Ludacris Teams With Harley-Davidson For Charity Event

ludacris-14.jpgLudacris and Harley-Davidson are teaming up to donate a 2007 Fat Boy motorcycle for auction on eBay to raise awareness for The Ludacris Foundation’s charity efforts. The auction will start on June 2 and the price for the bike is set at $10,000, which is much lower than the retail price. The motorcycle will be signed by not only Ludacris, but also superstars such as Shaquille O’Neal, Kanye West, John Legend, Diddy, Common,, Bow Wow and Cee-Lo. “Our TFL programs and support initiatives have directly impacted thousands upon thousands of lives,” says Ludacris. “And what I more proud of is the fact that we have thousands of hours invested in hands-on service. I mention these things not to brag, or pat myself — or my foundation — on the back, but to underscore the responsibility we all have to turn back, reach back and give back. That’s why we do what we do, and that’s why we are so happy to work with Harley Davidson and others that share our desire to help.” The auction ends on June 12 and 100 percent of the proceeds will go towards The Ludacris Foundation. For more information on Luda’s motorcycle auction, visit

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  • BlackGenius

    Al Sharpton and Oprah don’t talk about rappers when they doin good shit like this huh……

  • Kbone65

    Right on Luda! Show you got more than just lyrics and beats.


    all these niggaz doin charity is because in tax season dey write offs..or watever dey call it….ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY MONEY MONEY …DAMN PEOPLE

  • Beav

    for real genius, where all the haters at now?? big ups to my man luda.

  • EReal

    But this will get NO mainstream press whatsoevar and you know it. When rappers fuck up, they’re all over the news. When they do good? Naw fuck it, no sensation there.

    Fuck the media and yo momma too.

    1 hunned.

  • Beav

    yea u right. unless sum1 gets shot, or the harley is laced with herion or something, no one aside from xxl readers will know