Quick News on Kanye West, Sean Price and Jermaine Dupri

kanye-west7.jpgA representative from Def Jam Records confirmed with XXLMag.com that Kanye West’s third album, Graduation, has indeed been pushed up to an August release date. The album was originally intended for release in September. In addition, a new Kanye mixtape, Can’t Tell Me Nothing, recently leaked on the Internet and features ‘Ye’s first single, “Can’t Tell Me Nothing,” which was co-produced by DJ Toomp.

Boot Camp Clik MC, Sean Price, will perform at the 3rd Annual Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival on June 23. “I’m exuberantly thrilled to put my incredible god given talents on display for all of Brooklyn to see,” Sean P. says. “I will get busy. With the success of my latest album, Jesus Price Supastar, I’m not the brokest rapper you know anymore but with the Festival being in BK, I’m just a $2 metro card away. If you see me on the train you know my name — Sean P.” Sean Price will join Ghostface Killah, Skillz, Consequence, Dres of Black Sheep and Large Professor on stage at the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival. In addition, the Heltah Skeltah member will also release a new mixtape this summer entitled, Master P.

Jermaine Dupri has signed a new artist to Island Urban Music, Jason Fox. The 21-year-old Harlem MC is the creator of the new song, “Aunt Jackie,” which is currently bubbling in New York City clubs. The old-school flavored track is already building a buzz online, gaining over 150,000 plays on MySpace and 275,000 views on YouTube. “I think we’re seeing the life of hip-hop coming back with songs like ‘Aunt Jackie,’” Jermaine Dupri says. “It’s the kids acting like kids used to act when I was growing up and I love it because, to me, hip-hop has been too cool for school lately. It’s time for a change.” While the homemade video for “Aunt Jackie” has gotten a good response, JD plans to shoot a professional video for the song and release it as a commercial single.

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  • BOSA

    1st snitches!!!!!!!

  • http://xxl q-buro



    Jason Fox huh?…. aite, I’m listen out for that Dude!!

    And Dj Toomb co produced Ye’s 1st single. Crazy! I’m sure I heard Young Jeezy doing BV’s in the background. Nice Track! Ye comes HARD wit the Lyrics on that joint too.

  • ric

    how’s this guy i’m signing in as?


    Aite…. I JUST heard that Jason Fox track…. “Aunt Jackie”


    I don’t know WHY I even bother… I’m a just stick to my J Dilla & 9th Wonder shit!!

    REAL HIP HOP LIVES…. but it’s FEW and FAR between with a lot of these NEW artists yo.

  • Patkilpat

    The mixtape is dope, the sooner the better!

  • fireforreal

    I’m glad Kanye is pushing his album up.So the whole month of Septembeer can be all for 50′s big ass flop of an album. Don’t get me wrong he’s gonna do good the first 3-4 weeks but watch how quick the album will not be talked about any more.This guy created so much buullshit beef since his first albm people ar tired of it because he still has the same mediocore rhymes and sound alike hooks he still needs to grow really fast as a artist or his career will die even faster. Those 2 garbage singles ain’t getting good spins on radio or in clubs

  • http://www.myfreepaysite.com EReal

    Ye comes HARD
    No homo.

  • yung ceasa

    yeah im lookin forward to that kanye album, but somethin about that “can’t tell me nothin” song slightly perplexes me, see errybody hears jeezy doin those ad-libs in Ye’s song but tha thing is when jeezy’s album came out it had a song called “i got money” (which by tha way is wat you herre jeezy say at tha end of this song) and tha only reson i spent my time listenin to tha song is because it said that kanye was on it, but lo and behold he wasnt even though on tha album cover it says it features kanye and t.i.

    since then though i never thought about it, until i heard tha remix to “cant tell me nothin” had jeezy on it spittin one of tha same verse he did on tha “i got money” song.

    therre’s a lot of controversy surroundin this song, but nobody is payin attention cause jeezy and kanye dont have tha same listeners so nobody sees tha weirdness of this first single of kanye’s………

    oh and btw
    everyone knows that dj toomp co-produced kanye’s new song, but guess who did laced tha beats for tha jeezy song………dj toomp AND kanye

    just some food for thought.

  • http://xxlmag.com cacogrande


  • Dat N.I.G.G.E.R.

    Man, I live in Orlando now, but I’m from Wyandancy New York. I got one thing to say….. THERE ARE A BUNCH OF HATAZ SITTING ON THE SIDELINES. DAMN!!!!