Pastor Troy Forced To Change Album Title

pastor-troy1.jpgAtlanta MC, Pastor Troy, is changing the name of his upcoming album from Saddam Hussein to Tool Muziq. Three of the major retail chains refused to carry the album with the original title, forcing Troy to pick a different name. “The Saddam title was just a metaphor for how I was comin’ back for my shit, hostile takeover style,” says Troy. “I’m gonna bring genocide to the rap game. It wasn’t political or anything like that. I’ve got love for the troops, they’ve always supported me and I support them. So now I’m just gonnna give ‘em Tool Muziq ‘cause that’s what this album is — hardcore gangsta shit.” Tool Muziq will be released on July 3 on SMC Records and will feature production by Shawty Red, Drumma Boy, DJ Squeeky and guest appearances by Gangsta Boo, Fabo of D4L and The Hit Man Sammy Sam. “Troy has always been the epitome of an independent underground artist,” says Will Bronson, COO of SMC Records. “But when he signed to a major they took the ‘fuck you’ right out of him. Troy’s got that passion back and for [a] lack of a better phrase — we ready!”

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  • smog

    this is what dumb ass bol should really be talking about in censourship instead of whatever the fuck nonrelated hip hop shit he has been writing about

  • Paul

    1st, son! 1

  • i’ll shit bag u

    another wack , garbage ass rapper fuckin the rap game up……. what a joke!!!!

  • wtf


    How can this be censorship if a label doesnt want to put out a stupid ass name under them like Saddam Hussein? Dude works for the labe..the can put out that title under his own label.

  • nur-allah

    so he changed his name because of why. that negro needs a gimick to sell and he had it right there. now he looks like a tool for changing it. scared nigga

  • str8^truf

    niggas ain’t allowed to get money in 07-08!
    thats fucked up right dere’ they judged it before he even said anything.

  • Dr Flav

    Censorship had nothing to do with it, did you read that THREE MAJOR RETAIL CHAINS REFUSED to carry it, dude trying to get his money, he aint doing it just for fun. Music is his source of income, he playing the industry game.

  • Tha Gener~al

    Yo my manz who said he was wack, wuz right, but dat vicesa versa, was gd up . . myabe cus of the beat wit dat nigga yelln n shyt. but yea, i aint no hata but tool muzic iz gone be fool muzic .. straight garbage, wit an exception or 2 for beatz

  • Dade County 305

    I co-sign with u DR FLAV. the brotha not sellin his soul. the man gotta eat and he might have miles to feed. sometimes thats when keepin real goes wrong. when cats dont think about the biz. he still gonna bring that gangsta music.

  • missile 6

    dade county 305: i see u can read compared to people on here talkin bout the label made him do it. the guy does have to eat if his cd ain’t in no stores how is supposed to do that. people criticize the wrong shit, and stay quiet when theres an actual problem.

  • Jason Murk

    That was a dumb ass name anyway. Sadaam Hussein didn’t come back for shit… that nigga got hung. And when they found his ass, he wasn’t hostile… he didn’t shoot back… he didn’t do shit. He probably shit himself when they drug him out of that spider hole.

    Maybe the name “Sadaam Hussein” does fit Pastor Troy though. All these rappers talk as if they’d open fire on their opponents when it’s time for war. But when an altercation actually goes down, they don’t do shit

  • cannon

    yall niggaz need to stop hating on one of the realest niggaz out of atl.

  • Kal

    I second Murk’s comment… dude prolly shit em self wen he got dragged out LOL

  • june 26

    this nigga is crazy. go get that album curtis
    and get that album sadam husein to!!!!

  • Lord of terror

    I’ll cop it, PT always gives the fans what they expect from him, no matter what y’all lame ass hoes think.

  • Lil Ervin

    Look This shit is hot on fire so all you haters fuck u

  • EReal

    Pastor shoulda just named it
    “Sodamned Insane”

    problem solved.

    or he could name it
    “shit to make you kill people”

    1 hunned.

  • Tha Ace

    damn we got some major hatin here
    face off was straight and any means neccessary was bumpin the whole way through that shit stayed in my system for weeks
    and its nice to see gangsta boo is gonnna be on that shit

  • DSGB

    fuck what all yall sayin that nigga pastor troy is the muthafuckin realest and he will fuck anybody up fuck all ya on here pt all fuckin day holla

  • YounGuttaBkaBlaqueCzar(LongLiveDaKing)MW

    Leav my nig alone fuck heads..pastor just came back and ya’ll tryna get em ..fuck outta here…

  • sharkndawater

    boy i finally found the pastor troy hater board cuz. ya’ll niggaz don’t know real muziq. oh yea, learned how to fucking read and comprehend before you talk shit fuck boyz… for all ya’ll real nigs JULY 3rd. TOOL MUZIQ!

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