greg-olsen.jpgOn Sunday (April 29), the Chicago Bears drafted tight end, Greg Olsen from the University of Miami, in the 2007 NFL Draft. Now, the rookie is under fire because of a rap song he recorded with his friends that degraded woman and boasted about sexual acts. According to the Chicago Tribune, Olsen recorded the song — “7th Floor Crew” — under the rap moniker, G-Reg, with his friends on the seventh floor of Miami’s Mahoney Residential College. The track appeared on a MySpace page recently, prompting Olsen to apologize. “As a freshmen, a few of my friends and I recorded a song that was written for us,” Olsen told the Chicago Tribune. “It was an immature mistake on my part and I certainly recognize it was wrong. I am not proud of what we did and [I] have become a more mature person over the past three years.” The Chicago Bears have not commented on the song, but Miami University athletic director, Paul Dee, has denounced it, saying the track was “unfortunate, inappropriate and demeaning.”