Quick News on Three 6 Mafia, Crunchy Black and Ludacris

three-6mafia.jpgAccording to Billboard.com, Three 6 Mafia will release their upcoming album, Last 2 Walk, on July 3. The album was originally slated for a late summer release, but is now being pushed up to July due to the popularity of Three 6’s MTV reality show, Adventures in Hollyhood.

Billboard.com also reports that former Three 6 Mafia member, Crunchy Black, is releasing his debut solo album, From Me to You, on June 12. The LP will be released on Hypnotize Minds/Asylum Records and includes 11 new songs and five chopped and screwed tracks.

Ludacris is set to make a cameo appearance on TV’s longest running animated series, The Simpsons. The Disturbing Tha Peace boss will appear on the series’ special 400th episode alongside Keifer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub who will voice animated incarnations of their characters Jack Bauer and Chloe O’Brian from the TV series 24.

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  • Ziggy

    3 6 are kings …that album should be tight…vrunchy doin his own thang now..still under hypnotize tho…an i fuckin hate chopped and crewed tracks …their the stupidest songs in hip hop..an luda on da simps ..should be aiight..he prolly only say two lines n e way..

  • big dick

    ur a faggot

  • pimp c

    fuck 3 6 mafia. those fags went hollywood like a mothafucka. they used to b e tight but now their shit is watered just like nellys shit. matter fact, what the fuck happened to nelly?

  • jhyphen


  • Jayslay

    Yup Yup fuck chopped and screwed.

  • Stl Q

    three 6′s mtv show is damn near the biggest sell out in hip hop history.

  • jada


  • Dude

    Three 6 Mafia doing big things. I cannot wait to hear them on D12′s album. :)

  • Tha Ace

    jada triple six is into that demonic shit anymore
    that pretty much ended with “When The Smoke Clears”
    and 3 6 was straight fire at Memphis in May!!!!!!!!!

  • loc to tha brain

    Fuck crunchy he needs to die

  • runninthe617

    three 6 album gonna be fuckin crazy they always spit hard you cant lie you watch that show… simpsons… springfield ma stand up

  • beeyo

    The Simpsons are supposed to be in Kentucky, not Massachumpsets.
    And why did Crunchy leave 3-6 if he stiil under they label. Fucking moron.

  • Truf

    The Simpsons are Actually set in Illinois. Ayo Stop Dissin’

  • lukee lefty

    Springfield Illonsis i dont know how to spell it but that is where it takes place

  • Subliminal Disses are A Cowards way of running scared

    Mean Three 6 are straight fire at the mo.
    Dope Boy Fresh is burnin ma Ipod 2 pieces.
    And 4 tha last time they arent Satanic!!
    Jada u fag I Bet u were one of the few idiots that thought dat Stay Fly was sayin Lucifer in it.
    Fuckin Dumb Kaaaaaaaaaaaant!!!


    shuuuuut the fuuuuuck uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup!!!!!

  • Shady 1st Lady

    What happnd Crunchy Black, they ballin’ without you my dude? That’s sum bull. Luda don’t have Hommie pullin out them things on a nigka! lol 1

  • M.E.M.P.H.I.$ NIGGA

    mane,the simpsons in springfield,massachusetts!how the fuck they have a hurricane in kentucky or illinios?act smart.and 3-6 the real kings of M.E.M.P.H.I.$ cuz they been puttin it down since bout 90,91.M-T-L.



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  • jada

    3 6 is demonic i dnt care wat y’all say cos erybody wants 2 justify evil y cant ery 1 b like papoose

  • http://fu.com Kriminal

    three 6 aint shit with out the orginal niggas they sell outs now wit there raps an i dont care what anybody says bout Crunchy Black that nigga gangsta fuck yall hatas suck a dick and die