Michael Jackson Buys a Portion of Eminem’s Catalog

eminem2.jpgPop superstar Michael Jackson now owns the rights to portions of Eminem’s catalog as a result of his Sony/ATV Music Publishing company’s recent purchase of Famous Music LLC from Viacom. Through the deal, Jackson now controls the publishing rights to songs such as “Without Me” and “The Real Slim Shady” according to Reuters. Viacom announced the deal, which is estimated to be worth some $370 million, on Wednesday (May 30). Jackson and Sony/ATV now also own the rights to scores of hit songs from a number of artists including Shakira, and movie soundtracks such as The Godfather and Mission: Impossible. In 2004, Em famously enraged the pop legend when he parodied him in the video for his single “Just Lose It.”

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  • Supreemwun

    LOL! Paybacks a Beeeeeyach! Parody that Elvis.

    Public Enemy quote “Elvis…Buck’em with my shotgun!”

    LOL! LOL! LOL!

  • http://xxlmag 88andup

    ooh wee!lol somebody got gott! MJ, its time 2 get payed! I wanna see how eminem is gonna flip this one…

  • G-Swe

    Every one who feeling G-Unit writw:

  • K

    SOO WOOP!!!

  • yocarta

    where does michael jackson get money from??

    • S.Rich

      Wtf do you mean ” where does Michael jackson get money from??”

      He’s Michael Jackson, legend nuff said.

  • whookid123

    fuck michael jackson that nigga weird as hell

  • Originalhotboi

    Shit i still think mike is a sissy but thats just gangsta!!!lol

  • Beav

    i sure as hell hope mike dnt think he gettin to em. i bet slim aint even know about it till this article (assuming he visits this website XD). anyways, mike is washed, i dont give a fuck if he is the king of pop (which he is, DO NOT GET IT TWISTED). this is the last time u will EVER hear of MJ doin ANYTHING with hi career, unless he starts his own reality show trynna find the next young boy bad (hint, hint…)

  • jm

    who is the real king now !bitch

  • Nate

    Oh man this is funny shit! Mike is practically Em’s boss or sum shit now! Wonder wat goin thru Eminem’s mind rite now!! haha

  • BOSA

    dam nigga!look like mike got the last laugh on that shit…lol

  • diggsy

    Nate Says:

    May 31st, 2007 at 4:28 pm
    Oh man this is funny shit! Mike is practically Em’s boss or sum shit now! Wonder wat goin thru Eminem’s mind rite now!! haha


    You know what Eminem is thinking …

    “Dumbass niggaz on the internet don’t know shit”

    cuz when does owning a portion of someone’s catalog = “being their boss”.

  • BlackGenius

    Mike laughing all the way to the bank like 50 and fools got the nerve to think he broke.

  • Ghetto Cherokee

    WTF kinda funny Mike Jackson is known for buying catalogs he did it to Paul McCartney


    mike is a straight homo ass dude l.o.l


    i just bought the rest of the catalog and mike’s socks..top that!

  • http://www.dumchit.com bege

    MJ got money because he also owns the rights to all his songs and the beatles songs. every time you hear one he get paid.

  • theone207


  • R.C.

    keep going wacko!!! keep buying white people’s publishing(the beatles, eminem, shakira)…
    that’s how he got that stash in the 1st place, lol!!!
    but you he got lots of unpaid bills, still i like the move

  • theone207

    he own the beatles catalog, his own, amr some other artist as well.

  • 1N1 OUT

    The only catalog that nigga should buy is the toys r us catalog

  • Cuban Link

    fuck Michael Jackson, he did this shit to the Beatles too.

    That negro used to be dope as fuck, but then he turned into a cracker, and now hes whack as fuck

  • fireforreal

    Nobody can front and say that ain’t gangsta. Michael Jackson as off the wall as he’s been he finally did something smart and the shit em talked about him is gonna bite him ass forever.So now he can make paper from songs he had nothing to do with damn that’s a diddy vs. the lox move right there.

  • http://xxlmag traebiz

    Supreemwun Says:

    May 31st, 2007 at 3:26 pm
    LOL! Paybacks a Beeeeeyach! Parody that Elvis.

    Public Enemy quote “Elvis…Buck’em with my shotgun!”

    I got every album to date; when did they say “buck em wit a shotgun”? maybe its new material.

  • kal

    haha! thats funni as fuk… mike jackson that kreepy as foke.. funny how Em diss on em’ nd now jackson own some of his songs hah

  • LadyD

    So…Slim got so much $$$ in the bank.. He’ll buy it back.

    • S.Rich

      LadyD ………..stfu..

  • Savage Life

    MJ is supposed to be bankrupt. They need to to get this use-to-be-nigga for lying to the government, and give him time for them pictures of naked boys they found in his storage.Dude need help

  • Mr.Yuck Biotchez

    mj just need to die already.. i mean fuck he made thriller, but he aint dun shit in what the last centuary?? it starts with the man in the mirror mike! u shouldnt have went white, emphligo my dick!

  • Justin Bayze

    I gess the fag is gettin money from them muslims who be shaggin his ass in the desert.Mike’s a homo hands down,he knows Em’s shit’s more profitable than his shit.Why the fuck didn’t he buy Camron’s wack ass catalog this just proves the homo’s obsession with white people.fuck you mike

  • Supreemwun

    traebiz Says:

    May 31st, 2007 at 7:49 pm
    Supreemwun Says:

    May 31st, 2007 at 3:26 pm
    LOL! Paybacks a Beeeeeyach! Parody that Elvis.

    Public Enemy quote “Elvis…Buck’em with my shotgun!”

    I got every album to date; when did they say “buck em wit a shotgun”? maybe its new material.

    My Bad should have said Lench Mob Guerilla’s in the Mist album I believe.
    They sampled the “Elvis!” part from Chuck D (Fight the Power).

  • biggkidd

    First off where did the majoriy of you learn to talk, you sound like idiots. Second MJ prob wasnt even involved in the deal. But if he was, he most definitely got em on that one.



  • http://www.xxlmag.com MAVAKASHI

    shit i guees mike went like ike tuner & just lost it.The fag’s chocolate box must be itchy like hell.Owning or pretending to be owning another nigga’s ass gets him off.ass hole

  • http://www.myspace.com/larrybrite Larry Brite

    Em doesn’t own his own publishing???? Michael Jackson still has money left???? Michael Jackson has a spine left??????? What a weird week.


    2 songs….SO fukking what!

  • http://xxlmag.com TMANN

    Lynch Mob said Elvis Buck em with my shotgun on “you and your heroes”

  • http://www.myspace.com/princeunseen wow

    yeah motherfuckers are crazy . if this was jay-z buying the shit yall would be going crazy em made fun of the nigga so be buys his publishling and make more . fuck it if he did it to the beetles. the world companies and publishers been beating cats for years

  • flyboy403

    money well spent

  • http://N/A Dion

    Whoever said MJ is broke is a dum ass. Mike owns 50% of The Beatles catalog plus Sony/ATV which includes Shakira,Beyonce,Celine Dion, we can go on & on plus owns his own tunes? Mike is paid, period plan & simple!!!! People are asking the question how in the hell Mike is traveling in class & doing shopping sprees, Mike get paid from owning those songs. Who’s laughing now bitches?!!!

  • Krb

    ya’ll some dumb asses to think mike is broke! leave the innocent man alone!

  • Krb

    ya’ll some dumb asses to think mike is broke! leave the innocent man alone!

  • chillin mayne

    wat do micheal jackson and santa claus have in common??
    -dey bof leave kids rooms wit empty sacks
    nuff said…

  • http://www.insanemacbeth.com insane macbeth

    M.J. is gangster!!!


    BRIXTON, south LONDON stand the fukk up!


  • Ray


  • don reggaeton

    He’s Baaaad!!! He is a freaking / crazy / music biz / money making geniuos. Take that Mr.EM.

  • Rednose pit bull

    fuck mj and fuck 50

  • ds

    MJ Only bought two Eminem Songs

  • http://www.myspace.com/spectacula1 hate is a sickness get well soon
  • http://www.hiphopcheck.com Chris

    Wow, that’s some crazy stuff…

  • moneymaker

    Michael is the richest/most powerful entertainer in the business.Idiots thought he was just another song&dance man,LOL.He got more money than anyone knows.Nobody in the business publicly disses Michael,he might own their music!As far as him being a fag,he done had more women than anyone knows.Go Mr.Jackson!

  • http://www.OnthelineNW.com Michelle Basart

    Question for Eminem (Ugly MF)?
    How does it feel to be Michael’s BITCH!
    Take that MF!
    Now who’s BAD?! u shit!
    Dont F@ck with the King Of POP!
    Like Stevie said! You dont play like that.
    Michael has Integrity and he was taught by the best (Barry Gordy/Sammy Davis) on how to get back at your Nazi kind!
    I’m Lovin this!
    I new MJ would kick yo ass somehow 4 spewin on him.
    Now lets kick the shit out of MTV Bastards now too!

  • crenshawbiatch

    ya’ll niggas r stupid!!! mj is the one gettin’ paid!!! em is the wanna be a$$ nigga!! michael made $370mill.?? how much did em make with that wack a$$ ‘re-up’ sh*t?? mike is the man!! all you niggas only WISH you got paid like that!

  • http://www.michaeljacksonwasmylover.com Michael The Pedophile

    But I give all my money away to the little boys I ~love~ so ~much~. WHOO! HEE! HEE! HEE! So I have no money to pay my bills and everybody sues me. HEE! HEE! HEE! HAA! Even my lawyer dumped me because I don’t pay my bills and I’m gay.

  • Nate

    Michael was the richest huh? You mean like Donald Trump rich? Like you have 1.5X the liabilities as assets? Like you make a 100Mill a year and owe a 150M?

    There wasn’t anything gangsta about Mike.

    Well for those of you who called Em his “bitch” Em came out alive and poor Mike didn’t. Now what does his money do for him???

    Michael secretely hid the fact that he had a worsening Chronic Lung condition requiring a transplant, along with emphysema and gastrointestinal bleeding.

    R.I.P. Michael

  • vooodoodoig

    This is why black people will NEVER rise above. They thrive on looking and sounding stupid.

  • http://www.eminemturkiye.com Eminem Turkey Fan Site