Foxy Brown Turns Down Plea, Could Face Jury in Florida Assault Case

foxy-1.jpgFoxy Brown turned down a plea deal this morning when she appeared in a Broward County, Florida courtroom to answer to a charge of misdemeanor battery. Website reports that an unnamed Broward County Court official confirmed that the Brooklyn born rapper refused the deal and was ordered back to Judge Joel Lazarus’ court on September 24 to face trial. While details of the plea agreement have not yet been made public, sentences handed down following an unsuccessful trial are generally far harsher than those issued in relation to plea agreements. It is highly likely that Foxy’s fate will end up in the hands of a jury should her trial move forward. The charges stem from a February 15 incident during which Queen Beauty Supply owner Hayssam Ghoneim claims the rapper squirted hair glue at him, attempted to push him and knocked over display shelves in the store. In March, Foxy pleaded not guilty to the charges and vowed to fight them and clear her name.

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