Lil Wayne Inks Deal with Straight Up Brands Liquor Manufacturer

lil-wayne.jpgLil Wayne has entered into an agreement with liquor manufacturer, Straight Up Brands, to create an all new, branded alcoholic beverage. Further details of the deal and have yet to be disclosed, but Wayne is expected to help develop, brand and market the resulting product. The New Orleans native joins a growing list of rappers and entertainers who have partnered with the company to create customized beverages. Straight Up recently took control of the Dipset backed Sizzurp Purple Punch Liqueur following their acquisition of Rappin’ Brands earlier this year. The company also has plans to launch a pineapple flavored beverage called Lucky Nites with Houston native Lil Flip, a brand of sparkling wine with Foxy Brown, and Storm Vodka with DJ Clue.

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  • Jeevan

    thats whats good

    • Ry Sti

      since ive been saying it since the first carter.. lil wayne is the best rapper alive… hopefully one day he might be as good as pac n big

  • YAYA

    1st young money 4 life, best rapper alive

  • Danny

    Young Money/Dipset Ya better believe!!!!…

    Ya dig??

  • Tuff Gong

    wow waynes bout 2 blow, his firt endorsment

  • killa the dawn

    Dip South bitch haha Byrdgang/yung money man yall get wit it

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  • Double R

    it’s going to be called Homo-notic

  • Kill Yourself!

    Double R you wildn brah!

  • C-Gutta

    Big Shit Poppin Adverisers mad slow Music Videos is like free advirtisements jus get the rapper to use ur product dum craccaz

  • Ziggy

    Wayne smart man…gots to be whereever the money is now a days….get yo hands on everything you can…50 did it look how rich that nigga is…

  • J Smitty

    now thats a hustla Ya dig!

  • twin

    I have never seen so many sell outs and coons running around in rap. Look what is being promoted. All money is not good money. Who would “lil” Wanye be pushing his product to? Stop killing the kids you sell out clown ass rapper who babbles about nothing. If you can’t see these fools for what they are this is your warning that their messages will lead you to jail or hell. You are working with the man when you can kiss another man in the mouth and still be cool in the rap(e) game.

  • 92FS

    Double R Says:

    May 23rd, 2007 at 1:46 pm
    it’s going to be called Homo-notic

    ^^^ LOL!!^^^


    When you people stop worshipping this mediocre son of a bitch

  • j.rock

    Fuck that shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dr Flav

    twin, slow down, liquor is for grown folk. Legal age is 21, and white folk endorsed spirits will get you just as drunk and are marketed and sold @ the same places, the same way and to the same people.

  • Dr Flav

    Mighty Infamous is MAAADD! “tell em why you mad, son.” LOL!

  • Dr Flav

    Oh by clickin your link, I see you an artist. Dont be like that man, if you hot, its room in the game for you.

  • J Millz

    heres a basic wayne verse for yall who think hes the Best.RapperAlive

    its L-I-L to the
    weezy fuckin baby
    me and birdman be
    fuckin the flyest ladies
    bitch you wanna take a ride
    in my droptop mercades
    then you can give me top in
    the back of my mercades
    fuck with cash money and
    and we’ll pull out the D Eagle
    We’ll leave ya lookin like an old man
    weak and feable
    and if ya come back after that
    the price will be lethal
    we gonna have ya momma cryin
    up under a church steeple
    Weezy f baby be the
    the number 1 trap boy
    I always keep them rocks fresh
    and lookin like deltoids
    and just incase i get a bad
    feeling and get paranoid
    I carry guns around that look
    like they juice up steriods
    yeah, young money
    they say I be a carnivore
    more like a canible cause
    I eat other rapp”ors”
    I’m the greatest alive
    thats a proven fact yall
    so my face should be with the
    presidents on Mt.Rushmore

    wow, that took so much effort…sign me, sign me, sign me…no homo…Young Money entertainment…We takin ova…Ya dig

    LMMFAO!! Weezy definately ain’t the best alive…

  • ToneFelone

    Ha!! He should name his drank “Babykiss” and market it for da bitches. Ha-ha!!

  • Realidelphia

    Lil Wayne is such a dick rider. He needs to stop trying to be Jay-Z and stop acting like he is the best rapper alive. His music is entertaining but its just words that sound good together. Nothing about him is original, hes a biter.

    Philly Stand Up!

  • G-Swe

    fuck you Realidelphia, Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive

  • Junkman

    Wow, thirty years and now we got our MC’s promoting liquor. Look how far we’ve come! hehehe

  • tony starks

    this is da kinda bullshit dta pisses me off. when wack rapppers get jounalist writitng about them. hip hop in da U.S is fucking dead with all these fucking dumb souless negreos. all these fake rappers need to stay away from da UK WE DONT WANT YOU HERE with yer coomercial un inspiring crap. If yer aint naS, wutaung, game, lox, dmx, and cormega stay da fuck out of the uk you’ll get hurt if come up here.

  • iLL

    (#Junkman Says:
    May 24th, 2007 at 1:17 am
    Wow, thirty years and now we got our MC’s promoting liquor. Look how far we’ve come! hehehe)

    My sentiments exactly. Liquor of all things. Rap is a joke these days. Monotonous lyrics, mundane beats, and low morality. Where does it go from here?

  • Slick Vic

    das my dude lil weezzyy… MAKE THAT MONEY MY DUDE.. FUCK ALL THESE HATERS

  • EReal

    None of you even answered the question at hand.

    Would you drink the shit, and have you ever heard of fucking sizzurp purple punch? WTF?
    Prolly some nasty ass shit man, cheap liquor is nasty and gives you hangovers. I’ll Pass.
    Im on that Sailor Jerry. Google it, hoes.

    1 hunned.

  • mike from the wood

    1st…………. ay fukkkk this go to an artist named- hurricane and listen to the song “ay bay bay” that shit stupid but it’s tight at the same time cause it makes since

  • Killa-Kal

    Fuk Young moneyyy… bet yall faggots didnt kno this dude went to a rap schooool to get better at rappin.. some mite say thats fuckin WACK.. means he aint got no true MC skills nd he never even been threw street pain on tha mic like he has.. he lyrically talented but he was born wit it

  • domo juice

    Wayne is the truth B. Jay-Z ai his prime couldnt have comptete with lil wayne in any shape form or fashion.

  • J Millz


    How is wayne the truth…all he does is put together metaphors that rhyme but don’t make sence…Anybody could make rhymes like Wayne, I just did in an earlier post… he tries to be Jay-Z but can’t do it…Jay-z could slaughter him now and in his prime…obviously you know nuttin about hip-hop…LOOOL at wayne bein the truth…He says the same shit in every song “young money blah blah, shitty verse and at the end, young money dipset blah blah blah ya dig… Wayne is WHACK

  • texas

    shiiiit!!!!!! lets get faded! already weezy f baby (please say tha baby)

  • O-City

    I usually don’t do this but I’m tired of reading you faggots hating on this weezy foe getting his paper…u faggots stop listening to the nigga if he is that terrible! O-City in this bitch and fuck you faggots no homo.