Jazz Legend Wynton Marsalis Calls Out 50 Cent and Ludacris

wynton_marsalis.jpgWynton Marsalis is widely recognized as one of today’s best jazz musicians. Now, the jazz legend is calling out hip-hop and artists such as 50 Cent and Ludacris for their vulgar language. “I call it ghetto minstrelsy,” Marsalis tells The Guardian. “Old school minstrels used to say they were real darkies from the real plantation. Hip-Hop substitutes the plantation for the streets. Now you have to say you’re from the streets, you shot some brothers, you went to jail. Rap has become a safari for people who get their thrills from watching African-American people debase themselves — men dressing in gold, calling themselves stupid names like Ludacris and 50 Cent, spending money on expensive fluff, using language like “bitch,” “ho” and “nigger.”

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  • j.rock

    He wants attention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • son_of_sam_the1

    i respect winton marsalis for everything but i feel people just need to shut the fuck up and take care of there own business, and this is probably the only black person i know that says something about the jewels. I bet he liked mc hammer shit. If you dont like the music then dont waste your time and energy talking about it.

  • Gorilla unit

    Hey wynton. You can suck a fat dick you fucking faggot. fucking wannebe bitch. You need to shut to fuck up and mind your own fucking bisnis fucking shitface.

    • Detroit

      Wow Gorilla Unit, you are so incredibly eloquent it blows my mind. Your grasp of the English language is second to none I must say. Let me ask you a simple question, and trust me, it is nothing more than an honest question. No attitude, no sarcasm, no vulgarity or hidden mockings. This business of yours, this ‘show’ of being so unabashedly negative, where is it getting you? Do you truly enjoy your life? Can you honestly say you are happy? I am in no way saying that I am perfect, but I do know that when I hear people use such negative and hateful language, especially towards their fellow man, I can’t help but feel sad. Sad that this is what mankind has become. Sad that so many have forgotten their roots, their history. I don’t entirely agree with Wynton’s statement, however I would never say the things which you have coined. You can’t go judging what you don’t know. He is an incredible musician with impeccable talent, so tell me, how is he a wannabe? He does what he loves, most people would envy someone with that kind of freedom. Are you jealous then? How can you be so offended by something that doesn’t even directly relate to you? Just so you know, silly little curses hold little meaning. Unfortunately it just makes you sound insecure. Also, music is his business, and I’d say he’s minding it just fine. Peace brother, and remember, be the change you want to see in the world.

  • http://xxlmag caliborn


  • My Effin’ Opinion

    Calling out hip hop … That’s a no-no Wynton, It’s cool if you don’t approve of the music or of the artist, but you gotta know when to shut the fuck up and keep that shit to yourself.

    Hip Hop artist kill each other, you don’t think they’ll cross over genre’s a buck a Jazz musician.

    I just don’t understand why people gotta say shit like this to the media. If you really feel this way, say it to your friends, family, shit, even the artist themselves if you got the cojones, but why the fuck would you say this to some bitchmade reporter just looking to blow something up.

  • meenstreek

    fuck wynton marsalis

  • dduubbzz

    He’s right, but doing it in a wrong way

  • http://www.myspace.com/ceo_philosophy Phil

    IF you dont wanna see the videos or hear the songs then TURN UR FUCKIN RADIOS OFF, OR CHANGE THE FUCKIN CHANNEL, OR MIND UR OWN BIZNIZ….i dont kn ow why they’re blowing this stuff way out of proportion jeeez

  • http://www.myspace.com/ceo_philosophy Phil

    Some of these people need to shut up and learn what freedom of speech means. If he doesn’t like what rappers say, then use your freedom and DON’T LISTEN, its that simple. People just want time in the spotlight cause jivers like sharpton and jackson got face time on tv for something stupid. I don’t think either of those sellouts have apologized for their actions or words for destroying lives.

  • http://xxl q-buro

    listen up…the truth hurts doesnt it

  • BabyGen1us

    With all this commotion against the hip hop artists for using profanity should stop because not just rappers use it. I mean if it is such a big deal they should also aim at the actor, actress, and writers because they also use it to provide their livin’ so what it the big deal. Theses rapper are just expressin’ their feelin’ so we can understand where they are comin’ from. It doesnt mean they naming every females in this world a ho’or bitches. And when someone use the word bitch it doesn’t refer to a person it can also be a thing. I got mad respect for Mr. Wynton Marsalis I love the way he play his trumpet but this isnt really the problem in this world today. And this message also goes out to those people who oppose rappers especially Mr. Sharpton he should be focusin’ on to sumumm other then this because this isn’t the issue at all.

  • steve

    i believe its pretty sad when an upstanding brother like wynton marsalis speaks the genuine truth about hip hop and makes a great analogy such as the streets=the plantation (in this modern minstrelsy), all the buffoons above my comment insult his name. this man is a JAZZ LEGEND, who’s music will last longer and be revered on more of a universal scale than luda or 50′s combined. in no way does he need attention, and def not from making hip hop headlines! we wonder why we’re the most exploited race on the planet. we bask in ignorance and enjoy living below the standards of decency (as seen through the comments above.) we will ever rise up?

  • 40

    I can see his point yet at the same time…why luda??? It must be a thing where luda is a prominent figure in the game cuz in comparison to other dudes…luda ain’t that vulgar…

  • King Jafee

    steve Says:

    May 4th, 2007 at 12:17 pm

    i believe its pretty sad when an upstanding brother like wynton marsalis speaks the genuine truth about hip hop and makes a great analogy such as the streets=the plantation (in this modern minstrelsy), all the buffoons above my comment insult his name. this man is a JAZZ LEGEND, who’s music will last longer and be revered on more of a universal scale than luda or 50’s combined. in no way does he need attention, and def not from making hip hop headlines! we wonder why we’re the most exploited race on the planet. we bask in ignorance and enjoy living below the standards of decency (as seen through the comments above.) we will ever rise up?


  • http://xxlmag.com one

    that clown watches too much oprah thats why he mention luda.

  • Cinsere

    Why do people have to be like “shut the fuck up” or “you’re a hater” when people speak the truth!? How’bout retorting with an intellegent statement? Other than his comment about their names (cuz as much as I dislike 50 Cent, I don’t see anything wrong with the name), I have to agree with him. Ya’ll need to step outside your little box for a second and try to see a bigger picture. Dudes went from talking about their woeful environments to proverbially wearing them like some sort of badge of honor. So now it’s “cool” to be hood…poor and uneducated. At least it used to make for good music. Dudes used to draw from their struggle for inspiration. From that inspiration came talented MC’s…street poets…who used to compete on the basis of lyrical skill. Now the culture that used to hold poetic talent in such high regard has disposed of it in favor of image…thug image…and sometimes, uneducated bafoon image (see: Boosie’s video in the Bangers section). They used to compete for lyrical supremacy. Now the competition is who’s the hardest, “realest” thug…or who has the most unnecesarry jewelry…nevermind talent. It’s not as easy as “if you don’t like it, turn it off,” cuz he’s not the one most affected by the downgrading of talent and integrity in our culture. It’s the younger kids that have nothing else to go on. They have no point of reference. They don’t remember Illmatic. They don’t know that you can be from the streets and also be poetic. What’s worse…even if they’re told that they can be, that won’t reverse the myriad of songs and videos that have told them that it’s not “cool” or “hood” to be talented. And that’s a sad state of affairs ((c) Phonte, Little Brother).

  • Smitty Pt3

    this feels like a weak publicity stunt, this guy is just jealous of 50 and luda.

  • osc-ceo

    man fuck all of that. these people need to stop blaming hip-hop for shit and raise there own children. these guys talk about what they experienced in life. no one and I mean no one has the right to tell them what they can and can not say.

  • V!RTU “the Hip-Hop Anchor”

    Wynton Marsalis should know that any genre of music is esoteric. He has a right to dislike whoever he wants, but he shouldn’t have the thinking that a “Ludacris” or a “Fisty Scent” are the only message that “Hip-Hop” has. There are plenty of good Hip-Hop artists that share Wynton’s opinions, and they do their best to uplift the black community. It’s true that the the artists I’m talking about aren’t as well known as the artists Wynton spoke of, but it’s up to the individual to choose what they want to listen to. We will NEVER get to a point where we don’t have any “rappers” that don’t get on Wynton’s nerves…..that is something he needs to accept, and realize that these apples really don’t spoil the bunch. I’m sure there are plenty of genuine Hip-Hop artists that would love to work with Wyton Marsalis and make some great music. Let’s talk about hatin’….it’s no coincidence that it rhymes with Satan! Trying to diss a whole genre of music is not the correct route to go……jazz was considered “radical” and unacceptable at one point as well. Let’s keep things in perspective. You do you, I’ll do me! It’s not ALL bad!

  • cory staff

    dude just wants a lil free press and guess what nigga u got it!!!!

  • yung ceasa

    these self righteous holier-than-thou mutha fuckas are honesly irking my nerves….these people criticizing rap probably never listened to a rap song all tha way through. they dont know tha lifestyle behind tha music nor do they know tha artist behind tha music and they aint tryin too, there’re too busy blaming hip-hop for errything, look at tha “no snitchin’” subject…..i was raised up as a young’n not to snitch on my older brothers or sisters and im carryin that into my fast-approaching adulthood….muthafuckas realy gott me twisted and whats worse is that we cant do anything about it, because when we get to speak on this issue, every word is scrutinized and twisted to something completly different….we are under attack and there’s not a damn thing we can do about….i can tell if MLK Jr. was still herre we’d prolly be callin him wat errybody calls that nigga wit tha fucked up ass perm (al sharpton). no disrespect but its not like anybody is showing us any…..they treat every rapper like an unintelligeble asshole…and wat do niggas like cam’ron do…..prove em right tha way he said it made it sound stupid….he should have just said, “i dont believe in snitchin, it doesnt have anything to do wit sales, its just tha way i was raised up.” then people wouldnt be blowin this shyt up like it is. and i guess this nigga just wanted to “be brave and take a stand”, wat they doin is takin their turn to bash hip-hop….only 2 questions now is…1).who’s going to attack next?…..and 2). wat tha fuck are we, or better yet wat CAN we do about it?

  • http://www.myspace.com/paradicebeats ParadiceBeats

    you look gay as heck wynton!

  • flyboy403

    Everybody talks shit bout hip hop and now your all trippin like shut up haha chill especially buddy writing IN ALL CAPS haha calm down little buddy like this jazz fags remarks mean anything oppinions r like assholes everybody got one his jus has a trumpet up it
    May the fourth b with u

  • yung ceasa

    oh yeah and i feel you on wat you sayin cisnsere.

  • Caine

    Mayne, fuck dis bitch-ass, uncle Tom ass house nigga. Luda is a standup dude that earned his place in hip hop by movin up the ranks the right way. Through school, working in broadccasting, etc., etc. Fifty did his thang the other way, butr who the fuck do this mothafucka think he is criticizing a mothafucka by their ear catching moniker? AND second of, these niggaz work hard for their money, and they can spend it any fuckin way they’d like. I don’t see his mopthfuckin ass in my hood givin back shit. Has this motherfucka took his jazz earnings and opened up any Jazz centers in the hood? I don’t know, but I doubt it. Do sound like some publicity stunt type shit. He’ll probably drop an album next week or somethin. Dats da problem wit niggaz today, too quick to criticize another nigga, instead of standing together. We ain’t never gone get nowhere…So u can catch me in da hood, GRINDIN’!

  • Danny

    men dressing in gold, calling themselves stupid names like Ludacris and 50 Cent

    lol that was actually kinda funny….

  • Real Hip Hop

    ok now this shit is just getting ridiculous. Everybody wants to jump on the hip-hop is bad bandwagon. Now i agree with some of the things that people have said about hip-hop but for the majority of it is bullshit. You can’t blame all the murders, drugs, etc on hip-hop. People was doing that shit way before hip-hop got big. You got well known R&B, Pop, Rock, Jazz, etc african-americans that was well in the drug game. So for them to say we are influencing young kids to kill, sell drugs, etc is crazy. Don’t blame hip-hop, blame the parents because obviousely if your child thinks everything these rappers are saying is the truth and not seeing it has entertainment, you’re not doing your job to teach them about it. This whole fuck hip-hop bandwagon is just getting stupid now.

  • JJ

    I guess its just that hip-hop is not even fun anymore. Everybody is talkin about the same thing. And I am a hardcore hip hop fan (been a fan for 25 years) There is a reason why people decide to talk about it now becuz its in a weak state. In the 90′s u barely heard anybody say anything bad about hip-hop. becuz it was strong then. I thought i would never say “HIp-Hop is dead” and i don’t think i ever will. But it is not realistic anymore no one wakes up in the morning thinking about shootin somebody in the head. we talkin about diamonds and shit while the Africans who are mining the diamonds are dying and not getting paid.

    And don’t give me that shit they “just keepin it real.” Just like chris rock said yeah keepin it real dumb.And anybody who agrees with Cam’Ron should feel ashamed of themselves. Who cares if u snitch.Why do u have to listen to what every rapper says.I bet all of you who are obsessed with lil wayne would wear a beat yo meat t-shirt if he wore one.I know if i could prevent a murder i would. i could not have that on my conscious.

    And all the young black men out there think fo yo damn self. Be a leader not a follower.

  • jrjomo

    Dude has a point, but Luda is far from the worst Artist he could have mentioned. Hip-Hop has never been like any other form of music and won’t ever be, but if it was bothering him so much why wait until now to say something about it and why not mention some positive rappers out there to at least get them some attention while your at it.

  • kt

    90 % of yall are sume straight up stupid no miind having motherfuckers its about time people are calling out hiphop Im a hiphop head for life but the new fake pop oops I mean gangsta rap is showing us in a negative light thats why none of these companies wont hire yall stupid ass niggas they think we all fucking animals and yall ok with that 50 and ludacris aint paying your bills fuck them nigga and uplift your people yall fuckas need to be back in chains we came to far to go back homo thugs

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    Come on now people don’t act like this rap industry is perfect.

    Here are some things that need to change:

    1. Quit feuling the self-hatred

    (We, as a race of people, always direct our anger and frustrations upon each other. This beef ish is foolish and they (you know who) are sitting back laughing. Divide and conquer is their goal. Why not direct that same energy towards economic and social change?)

    2. Get rid of the drug dealer/rappers

    (Honestly, if you do sell drugs, you shouldn’t be making records. These people have no appreciation for music and are in it to make a buck. Northerners don’t give me that stuff about the south is ruining it all. We have a appreciation for music because the jazz and gospel, like everything else, started down here. We don’t make music the way y’all do and you hate all while the people show us love. Lyricism doesn’t mean the music is good.)

    3. Be more creative

    (One of the main reasons I lost interest is because of the corporatization of the process. Now its all about the bottom line. In and out. These artist need to put more time and effort into their work and stop worrying about PR. Kanye West recognizes this which is why he has slowed his road.)

    The bottom line is, people wont respect rap and hip hop until we do. Get rid of the bull ish. Nothing wrong with telling the truth but when that truth is something negative do something about it or make awarness of how to correct situations so that they can become positive.

  • Nelson

    what a weirdo

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    PS: The record labels have a lot to do with all of this. They need to be held accountable. You can’t blame someone for trying to make a living. The labels have lowered the standards because they want our creation to be dragged through the dirt. They don’t care as long as that money come in.

  • Dro J. Smoker

    Just reading the comment alone lets you know why our generation and the next is doomed to FAILURE. We always wanna buck the system, but 9 times out of 10 just end up turning on each other…just like CRABS IN A BARRELL. I know that Malcolm AND Martin are turning over in their graves!! I understand that we all have the freedom of speech (we didnt until about ’64) and look at what we chose to do with it. I know that gangsta rap is supposed to be reality, but come on!! How many ‘rappers/trappers’ are we going to tolerate. The story is always the same. I cam from nothing, got a pkg, opened shop, and now I’m rich! I wont even waste my time in dispelling the fact that 99.95% of these dudes full of hit. And if, in fact, that is your reality STOP RAPPIN” ABOUT IT AND DO SOMETHING TO CHANGE IT!!

    fuckin rappers..thats a good name for ‘em cuz thats all they do is rap about shit without any action. The ones taking action are the ones like me and you…too bad the actions that we take are usually detrimental to ourselves and our brothers and sisters. But fuck it, when was the last time Black folk REALLY cared about each other…

    Sometimes I wish we would go back to be counted as a % of a man, and that way we can truly see who is who, and what is what. Bet that ALL these so-called gangsta rappers wont have any heart to take a stand for something that truly matters..

  • G-Unit Princess

    Dat dude kno he need 2 go somewhere.does anybody even kno him?exactly so he needs 2 stai off 50 and luda’s tip.

  • what!!!!!

    hey all u little faggots talking shit about al or jesse if u so call love hiphop so much go out their and protest about it!!!! u faggot are so scare u are not going to do nothing about it expect talk shit on the internet u all are a bunch of cowords and fags put up or shut up ??????????

  • Real Hip-Hop

    Now DJ I defintely gotta agree with you on things that need to change in Hip Hop. i’ve been i hip-hop head for years. I’ma 80′s baby, i grew up in the area when it was about lyrics. Now niggas just throw out wack shit and make millions off of it but then at the same time if selling drugs is all you know, then what else can you rap about feel me??? you really cant rap about shit you dont know. I understand and agree with you on the point about be more creative but niggas in the game know are too busy trying to be real and trying to get that check cause they know the hood is buying their music and they not trying to be labeled as a sellout. They know 95% of the people in the world aint listening to people like Talib, Mos Def, Common, Dead Prez, etc cause they know people dont wanna hear that, they wanna hear that so called gangsta music.

  • __________________________________________FLATLINE

    Fuck him

  • Tha Ace

    hey caliborn u just makin yourself look like a damn fool son!
    freed after decades???? hmm try centuries
    be proud of the world we live in cause if we go to africa or the middle east this and that would happen????? ha ha last i checked those two places are in the world also

  • kem

    My Effin’ Opinion u my nigga 4 dat shit dat comment was funny as hell.

  • Cinsere

    @ The DJ

    I can’t believe I actually agree wit’ you! I’m wit’ you on that…only 99% though…lol. The 1% I can’t roll with is cuz I really can’t rock with you on this whole “southern movement” thing. I put it in quotes because I’m not trying to put an ENTIRE region under one umbrella. But seriously homie…a lot of the new breed of artists coming out of the your region are the epitome of “in and out”…making a fast buck and not really being creative. I’m not trying to say New York is at the height of creativity either. Nobody really is. But honestly…it’s almost like the labels were like “if bullshit sells, where can we find an abundance of it?” And they found a goldmine…Lil Jon, Ying Yang Twins, Lil Flip, Young Joc, Mike Jones, Lil Scrappy, DFL, Franchise Boyz, Crime Mob, Huey…I could go on and on. And seriously…I don’t see how that Boosie video is being creative. NONE of these artists give any indication of being in the game in the name of creative integrity…they’re riding the wave of the south’s newfound popularity to turn a quick buck. But as soon as somebody says that, then they’re “hating.” I understand being loyal to your hood or region…but c’mon…something don’t add up…

  • http://www.myspace.com/LarryBrite Larry Brite

    Come And Ride The Train??????????????????

  • syheem

    fffffffff winton marsalad or what ever his name is. no one made him the speaker for black people because he has a fan base. He should realize that white people called his music genra names also. he is not a product of the streets, so he can speak for the mentality of our brothers in the streets. f winton marsalad

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    The 1% I can’t roll with is cuz I really can’t rock with you on this whole “southern movement” thing
    what you don’t understand is that we been doing this since the late 80s…the spot light is just shining on us now…did we say anything when it was on the north or west…NO…did we hate on other regions shine and music…NO…we have a variety of music being produced down here…the people you mentioned just represent one aspect of our culture down here which is the club scene and the dance music…we have a mix of things down here…the only reason they are getting shine is because the dance music is hot right now…people wanna have a good time…we also have artists like Outkast, Scarface, Trick Daddy, UGK, BG, Weezy, Juvenile, TI, Ludacris, etc…we also have a lot of Jazz musicians…music started down here don’t forget that

    tell me who is worth mentioning at this point from your region

  • http://www.myspace.com/bleekbeats Farnell Newton

    Wynton has nothing to do these days and times. So jazz/blues musicians call women hoes, bitch and nigger. They have been doing forever as well and musicians are well known for their pimp games.. I as a trumpet player knows this. Weekend needs to get off his High Horse and “S.T.F.U.”….

  • Cuban Link

    the title speaks for itself.

    Jazz Legend Wynton Marsalis(?) Calls out 50 and Luda.

    Wow.Now we got jazz negroes up on our music?Damn….

  • Cinsere

    “tell me who is worth mentioning at this point from your region”

    See…I’ve been saying what you’re saying this whole time, B. Outkast will always be in my top 5 groups list…Andre is one of the illest lyricists ever. Scarface is a legend. I fucks wit’ Luda, even though he never delivers albums that reach his potential…but the dude got rhymes for days, and his videos are creative as hell. TI’s aight…he can rhyme (i.e. – “Drive Slow remix”, “Make it Rain remix”) but he dumbs his shit down too much (which i guess makes him even more like the southern Jay-Z, like people say). I still don’t see the big hype about Lil’ Wayne, or UGK for that matter (Bun B is aight), and all them other dudes you mentioned are pretty much ass to me. And how come you ain’t mention Little Brother? Do they not count cuz they don’t rhyme about “trapping” or “suicide doors”?

    As far as dudes up here…I’ll be the first to say New York has lost it’s identity cuz they’re trying to keep up with what’s popular…southern bounce. I mean…look at Fat Joe! Fine…ain’t nothing wrong with bouncing when you in the club…but it feels like that’s ALL that’s flooding the airwaves. People aren’t in the club 24/7…na’mean! Right now I’m bumpin’ Joell Ortiz (aftermath-signed, don’t sleep!). Ghostface delivered a hell of an album last year…so did Nas. Busta’s album was surprisingly hot. And don’t sleep on The Roots cuz they’re “underground” (which they’re really not anymore…they sold out Radio City Music Hall)…Black Thought will eat 95% of these so called MC’s that are out there. Talib Kweli about to drop an album (featuring UGK before you even say anything about him being a “backpacker”…lol). I mean…these are complex lyricists…rewind material. Ya’lls idea of complex these days is Lil’ Wayne…”jump off jump off, you know she’s a jump off…pulled my dick out and watched her jumped on, jumped off”…LOL…fuck outta here.

  • Cinsere

    And no, I didn’t mentione 50 droppin’ soon, cuz he’s right up there on my “garbage music that sells” list.

  • PhillyRepresent

    you fools talkin shit about wynton are a bunch of fuckin morons, you need to learn a thing or two about life before you dismiss him as a “hater”….fuckin tools

  • Toadman

    Stupid name? Ludacris and 50 cent? I don’t really like 50 cent but…why “stupid names”? I must say that “Marsalis” is a stupid name too…no need to argue (I’m doing like him).
    But whatever he says, I don’t care: Luda is doing music for money? So what? I like what he is doing and I don’t need the opinion of a “jazz-legend” .
    It’s the same shit for 50′s fan: they don’t give a fuck about haterz like myself or Carsalis and they don’t give a fuck about me when I’m saying “50 sucks” or whatever. And I’m doing like them now (except that I still don’t like 50)!
    A “jazz-legend”? No a moralizer…who needs attention. And some people think he is sincere…pathetic but hey let’s listen to the real music with that “Wynton Marsalis”! He’s pure, he is not doing his job for money and he uses a clean vocabulary! Do not listen rap anymore! It’s vulgar! There are only those who are talking like “hey nigga what’s up? What’s up my nigga?” who will listen to it!
    Come on, I don’t need this guy to realise that hip-hop is vulgar and be certain that i’ll continue listening hip-hop, from Nas to Run D.M.C, from Luda to T.I, from Talib to Dogg Pound etc…I didn’t think I would say that one day but “Marsalis fuck you!”

  • Killa Cam Jr aka Randy f baby

    thats ya opinion dude but dont run ya ol ass mouth in the new hip hop bizness ya dig cuz jazz is played out so be easy and take ya ol ass to sleep

  • byggz

    hey,hey,hey Wynton……….hmmmm,I find it mighty strange that u call out 50,mane….Could it be that you’re a lil’ hot under the collar because of his rumored link to your ex-wife Victoria Rowell?? sounds like sour grapes,bruh.hehe…….

  • Toadman

    Hey forget the “Marsalis fuck you” I know why he called out Luda…because he is drunk! Ah ah yeah I was like “how can he say that?” but hey you are kind of funny mayne! I almost believed you ;p

  • garbage

    The truth hurts…right now almost the new artists sound the same and so many bullshit ass songs with the same topic. Its all about a hook and beats, no lyrics whatsoever. Mr Marsalis is right. Chris Rock even said before how its cool to be ignorant and follow the trend than be educated.

  • xxxxxl

    why does luda always have to get called out….he’s really not that horrible of a person. check “runaway love”…

  • gnicks

    He’s right, but I’m sick of Hip-Hop taking the blame. Everyone has been critical of the culture since the VT Massacre and Don Imus’s rasict comments. Why people?? Don’t you think we should be more worried about access to guns than 50′s bitch ass singing? Don’t you think we should be more worried that America is still a very rasict and sexist place. But no, instead of addressing the issues, we just search for someone to blame. Yes, some hip hop objectifies women. No, rappers shouldn’t refer to themselves as “niggas”, but this is nothing new. Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” had many sexual references, and it also disrespected women, but he is considered a classical author. Most of the rap that people find offensive is mainstream pop garbage. If they really cared about rap, then they would try to get rid of D4L, Dem Franchise Boys, Ying Yang Twins, and all those other groups. There is such a thing as hip-hop with a message, but you have to search for it. For Hip-Hop to get respect we need to get political. Cops are beating brothers senseless in L.A., but I haven’t heard a record about that since N.W.A, Tupac, Biggie, or Public Enemy. We have issues to write about but we choose the wrong things. Lets bring real hip hop back and shut up all the critics


    one Says:

    May 4th, 2007 at 12:35 pm
    that clown watches too much oprah thats why he mention luda.

  • murphdurph

    i agree with CALIBORN, of late the ideology of hip hop music and the culture revolves solely around the amount of money u make rather than a genuine love for the music. As black ppl we should encourage one another rather than callin each other niggers, bitches and hoes…its time to grow up and expand your vocabulary!!

  • @ssy m@gee

    only a black man can check another black man when he’s wrong….50 cent is in the business of selling black on black death in his songs.
    if a black person dont respect being comfronted by his own like “hey you personally are wrong for this” then you aint part of the struggle…you need to be murked and make room for the unity of all black people.

  • E

    like that boy slim shady said “Since I’m in a position to talk to these kids and they listen
    I ain’t no politician but I’ll kick it with ‘em a minute
    Cause see they call me a menace; and if the shoe fits I’ll wear it
    But if it don’t, then y’all’ll swallow the truth grin and bear it
    Now who’s these king of these rude ludicrous lucrative lyrics
    Who could inherit the title, put the youth in hysterics
    Usin his music to steer it, sharin his views and his merits
    But there’s a huge interference – they’re sayin you shouldn’t hear it
    Maybe it’s hatred I spew, maybe it’s food for the spirit
    Maybe it’s beautiful music I made for you to just cherish
    But I’m debated disputed hated and viewed in America
    as a motherfuckin drug addict – like you didn’t experiment?
    Now now, that’s when you start to stare at who’s in the mirror
    and see yourself as a kid again, and you get embarrased
    And I got nothin to do but make you look stupid as parents
    You fuckin do-gooders – too bad you couldn’t do good at marriage!
    (Ha ha!) And do you have any clue what I had to do to get here I don’t
    think you do so stay tuned and keep your ears glued to the stereo”

  • unseen all city

    what a coon . he no miles davis bit*hes brew was a hot album by miles davis….hes no bob james..no david valentine eurl kugh , no dizzy no gover washington jr. …this guy is a bum

  • JD

    it’s crazy how niggas were slaves and bounded by chains, and now niggas are slaves of materialism and are still bounded by chains. the white man loves it.

  • http://xxlmag.com doctor69

    I’m big and gay get back at me boys here’s my photo http://www.myspace.com/doctor69gyn come on boys!!

  • Smitty Pt3

    yea, i jus heard that 50 been fucking this dudes baby moms, that explains that, but why he gotta bring luda into this?

  • Smitty Pt3

    fuck Wynton Marsalis, you wanna know whos tha truth? ME, smitty pt3, fuck everyone else

  • wkareem

    Winton will go down in History as a great jazz musician. This dude can run circles around any of you so called Hip-Hoppers. Winton can break down every note and word in any rap song. Winton can tell you whether your shit is sharp or flat, what key you’re in or ought to be in, he can tell you which scale you’re in and what scale you should be rappin in. Then after all of that, he can speak to you for 4 days straight on African-American music history. Believe me, you’ll go to sleep before he stops talking. YAW’LL DON’T LISTEN WHEN GIANTS TALK. A GIANT IS TALKING TO YOU… AND YOU DON’T KNOW HIM??? How are you going to say, FUCK A GIANT? Wake up niggers, you slip is showing. Do your homework. The man is no joke, he’s official. The man also runs the jazz center at Lincoln Center. He has done a lot to promote African American History. Now… Winton wasn’t talking about the talent of Ludacris. He was just talking about having a NAME that sounds like the word… “Ludicrous” which means comical- silly, laughable… The opposite of “sensible.” As a Hip-Hop artist, Ludacris is one of the most talented wordsmiths around. I hope he doesn’t take it as a “put down” LUDA IS GOOD! Don’t have the same feelings for half-a-dollar).

  • jabu sobuza

    “Jazz Legend Wynton Marsalis Calls Out 50 Cent and Ludacris”

    AND WHAT KIND OF A NAME Wynton Marsalis


    who gives a fucc?

  • lol


  • http://adsd.com Hip-Hop Lives (KRS-ONE is back)

    he is jealous because Hip-Hop music is popular than Jazz music…hahahahhahahahahaha

  • GMoney

    Mr Marsalis is one of the greatest jazz musicians of all time calling out atrist like 50 and Luda (not a good choice, Game would been better). He cares about the future of music as we all. Rap has changed from groups like Grand Master Flash and the Furious 5 to G-Unit. Both groups talk about street life but one says it with no regard to who’s listening. Take a guess who im talking about. We (the community)are the only ones who can change this. When rappers beef it looks stupid. They are not keeping it on wax like the LL and Kool Moe D and most recently Jay and Nas. They EGOtrip and overreact causing drama. On radio stations ranting and raving and we feed off it. What is he going to do next. Confront him, hit him, or shoot him? Most of the time it’s just a PR stunt for their next album. Rappers demean everything to children to women. (Stupid 50 feud w/ Oprah). Some rap is like cancer. Spreads throughout till it kills ya. The Media don’t care about rappers like Mos Def and Common (One of my favs) and rappers like them because they conduct themselves like gentlement and very seldom feed into garbage wanna be gangster rap. The Media wants headlines, (hello Cam) so they blame it all on rap. Let’s wake up ppl, and support those rappers who talk in a positive light so Mr. Marsalis and other ppl like him can’t say that all hip hop is bad.

  • wkareem

    Some of you silly crap-lip smackers should “give a fuck.” It’s because yaw’ll don’t “do” (and can’t do) nothing for Hip Hop (except support it’s dive into Hell) that responsible men have to step up and take a shot at resolving the issues! Are you listening? RUSSELL SAID CHANGES SHOULD BE MADE!!! Are you listening? Yaw’ll motherfuckin No Spelling-Ass Hip-Hoppers are embracing illiteracy. What the fuck??? That’s why children go to school. You don’t see that as a problem? DO I HAVE TO SPELL IT OUT FOR YOU? HIP HOP has evolved to represent ignorance. HIP HOP has evolved to represent buffoonery. HIP HOP represents living fake life, when a motherfucker has to keep pulling up his $100.00 pants,when a motherucker won’t tie up his 150.00 sneakers…that’s some fake life shit. Meanwhile, back at the club, the exclusive clubs where suit and tie wearing executives…speak another language (foreign language to some of you), the language of Real Money… At Universal Music Group, guys with names like “Bob,” ask guys with names like “Ed”… “So, did we sign that guy, what’s his name? Umm, Umm… “Toadface” yeah, did we sign him today? At Warner Music, Larry asks Dick, “So, how much did our stock in HIP HOP go up today?” And at Sony Music its the same thing. They all talk, plan, plot and scheme on how to make money by spreading a Music form called Hip Hop. Its got Niggers (I’m talking about the kind they own, they paid 500K for “Toadface”) promoting words into AMERICAN CULTURE like Nigger and Bitch. “Stephin Fetchit types” who won’t dance like Bojangles, but they’ll put on a snarl face and claim you as their “dog.” That’s the pitiful reality. You’ve been claimed, if you take that name. Don’t you get it, Lip-smacker??? NIGGER, BITCH and DOG already have a meaning. If you don’t know it, look it up in the dictionary. And I know most of you went to school but, just to let you know…that’s where ignorant people go to find out the REAL MEANING OF WORDS. How stupid could you be? Thinking you could give a “new” meaning to words. When someone from Sweden hears the name “Ludacris” they’re going to the dictionary to look up “Ludicrous” You didn’t know that? Your slip is showing, my dudes, your zipper’s open! You’re exposing your tits.

  • stew713

    Everyone has the right to their own opinion. I don’t think a musician should be criticized for the words he uses in his music because that is what they know. If you grow up in an area that is full of sex, drugs and, violence nine times out of ten your not going to talk about how beautiful the world is, I love you man or, this that and the other. People just need to remember this is just music.

  • 9mill

    yo man every one tryna hate us

  • bron philly

    Cinsere you are killing it (no pun intended). Im feeling what your saying…^^^^^^^^^^^
    Look Wynston has a point to a degree. You can’t hate on that. Its not like he don’t make sense, regardless what his agenda is. BUT, im from the murder capital the past 2 years and im not glorifying that. But philly is wild and these young bouls don’t care. But it aint the music persay. people are mad and frustrated and on the edge.The Drug game is down,so its not from the drugs like when I was coming up, people getting killed for looking at you wrong or fowling you hard in a b-ball game. And the killers are 13-25. They shooting at cops so they lost any thought of athority. Theres no jobs and philly public school is one of the worst in the country. N.O. Mayor Ray Nagen was here last week and told his N.O people that “you think we bad then you need to take a tour in philly and see that we doing good. Thats a dirty city”. My point is that all the energy directed at hip hop should be resorted to the education system and employment. That changes the ignorance of people. If Wynston can say that rap is another form of the plantation, then I can counter that by saying that a lot of these adults, especially those living well are a form of the plantation because they not helping out the cause of bettering the living conditions of the black people. Meaning they don’t have any plan or agenda to better our condition or means of eating. I agree that a lot of the rap today is bullshit and not uplifting. I can’t relate or feel the struggle. Just a bunch of nothing. But everybody speaking against rap, need to be speaking 10x more to the government about our social position and that may atleast change the condition of the next generation. You cant talk to a reporter about rap and your own people trying to make yourself stand out like “I aint like them niggas”,”see crackers, like me because isa smart one” But have yet to be on TV and say look America, we want better education, health, and employment for blacks.

  • GrownKidd

    Mr.Marsalis has a point. Rappers such as Ludacris and 50 cent have been putting down thier community and thier people for years and people don’t seem to think that it has an effect on the world. Well it does! These rappers are saying things to there people that we would never let any other group of people that are not black say to us. We would be protesting and marching if the Arabs or the chinese were saying these things to us. So why are we not protesting and marching when we say it to ourselves. Why do we let the people insulting us continue to do it? I think that we are afraid of being labled as not being down, but being down has nothing to do with it. It’s about loving yourself enough to have anybody disrespect you even if they are acroos the country.

  • TRZT

    Guess what Wynton,
    50 and Luda have more Money than your ass !
    They are Entertainers not Role Models, so dont hate on them or their names.
    You should be concerned about your fucked up name,
    Wynton ?! What kinda shit is that !? Muahahahaha

  • Legacy

    This isn’t even the whole article, here’s a couple good points the writer makes later on in the interview..

    One could drive a bus through some of the holes in Marsalis’s arguments. The man who rails against conspicuous consumption is the same Marsalis who advertises ultra-bling Movado wristwatches in the US; the man who denounces rappers for using made-up names seems to have forgotten those performers who called themselves Count, Duke, King and Jelly Roll. And since when have his assertions about drumming represented “the African-American tradition”? But it’s equally true that even fans of hip-hop will find a kernel of truth in what he says. “I’ve been arguing with [Public Enemy frontman] Chuck D about this, on and off, for more than 20 years,” he says. “Even he’s come round to a lot of what I’ve been saying.”


    here’s the whole story


  • lilsmokey

    Wynton is way richer than those rap guys.

  • boss

    he aint really black.
    neither is bryant gumble.

  • Pain-in -tha-ass

    you bitches need to stop wastin time written these ignorant ass comments and read about your culture or about why these white people is fuckin yall in tha ass and will continue this while yall fuck up your own minds listen to rap…ignorant ass bitches

  • Optimus Prime

    Wynton speaks the truth. People like Gorilla Unit are too stupid to see the fact that he’s right and react by calling him a fucking dick riding faggot because they have no real response.

  • http://www.myspace.com/zeeprod Zee Productions

    thas some funni shit…man go to myspace and listen to the deadly combination remix with pac and big, and if ur a rapper u can download the beat and spit alongside the greatest…Zee


  • D. Eagle

    I understand where Wynton Marsalis is coming from. You get tired of the ignorance that is abundant in todays young black male and females. We can play blind to the fact all day my brothers and sisters, but when it walks, talks, and looks like a chicken of course its a chicken. I dont believe everything he says such as the jewelry is just african culture period blacks are the most boisterous of most. When you watch the Discovery Channel you see it. What I dont understand is how does someone who doesnt like the music have a right to critize it. Yes they need to tone down some or their actions and tone down a perception that is 25% accurate about someone, but they are painting pictures with words and give you a fanasty to believe in. You dont rely on a artist to lead the people you look for Parents, and those obivious role models. Teachers and the faculty; you turn to obivous people cause you see them every day. Alot is put in he hands of these artist, when the person that should be setting the example lives in that household. There is no good answer or resolution. Besides pushing artist to be more culturely aware to help differ and lead our young people to want to be better people for self not to prove anybody wrong. No one owes us shit, and we should believe that and do for self. Bradford is blowing hot air and just looking for recognition seeing that on his last album he implemented hip hop into it. Hip Hop/ Rap is the most influential music in todays society why not attack it. I cant tell the man to shut up he doesnt know what he is talking about, but rather question the young people who buy into the hype and fad and dare them to be individuals for a greater good and so that Hip Hop evolves instead of devole like it has in the last few years. Less than 4 years ago you couldnt get a deal unless you really had talent and it was about gimmick. Hip Hop needs to grow up somewhere, But when??????????????????

  • Gkid12345

    AWWWWWW, he wants attention. Lmao this guys a sucker.

  • http://tonybflintaol.com Flinttown Tone


  • Young Jopey

    he does have a point since he is black…………but it’s part of the culture so what you gonna do………….white racists call african american niggers and what not………but on the other end you have rappers calling each other niggers….so go figure…………. I dont call undocumented mexicans “wetbacks ” or any other derogatory names but that’s just me……….peep game black folks learn knowledge of self

  • i’ll shit bag u

    fag he’s lookin 4 publicity…..looosseerrrrr!!!!!

  • http://xxlmag.com Michelle

    Wynton Marsalis is right, when will people learn that it is complete ignorance. Lift youself up, and do it with class. And he has more talent in any of his fingers than 50 or ludacris has ever seen. So everyone should not shut the fuck up, but use there words for good to help the community.

  • wkareem

    To the Administrators …
    Just want you to know I put a lot of time and thought into the 2 comments I wrote for the Wynton article. It’s obvious a lot of Hip-Hoppers don’t know who Wynton is. For you to have taken both of my comments down says you have biased and prejudice my opinion. Free speech?? I won’t claim it; but the opinion I offered addressed some serious issues in our community. To take it down, is your right and thus, since my opinion is not considerable, I will respect your decision and will not visit anymore. OUT!!!

  • Jay

    Well again someone who doesn’t get an opinion on hip hop because they didn’t live has nothing but negative things to say because hip-hop is not their preference. I got this to say i hate jazz its garbage my opinion but I can never really speak for the quality of the music because I don’t know it I cant listen to one Jazz piece and give a thoughtful opinion on it because I don’t live the culture. And Wynton maybe these hip hop artists try to portray an image to sell themselves I believe you do the same thing. Trying to be the “socially” conscience lover of all thing women. Look Sir I love women too but a bitch is a bitch and a ho is a ho and at this time and place the US goverment still gives me the right to say what I want. And I suggest if you don’t like it you bleeding heart oppurtunists use the gift god gave all us and CHOOSE not to listen , watch and buy anyhing hip-hop since you don’t like it so much.


    Hip hop needs some revitalization, mr. marsalis has just identified the problem, now will you be the solution?

    simmer on that a little…

  • jt

    The truth burns like salt to a wound. W. Marsalis is only saying what a great deal of people think as it is. We need to be honest with ourselves, 90% of todays hip-hop looks like a modern day version of the Amos & Andy show. Its sad but true!! One only needs to look at all the negative reactions reflected in most of these comments. Let it burn.

  • realzzz


  • Rayban

    yo jus askin fo sum attention fool!!! if u dunt lyke it den shut tha fuck up!!!

  • TeeLady

    Wynton serves a valid point and I believe he is right. The HipHop indusrty has brought slave mantality back around full circle. It is a horrible lack of respect toward our African American or shall I say Black Historians who fought this good fight to bring us to a place of freedom. And the HipHop artist of today (some not all) are so ignorant to their own history and culture because of their love of money to escape poverty, inwhich it still has their mind in captivity. It is sad and as you can see by all the ignorant and negative replies that our young people have been lead astray. And for what? the price of integrity, honor and pride as a people have been replaced and the new slave master is called MONEY. And this comes from a fan of HipHop but of the old, the era of freedom to speak as a people without diminishing our history!
    Much Luv



  • mass

    he doesn’t realize that he is a pawn in a chest game. first hip hop then what genre of music will they attack next? confront the artist if you have a problem with there music, don’t become a publicity pawn. chicken george anyone.

  • Facescar

    Who the fuck is Wyton Marsalis anyway?

  • EffYou

    U Can tell he dont really listen to Hip HOp if hes really calling Luda vulgar.He’s just throwing names out there.True he may have some point,but these old heads arent doing anything but pointing fingers.They’re not trying to help the situation..It’s funny that the people who have the most negative things to say about HIp Hop,dont even listen to it.This Rap shit is no different from the movies,some of it is based on real ,most of it is fake.so why does Hip Hop get all the blame.Bitch,and ho was used way before hip hop

  • Victoria Rowell’s Ex, Wynton is Salty

    50 cent is fucking Victoria Rowell.
    Wynton’s ex-wife and mother of his child.

    I smell sour grapes.


  • Dis Nigga Trippin

    Wdf?? why is dis fruity ass nigga worried about hip-hop for?

    he’s jus now sayin sumthin about dis?…when Luda an 50 been around fo a minute

    plus….how can dis muhfucka even say anything?….iss a whole different genre of music..

    Ion kno….50 aint even gangsta anyways..an Ludacris don’t rap about no gangbangin shit…jus smokin an fuckin..lol

    so dis nigga trippin….B~e~Z son



  • http://poop.com Luc Rules!

    fuck this bitchy ho ass nigger! except 50 cent is gay. Ludacris rips tho

  • jojochicago

    Hey Wynton! Fuk Off!!!

  • mel

    you feel like you have to call out names to get attention.next to make sense