Producer DanjaHandz Honored

danjahandz.jpgAccording to, producer DanjaHandz was honored last night (May 9) by Epic Records President Charlie Walk and David Ehrlich for producing six No. 1 singles the past year. Nate “DanjaHandz” Hills is a protégé of Timbaland, producing tracks for Nelly Furtado (“Promiscuous” and “Say it Right”), Justin Timberlake (“Sexy Back,” “My Love” and “What Goes Around”) and Timbaland (“Give It To Me.”) Some of the industry’s biggest names, including Atlantic Records CEO Craig Kallman, attended the event held at New York City’s Gin Lounge. In addition, Danja is among the top honorees at tonight’s SESAC New York Music Awards, which pays tribute the top writers in the music industry.

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  • john cochran

    So now we know who did those beats. He’s hot but Id like to see em do some rap. no more techno pop records.

  • BGizzle

    First Bitches!!!!

  • p.rhodes

    you need to check out “wonder woman” by trey songz homie

  • where it started

    protege ? More like a Timbo clone


    Danja really deserve this, he doing big things, I wonder what else he’s working on.

  • Justin

    Danja also did we takin over….hes prolly the most talented producer in the game

  • TheJuiceManne

    he killed it on 8Ball & MJG – Turn Up The Bump

  • slobbythegreat

    this shits, me we see timbo do dirt off ya shoulder for jay on fade to black then hear that timbo stiffed the tuff jew on cry me a river NOW its danja producing the 6 singles…who really did what? i used to proclaim timbo the king but now i aint so sure…damn it!

  • Best Latin Rapper Ever

    He is Timbaland…He makes all of Timbalands beats…Danja Handz is the best producer out…

  • Best Latin Rapper Ever

    He is Timbaland…He makes all of Timbalands beats…Danja Handz is the best producer…He made we takin over

  • nitiblze07

    he aint no protoge and all those tracks that timbo supposedly did that hit #1 he co produce timbo just dont put his name on tha credit.

    hes aight good pop producer

  • T.R.E.Y.

    well the article coulda mentioned the fact that he’s co-produced all those hits with Timbo. as far as any “ghost-production” goes i think if you listen to this guy’s solo tracks you’ll notice the difference.

  • Tyler

    Been tryin’ 2 tell ya’ll Tim has been rippin’ people since he got in the game. . He fuck’d over his old manager after his manager Robert Reives got his outta’ ‘dat shit hole wit’ Devante and put his fat ass on. Tim then fuck’d the dude outta of the credits on the Ginuwine album which U can peep ‘dat 1st album inside yourself. R.Reives did all ‘dat Jodeci stuff from Diary of a Mad Band up 2 The Show The AfterParty The Hotel which Tim tells everyone ‘dat he spun hit like Feenin’ and Cry 4 U. .then way hasn’t Tim every done a song ‘dat sounds like ‘dat since then? Jodeci ain’t done an album since R.Reives left them. . I wonder why?
    Lose Yo Mind at:

  • Malone

    Tim gave him credit for all those hits. He is credited as a co producer on all the songs listed. Co producing is common practice. Dre does it all the time.

  • da king

    Who cares this guy and timbaland along with gay ass backstreet boyfriend justin timberfake! are responsible for hip hop dying!KEEP HIP HOP ALIVE DONT LISTEN TO THEIR WACKASS MUSIC THAT SHIT’S CALLED POP!

  • kaution86

    tim and jusitn aint the reason for hip hop dying stupid,thats unk,and boosie and the rest of these wack ass acts,oh and mims too no down south bias i know this dude aint produce these on his own cuz they got timbo written all over em

  • dscores

    i think this guy is the reason why timbaland came back and is still ontop although ofcourse timbo must be doing something but this guy is the brain behind the sucess.

  • Freddy(Vega$)

    Why is that Niggas want to be Guns N Roses and shit?? did I miss something?? STOP WEARING SMALL TEES AND SKULL SHIRTS PLEASE!!! not hot

  • jose conseco

    check bone thugs – bone thug boyz and whatchu want by BIG ft Jay – Z. both produced by him raw tunes!

  • Rosevelt


  • Calistylz

    Man listen thats my dog and hes been doin this since we was teens so all the hataz simmer down cause my nizza deserves everything thats coming his way all this music ish is just a stepping stone yall dont even know whats about to take place just look listen and learn lil cromies

  • fabb ab

    danja keep it up ..your hot!!

  • Meta4ever Musik

    First of all, he’s Timbaland’s Protege’. Learn what the word stands for before you start making all of these stupid comments. Timbaland gave that man the biggest oppotunity of his life and he ran with it, which is what you’re supposed to do! Timbaland didn’t need those 6 #1 hits. He has had so many throughout his career, he decided to let the light shine on someone new. Tim doesn’t have to still beats from anyone. You cats should do your research before you make comments. If any body got a problem with that, they can see me on the mic anytime, anyplace! Holla! Meta4ever Musik 2007