rap-a-lot.jpgAs previously reported on XXLMag.com, Rap-A-Lot Records owner, J. Prince, is engaged in a lawsuit with Ronald Bookman, owner of 7303 Records and Studio 7303 in Houston. The situation dates back to 2005 when Prince allegedly allowed his artist, UGK’s Bun B, to appear on a song with 7303 Records’ first artist, JV. The song, “Wrong for Dat,” was recorded in 2005 and Bookman claims Rap-A-Lot and Prince agreed to assign all rights to 7303 Records in exchange for discounted or free studio time at their studio. But according to the suit, Prince didn’t fulfill his promise to allow Bun B on the song after he found out Warner Bros. Records approached Bookman about a label deal. The disagreement then turned physical when Prince and a half-dozen of his associates allegedly beat up Bookman at a Houston recreation center owned by Prince. The incident allegedly took place on January 25, 2007 when Bookman says he was “lured to the gym” after being told Prince wanted to “make things right.” After the attack, Bookman was admitted to the Park Plaza Hospital emergency room for severe head trauma, a broken nose and injuries to both eyes. “

As a result J. Prince will appear in a Houston courtroom on Monday, May 21 to answer to the misdemeanor assault charge. “I think maybe we’re finally getting some of the politics out of the way with this case and we’re moving forward now,” Bookman says. “We’re going to get down to the nitty gritty of what happened, who was involved and what is going to happen next. This kind of conduct seems to be a pattern of Rap-A-Lot and apparently is condoned by the head of Rap-A-Lot. This is an evil pattern of intimidation, coercion, and interference in business matters. He is not the gatekeeper to legitimate business in the city of Houston.”