Fat Joe Sought as Possible Witness to Miami Shooting

fat_joe.jpgMiami Beach police are looking to question Fat Joe as a possible witness to a shooting that left two men dead over the Memorial Day weekend. According to the Miami Herald, Joe may have been present during an altercation that took place just before 6 .a.m. on Monday morning (May 28) in front of David’s Cafe II at 1654 Meridian Ave. Police say that a group of men in a black Cadillac Escalade, got into a verbal confrontation with another man in front of the restaurant.

The argument soon turned physical and 24-year old Jermaine ”Wufgang” Chamberline pulled out a gun and fired four times at the group. Lessli Paz, 25 and Joey Navarro, 26 were both hit and died of their wounds. Chamberline was arrested a short time later near the scene. Investigators have reason to believe that Fat Joe may have been riding in the black Escalade with the group. Miami Beach police spokesman Sgt. Robert Hernandez, stated that Joe is only being sought as a possible witness.

Aimee Morris, a spokesperson for the rapper, told the Herald that she had not spoken to Joe and was unable to comment. Miami’s South Beach has become a popular Memorial Day weekend destination for Hip-Hop fans over the past few years and the large crowds have prompted an increased law enforcement presence. Civil rights groups have accused Miami police of racially profiling visitors during the holiday festivities. Police confiscated 60 guns this year and arrests in the area numbered at around 800, down from over 1000 in 2006.

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  • killa the dawn

    1st haha crack that dude

  • BklynBandette

    Damn, DaMn, DAMN!!! Say It Ain’t So!

  • talk of new york

    you dummy. fat joe was with the spanish
    chumps that got shot anmd killed.
    he wasnt with the shooter.
    he was with the victims.
    eskay wheres my money nigga?

  • eskaykiller

    fat joe was with the victims not the shooters.

  • XTC


  • the xtc

    DAAAAAAAAAMN i knew fat joe should’ve sticked to New York and new york hip hop THATS WHAT U FUCKING GET YOU FUCKING SELL OUT!

    RIP to the two that died

  • http://www.myspace.com/0zgur Özgür – www.myspace.com/0zgur

    he sucks

    i dont believe in dat news

    he aint a real gangsta

  • http://www.xxl.com Young Rich

    that ant Gangsta his ppl got shot damn thats messed up tho

  • http://wwww.yahoo.com STEEL CITY

    when the album comin out… yall know cats only make the news when somethins bout to drop… wash & repeat

  • Flrida145

    yo fat joe show them fake ass g unit fans how to talk to the cops dont say nothing. bet he dont ha ha. d block what up

  • http://www.deeznutz.com Rick D.

    pr(homo) time!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/sinistahmoneybagz Sinistah aka Sin Piff

    i smell bullshit, either he was in the Caddy or not. If he chooses not to speak he has that choice to. He’s basically being accused of seeing somethin when no one has proof of him even being there to begin with.

  • G-Swe

    fuck that

  • killa cam jr aka randy f. baby

    yo crack don’t snitch my dude


    XXL …. whats up with the NO New Music in the Bangers section?….

    I been checking the Bangers section everyday now and you got the SAME shit up from last week?….

    yall is slippin man!!…. And WHAT?!!

  • http://www.myfreepaysite.com EReal

    Hes gonna rat. Fat fucking sellout.

  • i’ll shit bag u

    ozgor…..what the fuck is your dumb ass even talkin bout? u stupid mutha fucka ….anyway thats some shit though!!

  • Dr. Lyrics

    Ozg0r…what does him bein’ a real gangsta have to do with him seein’ a shooting or riding with a real gangsta?… anyway, if dude snitches,he’s done cause he made fun 50 for snitchin’

  • x-mas kid

    yo i feel u sinistah…

  • x-mas kid

    yo i feel u steel city…i smell bullshit

  • Juicy J = Jazzy Jeff


  • http://xxlmag,com blackwall

    ay dipshits crack put out an album in november so you no this isnt for record sales and just cause u in a shooting dont make u a gangsta remember hes being looked at as a witness not a suspect

  • http://www.xxlmag.com 2 glock 9′s

    crack is ysl str8 stinching

  • http://www.xxlmag.com 2 glock 9′s

    fat joe needs to go eat

  • 11kap

    There must be a conspiracy of hired young black gov’t agents shooting down all the brothers in america. They are nothing but imposters, double agents, infiltrators and wannabe gangstas who are killing our youth in the name of Hip Hop. They have it twisted and have forever disrupted the message of what Hip Hop music is really all about. Don’t let words or emotions or petty beef make you kill someone, bredren. It is not even worth it, and you would regret it. Uncle sams black clowns are killing out I and I. Let’s put an end to it before they even know what hit them. Lick down the bumbaclot interlopers before they kill all the good brothers off!! FIYAH!! Joey Crack is still the DON in Miami and New York. He’s that yellow nigga.

  • BOSA


  • http://www.myfreepaysite.com EReal

    11kap Says:

    May 30th, 2007 at 11:34 am
    Actually YN is that Yellow Nigga and do YOU even believe this bullshit youjust typed?



  • Gorilla unit

    11 kap You must be on crack for saying some dom shit like this.
    Ereal if you dont mine, im repeating that shit you said i while ago

    Hes gonna rat. Fat fucking sellout.

  • triplesixninja

    bunch of savages.

  • 11kap

    wha’ ya chat ’bout, mon? YN? who dat, son?

  • BodySnatcha

    Day…um Your a bunch of idiots!! Who gives a rats ass if he saw it or not!! What happened to the others that supposedly saw it? Why Fat Joe? Because its called a publicity stunt! Take advantage of the negative media and spin it off on your career! Real Tuff Guy huh! Just like all these internet G’s!! Wake the fuck up!!

  • 11kap

    …and you’re a gorilla, jungle ass nigga. stop biting what another nigga say, quotin’ ass nigga. Make your own comment. Don’t worry about my comments.

  • kal

    hah! thats wut that fat fuk gets fer leavin NY.. hope his ass goes 2 jail so his ass can get CRR CRR CRR CRRACKED up in jail haha

  • SugarHill

    People wanna respect the niggaz that got shot; I gotta respect the shooter.

  • http://xxlmag.com DARK

    fuck fat hoes wannabe black ass fuckin spic go make yur bullshit salsa music and leave the black mans shit alone.

  • x-mas kid

    hey fake spit…keep my dick out your mouth…i guarantee the fat crack gotta album waiting and shit…c’mon yo tha onley person they question is joe…how the fuck they know joe was there..and what about the rest of the witnesses…gtfoh…

  • x-mas kid

    like i said i smell bullshit



  • blackout

    all ya nigga’s are stupid…….. the dude that shot them kids got bagged the same night with the gun and confessed to it. so don’t start any rumours about Joe rating. do your home work stupid…………………………the shooter rated on himself.

  • http://www.myfreepaysite.com EReal

    LOL @ Kal & Dark

    “i guarantee the fat crack gotta album waiting and shit” Hahahaha.

    Man did yall see them pictures of that whale at the beach?
    His wife looks like that asian whore from the VH1 Video Vixen special. LMFAO.


  • Port_o_Prince

    ….How the fuck would he be snitchin? Ya’ll dont really know the meaning of snitching. first of all police already got the dude that did the shooting( at least he admitted to do the shooting). They want Fat Joe to cooperate with them on what went down, that aint snitchin thats being a witness/coop with poppo and he’s not gonna get in trouble either way.

  • J Millz

    Port_o_Prince Says:

    May 31st, 2007 at 10:26 am
    ….How the fuck would he be snitchin? Ya’ll dont really know the meaning of snitching. first of all police already got the dude that did the shooting( at least he admitted to do the shooting). They want Fat Joe to cooperate with them on what went down, that aint snitchin thats being a witness/coop with poppo and he’s not gonna get in trouble either way.

    ^^^^^I would say thats still snitching if he tells poppos that he saw exactly what happened…Even if they have the dude that did the blastin, if i saw it i wouldn’t say shit…

  • 11kap

    All these country boys putting down the fat gangsta, but he has been rapping since most of you little dirtbag clowns were taking dumps in your little stinky pampers. You can tell who the yungbucks are in the forum; so stupid about real hip hop emcees.

  • http://xxlmag.com DARK

    fallback you 11fag bitch you still a 12 ywear old who rides a bike wit training wheels fallback you whiteboy wit no swgger.fuck fat hoe his spick wannabe black ass he cant rap worth a shit fuck wannabe black prepatraitors.Asalamualaykum my reel brothas fucc wnnabe blacks.Red Black & Green.

  • 11kap

    Fuck this online bickering bullshit. Niggas aint black anymore and don’t identify with anything positive. Diggin in the crates: I think niggas forgot. Dark, go suck a fat black dick, ho.

  • VaToS—LoStArMee

    yo !!!bottom line is…fuk the cops….cant do the dirty work themselves..so they need snitches..ya’ll goin at the wrong people here…

  • http://xxlmag.com DARK

    11fag you white kkk member in dragh go suck a fat ccccccccrack crakcas dick you hoe ass whiteboy fuck off.”Niggas aint black anymore” you sayin some reel dumb fuckin shit.

  • Mr.Defrosted

    Theres no room for NEW YORKERS IN MIAMI PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!! Besides DIDDY

  • Mr.Defrosted

    So the question is(Dark& 11KAP) is it cool to be a N*99a?

  • Don Reggaeton

    God help us all.

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