Mike Jones’ Manager Claims He Was Assaulted by Police

mike-jones1.jpgTerrance “T” Flowers, manager for Houston rapper Mike Jones, claims local police in the city of Jersey Village, a suburb of Houston, recently assaulted him. According to Houston’s KPRC Local 2, Flowers says that he was having an argument with his ex-girlfriend in the parking lot of a Jersey Village apartment building, when police arrived at the scene. Responding to a 911 call from a resident, the cops approached the couple with their guns drawn. According to Flowers, although he got down on the ground when ordered to do so, the officers became more physical with him. “I get down to my knees,” Flowers said. “They shove me down. A black cop put a foot on my head. They still had their pistols on me, telling me to get down, get down, but I’m already down, though.” The man also claims that his arm was nearly broken after he was cuffed and treated roughly. After being detained in a police car for 30 minutes, the man was released. Flowers believes he was treated the way he was because he works for a famous entertainer, and he filed a complaint with the Jersey Village Police Department on Friday (May 25). When asked by KPRC why he thinks he was singled out, Flowers quoted police as saying “You think you can get away with certain types of behavior because of who you are.”

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  • Gettin $$$

    This is bullshit, all that for a verbal dispute? F the police. Plus its sounds like the black cop was trying to be extra tough around his partners.

  • http://myspace.com/qt007 QT

    Like I Say Skin Color Dosent Make Personality Another Cop Abusing Power

  • killa cam jr aka randy f. baby

    see thats a few reason why we gotta hate dem fuckin cops yo man he should sue they fuckin asses

  • Esco Tha Kingpin

    fuck tha 5-O always messin with niggas
    T should but a slug in that popo

  • changs332000

    fuk da police

  • BOSA

    and they still complainin how street niggas dont give dem no respect

  • killa

    that is why i hate pigs

  • dada

    thats why i hate pigs