Florida Festival Organizers Ask Ludacris to Leave Profanity Out of Performance

ludacris-1.jpgOrganizers of this year’s Sunfest music and arts festival in West Palm Beach, FL are asking rapper Ludacris to employ self censorship when he performs at the event tomorrow (May 3). According to South Florida’s Sun-Sentinel, officials in charge of the annual event have asked the rapper to remove any curse words or obscene references from his music to ensure a family friendly atmosphere. Although other performers in the past have been asked to exercise similar restraint during their sets, they have had issues with certain acts in the past. Paul Jamieson, the festival’s executive director, says that while most artists comply with the requests, occasionally curse words slip through, as they did during rock band Sum41’s show in 2005. But Jon Stoll, president of the entertainment company that is responsible for booking the show’s talent has faith in the sometimes raunchy Ludacris. “I’m not worried about Ludacris,” said Stoll. “He’s done private parties, one at a Christian school, with no profanity. Somebody else may say something, but it won’t be him.”

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  • j.rock

    1st.What’s a concent or pperformance with profanity it’s a form of expression and music is art.The art of expression so that sucks.Luda do your thing baby fuck em.I feel like slapping somebody today.

  • beeyo

    This is not an unreasonable request.

  • j.rock

    What’s a concert or performance without profanity it’s a form of expression and music is art.The art of expression, so that sucks.Luda do your thing baby and fuck em.I feel like slapping somebody today!!!!!!!!!

  • N.O.SeanPaul

    Although they mention some censorship with rock music, I wonder will all genres of music treated the same? Since the Imus fiasco the word hypocrisy has been thrown around when addressing any racially charged comments. I hope they spread this censorship around to every aspect of the entertainment industry, movies, television, etc. On basic cable programming I hear these “censored” terms all the time from ‘bitch’ to phrases like ‘bullshit’. If they censor hip hop, they need to censor the entire entertainment industry. Then they will see how it invades on everyones rights.

  • Dade County 305