Nelly to Host South African Version of Pimp My Ride, Plans Reality Show

nelly2.jpgNelly and his company Fillmore Street Brewery, which manufactures his energy drink Pimp Juice, are continuing the expansion of the rapper’s brand into South Africa. The St. Louis native has entered into an agreement with U.K. based Screen Ventures and MTV Networks to bring the hit show Pimp My Ride to the African nation. According to his website, the parties signed a deal to produce 52 episodes of the show, in which old cars are customized and brought back to life. The St. Louis native will host the show alongside an as of yet unnamed South African presenter. Also in the works is an American Idol style reality show based on hip-hop performances. The show’s winner would be eligible for a two year recording contract with Nelly’s record label, Derrty Entertainment.

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  • EReal

    How about a “Pimp my Aids hospital for children” show in south africa. I mean WTF??!
    Theres some real major problems down there and they’re gonna do pimp my ride? Da fuck.

    Cant hate on his grind tho, findin new sources of income. Cant hate on that.

    1 hunned.

  • smog

    yeah true ereal, whos the one that got hunned though?


    piMP MY hUT…….

  • Ziggy

    pimp my 3 wheeled 1962 VK bug that is my home to my family of 32….

  • Ziggy

    VW sorry

  • stoneyisland

    WTF is wrong with this gold tooth wearing muthafucka??? I mean make your paper nigga I cant hate on that but in a continent were MILLIONS not thousand of black people cant afford Aids medicine this dumb as nigga wants to take pimp my ride to africa?? I mean God Damn when does it stop, Nelly if you read this my brother, unless you taking food and medicine to the motherland then stay your dumb ass in the states.

  • bossman

    You niggas needs education, i mean damn south africa isnt a region its a country. Its the wealthiest african country, no huts. They are a very well country no aids no poverty, damn yall need education.

  • jeonek


  • African

    Is that all you ignorant hill billies know about Africa? Watch Nelly’s show so that you can educate your ignorant asses about Africa. Africa is much more than you watch on CNN and Fox?

  • Abeeku

    I’m African, (Ghanaian, as a lot of you are,you just don’t know/care) as in I’ve been in the US for only some months now.
    I mean, back home, we hear that African-Americans bought into the lie that we sold ‘em away to white people, but wow…pimp my ride?! As in that useless MTV show with the rapper Xzibit?! Are you guys trying to “punish” us or something? Was he not the one who made a video doing something nasty with a credit card? How sad…it’s hard to blame the South Africans since they’re desperate and think that Nelly will bring some income with him (since he’s African..I mean ‘black’ himself)No offense to anybody, but I’m yet to meet any people so obsessed with making money as white Americans (and unfortunately, our brothers and sisters here are taking the habit)..don’t they know that no matter how much you have, it will eventually get finished?! Families/clans/tribes/nations are more important, but the weakening of that value along with commercializing Black music is probably one of the worst blows white companies have dealt you guys.
    There’re millions of people whose lives Nelly could save (literally, not the expression) with a hundred dollars which is probably very little to him…and with all his millions, he still wants more…and more…even to the point of using (his own) people. He’ll probably be old before he realizes that using your own people just means using yourself.
    I’m sorry if I’ve offended/about to offend anyone. But the “hood” a lot of people whine about is heaven compared to the reality some people have witnessed/continue to live in.
    You would think…never mind.
    I apologize once again if I have offended anybody.
    “If the truth still hurts then there is still hope”
    –Nante yie me nuanom.

  • http://yahoo Chaka Zulu

    Mannnnnnnn!! This negro better not set foot in the motherland with that pimp my ride bullshit…. 4 real man.. Imma have to get the zulu tribe to get at this negro with the spears… My point is, the continent Africa got to many third world countries with real serious issues.. Ex. aids and poverty.. If you not a ambasador for the UN with good ideas about how to help the continent, dont show up man.. This niggas diamonds in his grills probably are “conflict” diamonds.. You Muthafucka.

  • Mpho

    Yo yo yo, easy on the hate people or ratherlack of knowledge, I am a South African and I don’t got no AIDS, u guys are just being Stereotype.. the fact that South Africa has a High HIV stat which is like 3/10 dont mean that, that is all we should focus on, there a hella beautiful things that go on in this country, thats y your favourite artists been here and most of em want to come (although most of these jigs jus wanna kick it with Nelson Mandela).. we have the number 2 Cricket team in the world No.1 Rugby team in the world, hosting the biggest event in the World (Soccer World Cup) in a minute etc.. but i’m not gonna deny the fact that AIDS or in killa’s case IBS needs more attention, the government is doin all they can, every got damn corner u go they got a HIV/AIDS ad on there, but u know how black people can be especially nw since them niggas got a lil money, ignorant as fuck..

    Bt gotdamnit u niggas is stereotypes..

    where’s dat TPAR cat, he needs to school y’all niggas..

  • Cape Town’s Finest!!

    feel you mpho.. I’m at school in south africa prob is like the states, when ya’ll rich asses failded to haul ass and save the katrina folk it showed the truth about the country,which is simply that it is made up of different facets of society.. and not all criss drikin and candy paint car as is in Africa we do have our problems but that shouldn’t rob us of decent entertainment like everyone else. life is hard everywhere, AIDS is a global scurge.

  • Vee

    Yeah South Africa is 1st world in a sense., all u niggas dont know what u talkin about. Im proudly South African having lived in America and would not consider going baq. So I visit every couple of yrs. I’ll suggest u guys since u internet thugs to go on see the houses that niggas here got. Its hollywood style n thats no joke. Check the landscape , Capetown, Durban,Johannesburg. There are so many blaq millionaires n a couple of billionaires featured on forbes.
    The weather is the best in the world, our freeways are worldclass, got golf players Ernie Els on top 5 list. Blaq people being chauffer driven in maybachs, phantoms n all em big wheels.
    Id suggest when u save a few dollars hit the motherland ul be surprised what u see. Just like all the stars coming for the first time to SA, they still think they in the states.
    About Aids, the rate is high coz thats what the world wants to show about blaq living. In America its the same and when I was in the UK I met some african doctors practisin there n they highlighted how high the aids rate is. So about what u hear on SA consider 20% of it true research the rest. And yeah the American education system makes America seem to be this perfect habitat.. It aint homey, come to Africa where we run em things. The economy is on steroids, we supply more than half the gold in the world, we got diamonds, platinum.. all that these hiphop cats talk about its all from here.
    People still buy CDs here n downloading is considered feminine.
    So dont hate on SA, u all welcome 2 witness our uprising nation. So Ima buy an old BMW just to have Nelly pimp it up and ball all the way to my varsity. Ooops ya’ll shud know the first heart transplant was done in South Africa by our doctors. And yeah my varsity in no.1 in afrika. Well the world hates n says its 53.
    Thats a whole new subject on its own. Im actually considerin a reality show on BET or MTV so u can have a preview of SA. That’ll do u some good geographic education. And yeah the bitches r fine here.., I mean gorgeous, just ask Snoop n Luda they witnesses.
    Wish u all the best in this enlightenment. Keep educating urselves fools.1

  • Big Ant

    well said Mpho di kgashu tse a di tsebe fokol mzala. Watch out for Nelly peeps that cat is smart them diamods ya’ll favourate rappers be rocking come from South Africa De Beers is South African, majority of people in this country are black and what that means is we got lots of big booty females that’ll all be rocking them Apple bottom jeans. Man WTF?? we got shit poppin off look at your manz Hov latest Rocawear ads where they were shot for what Market and ask yourself what it is they all know that you dont. We gooood down here AIDS or NOT! Joburg Stand UP!!!

  • Simon-G

    Pimp my ride in africa, don´t you think that they got enought problems down there, I don´t think they need it that bad down there. So way don´t you just go and make an album or something insted of doing shit that don´t need to be done.

  • Ziggy


  • gee

    fuck all u americans!!!!

  • J-Reese

    Man dont get mad at nelly wtf wit MTV. MTV ptch that idea to nelly wrote him a fat check and like any real person wit good sence is rolling wit it. Man we need more raper like Jay-Z who went over there aand helped out and showed what was realy going on ovea there. And on the other hand we go peps here in the U.S. who need help to but thats just what i see?

  • freshman

    STFU ziggy

  • http://yahoo Chaka Zulu

    @ MPHO.. True that.. I agree with most of things you said but you still missing the point ma brother.. Dont get me wrong, South Africa is if not thee richest country in the continent of Africa, thats why (FIFA) chose the country to host the first ever world cup.. I acknowledge and im proud of that especially being a african. You and i know the white man is the richest and still runs that country besides a black president..Things might change a whole lot since ma granpa(Nelson Mandela) days but the fact and the matter is, black southafricans are still suffering in that country. HERE IS THE CATCH HOMIE, YOU TALKING BOUT RIMS, TVS, AND CANDY PAINT RATHER THAN MEDECINE AND POVERTY.



  • Ruthless

    if yall could see the cars we already pimp ourselves here in s.a than yall would shut t f up and realise that america aint so wonderful on its own… grab a book and educate yourselves