Maryland U.S. Attorney Looks to Hip-Hop to Curb Gun Violence

md-exile.jpgAccording to ABC 2 News, the Maryland U.S. Attorney’s office is utilizing hip-hop to educate young people in the state about the possible consequences of gun convictions. In a joint effort between the Maryland Exile Program and the Precision Youth Power Program, U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein has commissioned a group of former gang members to spread the word about the state’s harsh gun law through a new song and music video. Under the Maryland Exile Program people convicted of gun violations face long sentences with no possibility of parole. The initiative is intended to literally scare people away from firearms. The Precision Youth Power Program, started by former gang member Darren Williams, uses positive hip-hop music to reach at-risk youths. “When the kids heard about Maryland Exile and what they would be doing they hit the floor,” said Williams. Provided they keep their lyrics clean and positive, participants are given job training, free studio time and even have a chance to sign recording contracts with major record labels.

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  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    nothing wrong with owning a gun…just do it the right way and only use it for protection…cowards use it for courage…

  • The Rappr Eater

    You’r speaking the truth straight up N-Credible about it should be use for protection and cowards use it for courage

  • j.rock

    Thats cool

  • Flinttown Tone

    Artist:Esham Song:Headhunters CD:KKKill the

  • N.O. 4 life

    aint no skit gonna stop me from doin what i wanna do….improve education and gun crimes will go down….if im paid(legally) im not gonna try and shoot anyone…..the only way ima get paid legally is through proper education….

  • http://none come correct

    one of the best youth programs in the country maybe the world.using positive hip hop as a tool for peace is the bomb.cudos to all record companies supporting pypp.especially violator records & mngt. and emmel communications.

  • Denise

    Thats my baby … i love wat he’s doing! keep ya game up baby i love u! (for lil’ cutta)pypp member

  • twista

    i just checked out the site and it was tight.yall keep doing yall thing.young’n blizzard and lil cutta is representing on the williams is making a name for his peeps.hats off to violator records and emmel communications for hooking up with pypp.i wonder what al has to say.

  • http://none eric jones

    thats whats up.big ups to mike lighty and emmel communications and violator records and management.they saw darren williams vision.also props to xxl for a great story on the positive side of hip sharpton should embrace this effort by pypp.i been to the site its nice.those young cats blizzard and cutta is doing it up down there.yeah we see you in va to.ther site is straight like that. e&j

  • emoney

    thats all the way live stuff
    even the us attorney recognizes the vaue of hip hop.these cats are real in this program.i like whats they are doing with the youth.on the sight there are three dudes on stage.young chief(ceo) fresh and t trump,thats a nice picture on the sight.i hope they come down dc way

  • all in one

    guns don’t kill people,people kill people with guns.pypp,the us attorney,& youth like blizzard,cutta,fresh young chief & the others set the standard.the site is great.thanks lesslie west va.

  • Sara

    i think it is really cool what the PYPP is doing,especially with my homie YoungNblizzard,its good to see young males doing something positive ,keep it up

  • Sara

    i think it is really cool what the PYPP is doing,especially with my homie YoungNblizzard,its good to see young males doing something positive ,keep it up

  • cutz

    hey i saw these dudes on the judge hatchett show they took a youth from atlanta and rehabed him if they can’t get the message out it won’t get out
    cutz newark del