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  • Billy X. Sunday

    Whoa! Real talk.

  • E

    He said he was in Trinidad? I didn’t hear about him coming here!

  • semi

    He said he met felix trinidad. He in Puerto Rico

  • e

    he said he was with tito trinidad the puerto rican boxer craker

  • troyel


  • Holla

    What’s good Joell

  • Donny Goines

    I guess ya’ll erased my comment cause I posted a link to another site. My apoligies.

    But Joell if YOUR reading this thank you for inspiring me and Ill see you at the top homie. 1

  • lg

    realest talk ever

  • jae sirius

    joell is one of the realiest mc’s to come out in a long time and as a brooklyn native i know he gonna hold it down so fuck the haters do your thing