Master P Hosting We Got Next Summit, Debuting Televised MC Competition

master-p11.jpgOn Saturday June 30, Master P will be hosting the We Got Next Summit at Howard University. The one day conference is described as “a means to enhance attention on Washington, D.C.’s array of talent and to promote music business knowledge among participants.” The gathering’s initial session will focus on artistic responsibility with regard to the content of the music they produce and perform. Other panel discussions planned for the day include sampling and other legal issues, producing hit records, and designing cohesive airplay strategies to building a buzz and reaching major labels. There will also be a fashion show, an artist showcase and an arena of vendors and exhibitors. Invited speakers include Chaka Zulu of Def Jam South, J. Prince of Rap-A-Lot Records, BET’s Mad Linx and producer Rich Harrison. Registration begins at 9:00 a.m. on the day of the conference and admission is $25. On the preceding Friday (June 29), the Starz! Cable network will debut Master P’s America’s Next Hip-Hop Stars competition. In a continuation of the mission of P’s new record label, Take A Stand Records, contest participants will be expected to display a clean image and deliver inoffensive musical content. Master P’s son Romeo, rappers Snoop Dogg and Paul Wall and former BET host Free will serve as judges.

(Please note: The price of registration is $25 for those who register by June 25th. Late/door registrants will be subject to an increased admission price.)

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  • EReal

    He looks fat.

  • EReal

    im a homo

  • BOSA

    P lost all respect when he went on DANCIN WITH THE STARS

  • http://xxl FLIP

    I can’t respect a black man in this day and age without a mustache.

  • J-Reese

    Man P please give it up dude yo run in the rap game is up let it go. UUNNNNN Na No No No No!!

  • G.Getta

    man wut da fuck is yo prollem? ur actin like a tru fag P. u fuckin up da game 4 niggas who wanna express dey life. Yo son aint got shit 2 worry bout. hes fuckin rich!!! no1 gives 2 shits bout wut u sayin man. u was one of da first 2 bring crack rap 2 mainstream now u wanna be a bitch and catch sum religion all of a sudden? nigga grow sum nuts man. i respect wut u doin but hip hop is about expression. so u gon censor commen and talib from sayin NIGGA?? u gon censor ya brutha c murda 4 talkin bout his life?? u sound real sorry bruh. u jus in it 2 get sum guap and its so obvious. ur not relevant at all no more man jus get ova it. take a stand records? cumon man plz quit dat. wut about no limit and gutta music?? i coulda swore u jus had a single out a while back called Cookie Money, cmon man ur lettin hollywood get 2 ya muh fuckin head mayne.

  • lil’c

    J-Reese Says:

    May 31st, 2007 at 2:54 pm
    Man P please give it up dude yo run in the rap game is up let it go. UUNNNNN Na No No No No!!
    yeh yeh yeh whuteva playa u just hatin on sum1 who neva gives up on the game no matter what
    keep it real p

  • Severe

    what G.Getta said…..real talk.

  • Montana

    Much respect to the hommie P for stepping up and trying to help a fucked up situation with our music. Look man the dude is starting a positive label, he aint knocking no other artist for doing what they do. But for me personally I think that what he is doing IS some real STAND up shit like more of us need to be doing instead of following another man.

  • Don Reggaeton

    He looks old. Like from the 70′s.