Quick News on Yung Joc and Xzibit

yung-joc1.jpgAtlanta rapper Yung Joc is scheduled to perform at the Atlantic Beach Bikefest in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina this upcoming Memorial Day weekend. According to the Sun News, Joc was recruited by the Harley-Davidson motorcycle company to mark its first year of participation in the popular event. While no show times have been announced, Harley spokeswoman Lynn Bonner says that Joc will likely perform and sign autographs on Saturday afternoon at the Beach’s Colonial Mall.

According to the Herald Sun, Xzibit has signed with Illusive Records to distribute his album, Full Circle, in Australia. The album was originally released in the U.S. last fall on KOCH Records. “I am in total control of every aspect of my career,” Xzibit told the Herald Sun. “I’m doing what I want when I want to do it. This has never been about a need to go back to my roots. Even though the popularity of my film and television career have taken off, it doesn’t mean I have to make music to appeal to that audience.” Xzibit also stated he worked with longtime Public Enemy producer, Keith Shocklee of the Bomb Squad, for the Australian release of Full Circle. “It’s not about working with who’s hot,” X said. “I do stuff that I feel and that I’m inspired by. I’ve worked with [Dr.] Dre and Timbaland. I’ve worked with a lot of different producers, but there is a special place in my heart for the Bomb Squad.”

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  • ya

    1st? mo fuckers

  • J S-O-T

    full circle was aiight……..nope, thats it

  • http://www.xxlmag.com mike from the wood

    1st…………. ay fukkkk this go to an artist named- hurricane and listen to the song “ay bay bay” that shit stupid but it’s tight at the same time cause it makes since

  • http://jarredr_904yahoo.com J-Reese

    Dang ya boy Young Joc has to be the first Rap star Harley-Davidson eveajumped on. Its that dance he came up wit. Itz going down!!!!

  • supasperm1

    no really… this z to the z guy is he the same guy who is on pimp my ride… i thought he was x to the z, my bad


    what u niggas talk bout is fiction/ dats why da frequency in ur voice cause no friction/u talk bout u writin hits to feed ma addictions/ nigga u flopped 3 times, wasn’t dat a lesson/ anyway i don’t attached to things so i show no emotions/ plus when i kick a nigga out ma team, its either they were disloyal or showed no devotion/ i’m bout da real, so when u nigga take flicks, keep da pictures n feed me da films/…….

  • the xtc

    young jock is not a real rapper so stop CALLING HIM THAT! he aint lyrically incline to be called dat i prefer crunk artist? ummm a dirtysouth guy but not a rapper “sigh” i missed wen being an MC meant something. Nas is right Hip Hop is dead 1978-2003 “cry cry”

  • Davey D

    how old is this “news” about Xzibit’s album? i live in Australia & i bought Full Circle last year when it came out.

  • Wu Clanman

    Fuck that. Yung Joc a pussy, and harley sells overpriced garbage….