nelly1.jpgSt. Louis rapper Nelly is bringing his controversially named energy drink “Pimp Juice” to South Africa. According to Reuters, Nelly and three of his companies have entered into a partnership with South African holding company Mojalife to distribute the beverage in Africa. Peter Friedman, Mojalife’s creative director, says that 1.5 million cans of Pimp Juice have already been pre-produced for distribution in South Africa and they aim to maintain that level on a monthly basis. "Another three million units will be going out into our international export market in Australia, Nigeria and New Zealand," Friedman continued. When Pimp Juice launched in the U.S. in 2003, it was initially met with protests over the use of the term “pimp” in its name and the perceived message it would send to consumers. In recent years the outcry appears to have died down somewhat. Pimp Juice will be available in South Africa as of May 18, and Nelly’s Vokal and Apple Bottom clothing lines are expected to follow soon after. In related news, Nelly’s company has also enlisted Canadian rapper Pimp Tea to help promote the Pimp Juice brand in the country. Tea’s 2004 hit record “Shake Your Caboose” has been remixed with added vocals from Derrty Entertainment artist Prentiss "Professir" Church and Toronto rapper D.O. The new version of “Shake Your Caboose” will be used in a Pimp Juice promotional campaign and is available for download from the drink’s website