Lauryn Hills Makes Her Return

lauryn-hill.jpgThe Fugees’ Lauryn Hill will debut her new song, “Lose Myself,” on the Surf’s Up (Music From the Motion Picture) soundtrack. Surf’s Up is an animated action-comedy that takes a look behind the world of competitive surfing. The film will be released nationwide on Friday, June 8 and the soundtrack will be released on Tuesday, June 5. “We are thrilled to be a part of the return of Ms. Lauryn Hill,” says Liza Richardson, music supervisor for Surf’s Up. “Apparently, she related to [the] story — reaching the top, checking out for awhile, doing some soul searching and re-emerging with joy — and wrote and recorded a real celebratory summer jam session. We’re glad to have Lauryn back where she belongs.”

In related news, Hill has announced she will host two rare concerts in California this summer. On June 27, she will perform a set at Oakland’s Paramount Theatre and on June 29, she will hit the stage at Pala’s Palomar Starlight Theater. Lauryn is heading to the UK this July to perform three gigs as well.

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  • dduubbzz


  • J-Reese

    Its been a long time comming. Where has this chick been?? Hope its a hot lp.



  • 2


  • Daniel

    too late

  • jada

    kl she deserves a break n besides she is too good 4 all dat talent 2 go 2 waste

  • RockCity

    Bout time. . . i think

  • New Money

    She’s wack… she had one hot r&b cd 10 years ago… shes way too overrated..

  • Wizdom

    I guess that’s why she has all those grammy awards.

  • so_iconic

    It’s really cool how this precious talent just gave up the world of fame and glory to appreciate the true life…though it will always baffle me that she didnt keep making and releasing quality material over the years… whatever the mysterious circumstances that she shy’d away from the spotlight we all know lauryn is the queen of soul

  • Chozen

    New Money shut ya ass…don’t talk bout wht u clearly have no idea about!

    Bring Back the realness L-Boogie!!!!!

  • ParadiceBeats

    she’s wat we need right now

  • Cuban Link

    how ironic that Im actually listening to Ready Or Not by the Fugees right now.

  • stoneyisland

    L-Boogie as a MC is without a doubt one of the top 10 period. Ever. Her word play and delivery is better then 99% of these so called cats out now. And I think it goes without question she is the best female Mc ever, sorry Latifah, sorry Bahamdia, sorry Lyte. L-Boogie for life. One

  • da_realting

    beeen missing the empress for quite some time! welcome back! BLESSINGS

  • Blaksteel

    Been missing you Ms.Hill and glad to hear she’s returning.One of the few female emcees I have ever spent money on for thier CD’s.The Queen and MC Lyte are the others and she’s the best I have heard to this date.Lil Kim and Foxy did thier thing but what Ms.Hill brought to the table will stand the test on time.Please revisit the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill,burn down and let Ms.Hill take you thier if you don’t believe me.

  • john cochran

    She’s like Nas and Illmatic. She can never top or come close to her first joint. While Nas still tries and comes a few feet away, she chose to just give up, now I really dont even care any more.

  • J Millz

    @New Money

    You better recognize one of the greats in hip-hop. She actually has talent. Why do people always think that older MCs should hang it up like they ain’t good any more. She’s better than most of these “rappers” today. If anything she’s underrated. New Money, either your a dumb cat who doesn’t know shit about hip hop or you just tryin’ to be funny. In either case you should shut the fuck up!



  • too lil, too got damn late!

    too little too late. what a waste of fucking talen. i mean, cool, take a break, be a mommy and all that, but damn near 10 years, wtf? i huess those residual checks aint kickin’ it no more when them kids get older and need more bread, i mean whar wlse are we supposed to think. you have a Gid given talent, don’t want to use it and share it with the world, and now that your back we supposed to jump for joy, get the fuck outta here with that bullshit! anyways, i hope that her shit is good, so i can download that shit like everyone else! you missed out on them platinum days, shit good luck on sellin a mil or two and eat off that.

  • nick

    thank god she’s coming back, the world needs her more than ever

  • http://xxl THE NOTORIOUS COREY


  • Ray

    she coulda been bigger than beyonce without akk the flash and all these other wack singers out now. but on the real she was on that neo- soul vibe way back, before other artists capitilized on it. anyway i do gotta respect her for stepping down after such a big album. now if she comes out people will just think she needs dough or something. u tell me

  • http://yahoo Lucky Luciano


    May 20th, 2007 at 6:30 am
    Pussyboy bombacloth……. You must be a crack head baby… Respect your elders and what if she too old.. I still buy her shit if she happens to put out an solo album.. Waiting on that solo album L-Boggie.. Were you at?

  • Mr. Whats beef

    I dont give a fuck how old she is, i still look sexy to me, i would go with her


    thats whats up we can’t keep waitin on these “urban legend” ass albums how long we been waitin on lauryn? dre? tribe? i could keep goin…

  • kt

    truley talented but a lil overated as as singer but who really could sing that great nowadays look how much money akon and tpain are getting

  • kt

    truley talented but a lil overated as as singer but who really could sing that great nowadays look how much money akon and tpain are getting

  • EReal

    Bring Back the Fugees!!!!!

  • MizReddsDA1

    All I wanna know is how does REAL, NATURAL TALENT get OLD?? yall niggaz just dumb, Lauryn was and probally still is one of the realest singer / songwriters to grace our presence in the last 10- 15 years, she said what was real and didn’t care who said what about it. that woman was / is the truth and i hope she smashes all these fake ass chicks half ass singing about nothing. ( cuz most of them can’t really sing any ways)

  • eastopoint outlaw

    man yall gots to be fuckin stupid yall must didnt see the bet awards when that bitch couldnt even sing right that bitch a crack head and yall talkin bout this what we need bitch u gone put a crack head on an album she look like shit and sound like shit damn how could yall be so stupid yall some hoez dont yall remeber her skinny ass lookin like yoda on stage

  • tron

    new money LUARYN HILL is overrated, chump, homos dissin on lauryn, hoos realy don’t know

  • jada

    trust mi lucky luciano.notorious agc u must not knw hu lauren hill be cos she is dope u must not knw about her dats y ur chattin out ur rear end.N besides mayb if u gave ur ears d same chance u give ur mouth u would hear d art of her music.LISTEN 2 EX FACTOR,KILLIN MI SOFTLY DEN U WOULD KNW AITE…………..