Real Hip-Hop Network Launches 24 Hours Cable Channel

rhn.jpgThe Real Hip-Hop Network is launching a 24-hour cable channel this summer dedicated to the four elements of the hip-hop culture — DJing, MCing, break dancing and graffiti. The channel will air movies, international hip-hop content, news, commentary, live concerts, original programming, documentaries and music videos. “RNH stands for creating a balance in hip-hop, challenging the negative stereotypes, and taking hip-hop back to its roots,” says Atonn Muhammad, RHN Broadcast Corporation CEO. “Hip-Hop is in a state of emergency and RHN is the cure. We are the light to the darkness. We are here to put information to a tight beat. This is a historic moment for hip-hop and music TV. RHN is the only independent national music channel available in the market today and choice is the true essence of freedom.” The Real Hip-Hop Network will debut nationally on cable and satellite later this summer. For more information, visit

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  • DaTruth

    I’m interested, but it’s not a good look when the 1st video I see on the site is Mims. Hopefully, this will live up to the hype though.

  • Danny

    Cable channel??

    A dying technology, hmmm….

    Could this be symbolizing something??

  • J Millz

    Finally…@ DATRUTH, was MIMS whack ass really on that website?…

  • neu.sense

    yo wich cable service exactly is this going to be on?and i do agree with the duke “DATRUTH”.

  • Baby Bt

    (74 boss outlaws) 74 tilll da world blow……….. i do agree with them up top..

    Marietta,Ga is the shit… Bellemeade boss all day……..

  • Krb

    well i hope it’s true and not some bullshit to listen to country rap

  • J-Reese

    That whats good.I hope on this station they show how hip hop started. So these new and up comming rapers can see that its not just about money car hoes and selling crack. That shit is getting real old and fast. I see why NAS said hip hop is dead. What happen to telling a tight ass story that makes ya think? EX. Biggies “Pray on my down fall” Man that dude was spitten. I hope this network shows what hip-hop supose to be…

  • Malik C.

    I’m optimistic and pessimistic at the same time. I hope they cover ALL areas of hip hop. I would love for more people to start listening to MF Doom. Since they are showing graffiti and m,ovies I might get to see Bomb the System! again.

  • crooklyn rebelz

    This can only be a positive 4 tha hip hop community. I hope I c alot of passion put into and the insight from the perspective of the people who are the center of hip hop. They gotta make sure they get tha streetz opinion on issues so there is a balance and a counter to Oprah and O’Reily not just rappers who used to be in the position of struggling and eventually created hip hop. Rappers to the two individuals I previously mentioned r looked at as pimps and egos cuz they are viewed as hypocrites. This is due to tha fact that NOW they have money contrary to the songs thats Real hip hop which is based on the poor, sometimes innocent position that tha child from tha guttar posseses. So going to tha streetz would show the real character that shows why our hip hop antics is actually based on a true story. By tha way, Whos afraid of tha punk police Niggaz run tha streetz No justice no peace! Use your voice and mind as your gun, One love to all tha real Don’t stop till we second to none. Peace!

  • Robert H. Bates

    Hip Hop, lets get it. Time to show the world what this is really about.

  • romeo

    i like the idea we need a real hip hop network on tv 24 hours show education, history, and all the elements on hip hop. i seen curtis blow perform for the first time in my life @ club element in nyc and im 30 years old he did his dammmmmmmmmmmmmm thing better then some cats today and ill love to see him on the network also real hip hop network was filming so hopefully ill see the show on tv…real hip hop network has a party on june 3rd 2007 @ club element after the summer jam with dj kid capri also the following day june 4th 2007 real hip hop network is having a party @ 40/40 club in nyc

  • EReal

    Bout damn time. They better not be on some BET bullshit tho.

    1 hunned, haters.

  • Tha K.I.D.

    thats tru…we need sum real hip-hop back none of that snappin bullshit or otha shit wit no lyricz wutso eva…

  • http://xxl jamil

    i like xxl movies

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