md-exile.jpgAccording to ABC 2 News, the Maryland U.S. Attorney’s office is utilizing hip-hop to educate young people in the state about the possible consequences of gun convictions. In a joint effort between the Maryland Exile Program and the Precision Youth Power Program, U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein has commissioned a group of former gang members to spread the word about the state’s harsh gun law through a new song and music video. Under the Maryland Exile Program people convicted of gun violations face long sentences with no possibility of parole. The initiative is intended to literally scare people away from firearms. The Precision Youth Power Program, started by former gang member Darren Williams, uses positive hip-hop music to reach at-risk youths. “When the kids heard about Maryland Exile and what they would be doing they hit the floor,” said Williams. Provided they keep their lyrics clean and positive, participants are given job training, free studio time and even have a chance to sign recording contracts with major record labels.