rhn.jpgThe Real Hip-Hop Network is launching a 24-hour cable channel this summer dedicated to the four elements of the hip-hop culture — DJing, MCing, break dancing and graffiti. The channel will air movies, international hip-hop content, news, commentary, live concerts, original programming, documentaries and music videos. “RNH stands for creating a balance in hip-hop, challenging the negative stereotypes, and taking hip-hop back to its roots,” says Atonn Muhammad, RHN Broadcast Corporation CEO. “Hip-Hop is in a state of emergency and RHN is the cure. We are the light to the darkness. We are here to put information to a tight beat. This is a historic moment for hip-hop and music TV. RHN is the only independent national music channel available in the market today and choice is the true essence of freedom.” The Real Hip-Hop Network will debut nationally on cable and satellite later this summer. For more information, visit www.rhn.tv.