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  • Marv One


  • Marv One


  • DARK

    wut satuses do these fake dipshit bloods have they is nobody fallllllllin

  • Freak

    I listened to this, 2 secs about the status of dipset a lot of names but camron, nothing clear yet, this nigga thinkin’ biz keepin’ dirty laundry for himself, so ya’ll figure it out

  • 1st biatchs

    who cares? they gonna kiss and make up anyway

  • mike from the wood

    1st…………. ay fukkkk this go to an artist named- hurricane and listen to the song “ay bay bay” that shit stupid but it’s tight at the same time cause it makes since

  • fiso


  • D. King

    He didn’t say anything about his beef wit Cam! nobody wants to hear a convo between clowns!

  • mike from the wood

    a go too they got some heat

  • juakim

    dis nigga stupid.

  • Caine



    What the fuck? Jim Jones is a fucking wanksta. Do you hear this nigga laugh? Sounds like someone slitting his throat.

  • cool

    stop waitin on beef with friends you heard him say shout out to killa!

  • jimmy sucks

    this is some dick sucking bullshit talk. Jimmy is wack ass hell men.

  • slim gutta

    that fool stay gettin robbed by tru-life he got his chain and ring haha

  • Young Murph

    it dont matter that he shout cam out.. its called coverin up fro the mnedia maybe u dont know abou the media.. the media is sort of like real life.. if u wanna keep ya biz to ya self dont go out airin ya laundry and thats what he doin right now so.. maybe there is a beef btween the two but well see what happens cuz the media likes to fuck ppl up too

  • cono

    fuk dipset … they ant moving shit

  • blaz

    who cares?

  • BK Banga

    Curtis… Comin Soon.. GGGGGGG-Unit

  • Legend 7

    That nigga shout out Killa and I bet ya’ll people still want some beef. Stop tryin to plit up a family man. Dem boys been together since the beginnig of this sh*t. Dipset Byrdgang (fly high)
    i don’t respect the message the dips give; but dem motherf*ckers loyal and you got to respect that. Cam let them niggas be free and he feeds them.

  • GMAN

    why yall fake ass haters here if u dont like dipset thats why there on top

  • Nick bricks

    Ay y’all niggas can suck a dick,no homo… Y’all hatin dipset like u neva listen to they’re songs… while the Dips had u bumpin to the Whistle Song… leanin with gangsta Music nd Ballin with We Fly High… everytime the Diplomats drop a hit,y’all down with the dips,but when they got beef with niggas,y’all go suck a dick cause y’all down with that other shit… Nd i’m not sayin other artist ain’t good
    they good,but u gotta keep things in perspective… the dips do what they do best nd that’s makin “More Then Music”… Y’all rocacocksuckas keep suckin jay-z’s dick nd maybe u’ll get as big lips as him… Soooo Woooo!!
    …Dipset SkullGang…
    Nick Bricks

  • Gorilla Unit

    Nick Brick. I know what you talking abouth. Buth look at jimmy. He’s walking like he waithin for a fag to come and fuck him in his ass men. Jr , 40 , max b, Juelz, even smel rell is nice.But fuck the rest.i’m serieus Fuck wack ass camron with his pink eye.
    G unit. ssk.
    Neo 187

  • Jones

    Yo That Song You did with Your new dude Syn Was Crazy!!!!!! I HAd to put it on my page!!! you all killed Cam & Hot rod.

  • sexi k

    ya nikkas need to fallback ya hatin cus jimmy iz doin big thingz #1 mind ya buisness cam and jimmy iz like bros dey gonna argue and fight and den cun back together everybodie got there differences…my babie jimmy gettin dat money haters lookin kinda funnie …hehhehehehehehehehe suck a dick true life neva stole his ring or chain he was on smack dvd wit both of them on he was like i got my shyt aint nobodi take nofhtin so hoffa at ur grave bytch ass nikka