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Best of XXL

  • DocZeus

    ??????????? who cares

  • http://wag Vickram


    the realest

  • Mobsta

    let x get on his grind!!!!!!!!

  • so what

    this man has something serious wrong with him…..

  • http://xxl kunta

    watch out x we can carry concealed firearms now

  • Deuce

    Or off that crack

  • ak4dubz

    who snitchin? bitch ass niggas

  • beeyo

    He has warrants and you plaster his location all over a website. Someone oughtta slice your face the fuck open for this shit.

  • jovan mitchell

    Poppin his collar for real.

  • Worley

    XXL gets the dry snitchin award

  • Mpho

    Snitchin ass niggas

  • Mpho

    or rather u Cuuuuurtis ass niggas

  • TP

    LOL at the snitching comments.

  • VyBeSz

    grimey ass niggas, this aint even snitchin. xxl is popo statz.

  • Andy Mac


    y u b hatinn on da nigga man ?

  • Danny

    Can you say …..Cuuuurrrrtttiiissssss!!!!!!!

  • EReal

    Man the line between art and life has been erased.

    This cat is on the run like buns in Belly.


    XXLmag some bitches, STOP SNITCHIN ELLIOT WILSON!!!

    1 hunned.

  • Jayslay


  • dark vanilla

    Stop Snitching!

  • Blowed

    I was gon say snitch but got beat 2 it.

  • Stack$

    y u gotta snitch on tha nigga