme, they have it on every can, party like a rockstar, and great minds don;t think alot, but when everybody trying to be a rockstar this is what u get. do a song with aerosmith, or somebody, stop biting.

  • Jayslay

    Only listen to the Atlanta one it’sway better hand’s down. Fuck these fool’s Green City.

  • john cochran

    That rock star song sucks ass, but It’ll prolly be the song of the summer. The hook is catchy and the beat is okay, but the raps are horrible. What them niggas in 5th grade or somethin?! Yall down south niggas killing me. I cant wait till this southern club music era is over ( yeah I said it)

  • http://WWW.MYSPACE.COM/DOGSTA1 dogsta

    4 words, quit hatin the south. kill yaself. southern music will neva end, when southern music dies all music dies.

  • Giovanni

    i actually am real good patnas with one of the members of green city. they recorded theyre track before i heard of any kinda shop boys tracks. My homie gni told me about the song and liek 2 weeks later i was rollin round, and shop boys came on, i turned up the radio and was like damn this is my homie…then i was like wtf this aint even theyre group wut shit is o well

  • Giovanni

    i actually am real good patnas with one of the members of green city. they recorded theyre track before i heard of any kinda shop boys tracks. My homie gni told me about the song and liek 2 weeks later i was rollin round, and shop boys came on, i turned up the radio and was like damn this is my homie…then i was like wtf this aint even theyre group wut shit is o well

  • Tyler

    Hip Hop ain’t Dead she just down here in the South gettin’ her brains fuck’d out ‘dats all.
    Lose Yo Mind AT:

  • JhonWatson

    Dogsta must be a retard and I quote “Southern music will neva end,when Southern music dies all music dies.” These down south niggas really think they run this shit. What da fuck?? All that shit is garbage. Some of the beats might be on point but lyrically these niggas suck golf balls through garden hoses!! Yeah, probably 5th grade educations for most of these “rappers” cause those niggas definitely aren’t MC’s. Yeah and I fuckin said it too!!!! Bitch ass pork chop eatin’ muthafuckas!!

  • JhonWatson

    Dogsta must be a retard and I quote “Southern music will neva end,when Southern music dies all music dies.” These down south niggas really think they run this shit. What da fuck?? All that shit is garbage. Some of the beats might be on point but lyrically these niggas suck golf balls through garden hoses!! Yeah, probably 5th grade educations for most of these “rappers” cause those niggas definitely aren’t MC’s. Yeah and I fuckin said it too!!!! Bitch ass pork chop eatin’ muthafuckas!!

  • john cochran

    Dogsta, why everytime somebody say they aint feelin the south they gotta be hatin? Even better question, if what you say is true and when southern music dies all music dies, then how do yuo explain the first 20 years of hip hop before the south had it on lock. I dont want southern music to die, but I dont wanna party like a rockstar and dance and shake every song either.

  • J-washington

    man yall hoes jus hatin cuz killeen gettin put on dat map…GreenCity keep doin yall thing these otha niggas hatin cuz yall signed wit Scar and dey not




  • http://RealTalk Guilty Conscience

    Whether its a bite or not…kill yourself for even continuing on with it…and no radio gonna show it no love…truth

  • Dr Flav

    Answer, the blues and jazz were created primarily in the south, the basis of most early hiphop music was samples from jazz and blues records. The Rhythm has been inherited from the songs of slaves descended from Africa. Now, there’s your lesson from one of those 5th grade level southerners, you bitchin about, like all y’all niggas rocket scientists and shit. roflmbao.

  • donston

    shop boyz is so fuckin whack

    who the fuck says

    “tottally duuude”
    on a song????

    greencity gon put shop boys out nast mayn
    and i already hurd the other shop boys shit its even worse

  • DaBosnian

    Man all the south this south that, east this east that…kill that man….it aint the region its the individual artist. There are people in the south that suck and you god damn well know there are shit load of wack ass rappers whereever you go…so fuck you for saying ‘fuck the south’ but Im not gonna say fuck any region cause there is something I like no matter where I look, yall fucks just looking in all the wrong place….with that said, SPARKDAWG earned his. I bet the ShopBoys were put together like O-Town lol…Spark been payin dues in the underground/independent game…..check his Mixtape record, then check ShopBoys Mixtape record I bet them dudes dont even existed before a lable came in and said ‘yall some pretty ass pupets, we can make money with yall with some ‘bling’ and a gimmick”

  • hiphop….please dont die

    i stay in the south but i still cant stand dis dumb ass fuck snappin and poppin and leanin shit a lotta these rappers down here garbage but not all of them so niggas needa chill but hip hop is fuckin dead cuz everbody wanna snap and walk it out nigga i dont consider that hip hop that shit is trash
    but niggas that spit real shit in the south should be more respect cuz they can make it without make dumbass party songs with no lyrical content

  • Dj Keyth 3tymez

    Listen, everybody is on this bash the south movement, and it’s pathetic. You got dudes in here postin comments like the south doesnt have skillful artists. Where u from doesnt designate an emcee for having skills. I have actually worked with Spark Dawg and lil homie has skills. The Shop Boyz are cool group as well. In the south we make club music, thats just our culture. We view things differently. Listen, whether you are on the east coast, west coast, or from England we all talk about the same topics, its just the south does it in a laid back way. Every coast has the projects, every hood has the neighborhood dope dealer, every hood has the neighbor hood Hoes and pimps, we all talk about jewelry, cars and clothes and we all struggle. I think that some people are actually trying to provoke another coastal beef. So please think before you write ignorant comments. Some people just dont know how foolsih they sound. Yall so called Hip Hoppers were listening to southern music for years. Dont believe me, check the early Wu-Tang recordings. IF YOU WANT TO KEEP HIP HOP ALIVE, THEN STOP SEPERATING THE COAST. CUZ IF NOT, THE RECORD EXECS GONNA KEEP PLAYIN US LIKE PUPPETS.

  • john cochran

    Flav, we all know that black existence in this country started in the south, but we’re talkin bout hip hop. Sure it was based on samples of old records. Any dude in the south couldda taken those records and created hip hop. But they didnt, we did. Ill never discredit anything hot. theres good shit that comes from all sides of the map. But bottom line is 80% of the shit coming from the south right now is hot garbage. you can count the number of real, well rounded MCs from the south on your fingers. Its no coincidence that the same time the south has the game is the same time sales are down. Yall are good for nothin gbut a hot single, no substance.

  • Snow*Bunnie

    Dont b hatin cuz yall can’t BANG EM’ LIKE A PORN STAR..This track is better then Shop Boyz Shit understood!!!

  • the truth


  • Dr Flav

    So I say to you John, what makes our “garbage” so much more marketable than east coast efforts? Because you know that the artist up there would do and are doing the same things, with the same topics, however to lackluster results. Sales went up when the south got it. Cash Money, No Limit, Suave House, Rapalot… all that INDEPENDENT MONEY!!? Southern artists still dominate sales, dont blame that drop on us. What about economical factors, gas prices, cost of living, downloading options, you scapegoatin my folk and thats wrong, WE BUY OUR PEOPLE MUSIC, and fortunately a lot more of other coasts do as well in spite of online opinion. Yessir, We KILLING HIP HOP, MAKIN A KILLIN, HAVIN FUN WITH IT. Somebody is displacing their energy focusing on somebody elses success instead of grindin it out and makin hot music.

  • Dr Flav

    Sayin rhymes on beat was nothing new, Rudy Ray Moore, Gil Scott, Last Poets, James Brown, all were pioneers of hip hop. Take it back further to the African griots who told rhythmic stories over drums, drums used to communicate between the tribes. shouldnt be elitist, this music thing constantly evolves.

  • lawrence

    im from killeen so stop hatin cause greencity doin somethin you aint and makin money

  • texas_swang_harder

    Anybody who thinks Shop Boys version of PLRS is better than Green City’s needs to be slapped. Them ATL boys a straight gimmick and thats it, point blank. What is “I yule like i yule.” Stop playin. Ya’ll better be glad you gotta be on church mouth wit this site or id really put boys in they place.

  • J Millz

    @ DR FLAV

    If you can even call them artists…I like to call them corporate HOs…The south sells so good because suburban white kids think that “throw some Ds” and “Cant do it Like Me” are good songs…white people buy more rap then black people…we bootleg the shit…so record companies promote records that cator to suburban white people…duh…you thought it was because your artists are better…ROTFLMMFAO!!! And I’m sick of this “Quit Hatin The Sooooouth” bullshit… I was posting on one of Dyke Jones wack, so called “bangers” and all I said was This joint sucks…everybody from the south was like “don’t hate, we eatin” or “we runnih dih rhhap shih righ heah”. I don’t get mad when people say MIMS is whack cause i know he is… And hip hop may have got the rhythm from the blues but originally its from africa…I don’t see any africans in here givin half assed history lessons…New York made hip hop, the south made pop hop…

  • whuts the beef?

    Both songs are lame,they better both drop new songs before there albums drop threw the floor


    get at me for the real music!!!

  • Dr Flav

    Hos? The ratio of independent artists (yep) in the south to other regions is far greater than others, so who getting pimped for ¢s per album sold. Yes you hatin, because, you coming off jaded. Lookin for a reason why you favorite artist is a loser. Are you your favorite artist? Dont blame us cause you have no mass appeal. (you’ll never be Gangstar) You must be the real Millz, damn nigga, you still mad @ J Dupri!? Hot Dolla take your spot homey? Go beg Sylvia Rhone for forgiveness. Im out.

  • real reck trill

    look dr flav stop entertaining these dudes. they think that KRS ONE and them other old dudes are still relevant today. ONly a hand full of East Coast artist were selling platinum or gold records when the so called east was on top. At that time the same rappers they hate on or say cant rap was making the same money down south independantly. The south has more hustle, and thats why we on top right now. When the south didnt have no majors behind them they still was grinding making thousands some independant made millions. Master P change the independant game selling more records than indie than east coast peeps with majors. Shit lil flip sold gold indie. Its all about the hustle, down south is natural born hustlers so its natural that if we making money at the top right now we going enjoy it and eat. Stop saying white people buying all the records cuz whites downloading as much as blacks.
    Stop hating the south means get a fucking life, go listen to KRS ONE or africabumbata or however you spell his old ass name.

  • da king

    Who wants to party like a rockstar anyway,that shit for white boys with mohawks!this shit here is called hip hop-rap!stop playing wack shit,bring the real hip hop back fuck a rock star!

  • http://Wordofsouth Velle

    Mayne I see it’s alot of hating goin on here… Im just putting my input on the topic at hand here… I jam to party like uh rock star in da club… but I never heard the porn star in da club… who know’s I might jam to dat too…

  • orangejuicejones

    I went to school down south and these niggas is not corporate hoes initially, this is how these people really get down, you will never understand until you live in the south for a period of time. People in the south, as a general rule, are very out of touch with white mainstrean American culture and segregation runs rampant. Now this party like a rockstar is an exception to the rule, but for whoever said that the vast majority of these dudes is corporate hoes? Wrong, they release many of these songs independently and they blow until the point where major labels come after them. You either have to be from the south or have lived here for a substantial amount of time to understand, people in the south love to party, smoke trees, drank, fuck, and have a good time. Though they may seem ignorant and a lot of their music is shitty, I find many of them to be more geniune and down-to-earth as opposed to a lotta niggas back above the Mason-Dixon

  • dee.gutter

    i’m teh ghey artist formerly known as bent(over)

  • Get Your Money Right

    for all you haters up north suck a dick. not all but some. if it wasnt for rappers from the south (Lil Wayne, Young Jezzy, TI just to name a few) hip hop would be dead. what do yall have Camron Lame, Jim Jones please step you game up you fucking lames. get at me

  • Fresh

    the EAST created Biggie Smalls, Jay-Z, do some hip hop homework

  • J Millz

    @ Dr. Flav

    Didn’t mean to hurt you’re feelins homie…More white people buy rap records then black people, its true…Lil Wayne is a rapper, not a hip-hop artist and if anything those he’s one of the niggas killin hip hop…best rapper alive,Pfffffh…Yall went from Scarface,OutKast and Goodie Mob to Lil Boosie…and Unk…and D4L…I lived in the south for a while(in virginia, not like Houston or ATL) and I was stuck listening to “slob on my knob” and “white t” and “nuck if you buck”…I thought niggas would get bored of grills,candy paint and stompin’ haterz out…guess I was wrong… and im not the real Jae Millz and he not my favorite artist, infact i think hes border line garbage, My name is Jamille…I like real Hip Hop, but if yall like Pop Hop thats yall thing then…

  • Killa-Kal

    yah songs wack anyways.. another radio song nd u kno one of them copied off tha other cuz thats some bullshit rite therrrr

  • Chris

    both tracks are hot
    one gets more plays than the other thats true but the whole play on
    “rockstar” has been going on LONG before shop boyz

    compare lyrics tho
    the greencity joint is way more lyrical than the shop boyz track

  • J-Reese

    WHO CARES?????

  • Karismatik

    Yall up North niggaz is so typical talking shit about a region of music. The music isnt negative. Its party music which is what the south does. You act like Southern Music has changed??? Why is south music more popular now, because the dumb fucks across the country like it more. So dont blame the south they just being who they are. Blame your neighborhood for supporting it and giving it all the spins on the radio. Tell them up nrth idiots to stop beefin and get back to making music and maybe someone will start listening again. Jim Jones is wising up…when will the rest follow? If you cant beat them you might as well make them better. I wonder why these Up North lyrical geniuses take the South beats and show people how good the song could be instead of wining and bitching like some fuking preschoolers about how hip hop is dead. Grow the fuck up..together we stand, divided we fall

  • DJ P Exclusivez

    lol everyones are str8 up haters for real!!!

  • JhonWatson

    I’m just glad that my son doesn’t listen to dat shit and he’s 4 years old. I let him listen to true lyricists. I also teach him that every time a song comes on the radio doesn’t mean he’s supposed to jump around like a goddamn fool!!!!

  • JhonWatson

    “we runnih dih rhhap shih righ heah”. That shit was funny!!

  • eastopoint outlaw

    first off party like a rockstar was out first shit um from atlanta the fuckin video comes on every fuckin day the niggaz performed at my school. second off the rapping sucks but the beat is so damn good to the point were it carry the song. annd third yall northin niggaz need to wake up the reason why yall dont sell is because yall beats suck ass yall have good lyrics but yall beats suck and shit yall dont talk about real shit yall to busy blinging and ridin weak ass factory rims nigga listen to lil boosie and wake the fuck up

  • Spark sucks cock

    Green city sucks ass, shop boys suck ass, true lyricist are what make music, these niggas bend over all day every day, they gon get raped by the industry. Im from the south but half u faggots cant spit so go back to mcdonalds. U R lame spark, jackeltooth lookin hoe



  • Bubba from

    man get off of Spark, why ya’ll gotta hate on him if u don’t like the music just say u don’t like it u ain’t gotta diss the dude cuz he one of the few rappers that will actually get on a message board and talk to the fanz so u need to stop hating and step yo game up

  • mike d

    yea im tired of that dance shyt too…$kok House Gz from tha northwest are comin 4 ya…checc tha myspace page… hitt us up