Ludacris Backs 9-Year-Old Industry Mogul

ludacris-11.jpgLudacris and his Disturbing Tha Peace partners, Chaka Zulu and Jeff Dixon, have signed on to co-produce a new reality series about a 9-year-old rapper and budding music executive, Big Korey. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show will document Big Korey’s efforts to launch his own record label, sign new talent and develop his own music. The pint-sized mogul has already worked with such prominent producers as Jermaine Dupri, Jazze Pha and Dallas Austin. “He’s amazing,” Ludacris said. “He’s someone that I will definitely be working with in the future.” Also working on the project is James DuBose of DuBose Entertainment, the man behind BET’s Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is and ABC’s NFL Halftime show You’ve Been Sacked. The producers are set to begin shopping the series to cable and broadcast networks in the coming weeks.

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  • mo-g-loc

    1st big up luda im lookin out big korey in the future

  • Stonyman

    Damn I need to get a new job.

  • icey willie

    This PROVES its not really what but WHO you know. What a joke.

  • teddy “dbahsee”

    Dammmmm theres so much money to be made out there independently and on your own terms its ridiculous lucky kid

  • madman

    ^ shit you aint the only one

  • jimmi

    little big korey is the prince and futrue of the south

  • mikal



  • My Effin’ Opinion

    Hopefully they don’t have this 9yr old saying “nigga”, “bitches” or “hoes” cuz all hell’s gonna break loose with the media …

  • yung ceasa

    yeah that lil dude did most of tha shyt on that unk album….that walk it out bullshyt and that 2 step……well look at it like this.. 1). he’s tha youngest producer to have two #1 hits on tha bilboard charts….and 2). he’s making age appropriate music (before yall start trippin im 16, just aint on that kiddie shyt).

  • osc-ceo

    that’s good shit right there.

  • EReal

    Thats a trip yo. Lil man doin it real big.
    Who’s kid is he?

    1 hunned.

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  • HollyHood

    That’s good lil man already focus, and chasin his dream. Who needs high school

  • KB

    You guys are all ignorant!!! Big Korey is a producer, only raps sometimes! But the kid is sick on the beats though!

  • FourOneDuece

    he should call his company milk money records mikal yous a fool for that one

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  • jada

    i wanna get signed by luda
    am sic

  • Star 4rm KC

    OOh! He only 9 yrs. old….I will hollar at him when he turn 18……I’m 16!!! LOL….Im playin but that is REAL good….At least he startin out young….he just gotta stay ahead of the game and know the GAME! Cuz the music game aint no joke!

  • 21st Century Hustle

    He’s Big Oomp’s Kid. And has been producing since he was 6.
    Full interview with him on monday.

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