DJ Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith Contemplating New Album

jeff-will.jpgThe legendary duo, DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince, haven’t recorded an album together since 1993’s Code Red. Since then, Will Smith has gone on to become one of the biggest movie stars in the world, while Jazzy Jeff focused on his own albums, The Magnificent (2002) and The Return of the Magnificent (2007). Now, the duo is possibly considering a reunion album and tour. “We’ve been talking about making a record [and] going on tour,” Jazzy Jeff tells “It’s just about making a schedule. Will is pretty much one of the biggest movie stars in the world. It’s really difficult because it’s hard for him to just say, I’m going to take off two years and focus on just going on the road or just going into the studio to make a record. [But] every time I talk to Will, he really wants to do it. We talked about possibly going on the road sometime this year and doing some stuff. His heart is there, he wants to do it.” Also, in a recent interview with The Sun, Jazzy Jeff tells the publication that indeed, the duo is getting back together and an album might be ready by November. “We talk about it all the time but recently he came up to me and said he was very serious about it and wants to do something very soon,” Jeff told The Sun. “We’re aiming for November.”

Reporting by Rich Knight

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  • fireforreal

    I think that would be good for hip hop. 1.Will had his best quality material with jazzy jeff.2.He could get more credit from the hood for taking it back to where it started.3. There are so many rappers doing movies now, that he’s just making more doe doing them everybody is what they consider him to be Commercial. Hip hop always contridicts itself saying commercials,movies and expanding yourself outside music is wack but everyone is doing it now so it’s okay I guess as long as your one of those who gets those fat checks. No will smith is not the best or one of the best rappers but the game is so Fucked up now it’s like who cares ? things can’t get worst.

  • Clean up man

    What ever when that 50 coming out ? that will change the game. I’m just kidding those two singles were garbage and the response has been mediocore. Interscope is waiting til september to try another single or two that whole thing about wanting his fans all over the world to have the same oppurtunity as his u.s. fans is bullshit.Your on interscope what they can’t make it happen on the same day ? come on I don’t believe that he’s the biggest POP star in the world even bigger than Justin.

  • pezee the jeteye

    yea i’m pretty excited about this……will go hard on them jeff beats

  • Jazzy Jeff = Juicy J

    I wouldn’t mind it. But the willsmith flow isn’t one of my favorite ol’school flows



  • Danny

    It’s about time…

  • Surge

    I couldnt fuck wit it cuz wouldnt be a lyrical thing about it but Will Smith is cool as hell so do ya thing!!!

  • Andrew

    Im fairly sure Will Smith isnt concerned about “street cred”.

    This would be sic though.

  • Ivy

    Now we have something to bump next winter!!!

  • Hokus

    Fun music is good music.

  • Hokus

    sings ‘ Summer, summer, summer time….’

  • http://XXL alex

    Dammn i hope erry1 gives the fresh prince and jeff a chance…i cant wait…

  • twin

    I was just at the Plat on Sunday blowing haze. ” A place called the plateau is where everybody go” Hip hop needs this album just to get one on the charts.

  • Kal


  • Arab

    this WILL change the look of hip hop…. back to MAGNIFICENT

  • NonYaBizz

    DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince new album…thats what i’m talkin bout…rap isn’t always about lyrical masterminds its also about feel good music and that Ol’Skool feel DAMN…those were the days

  • brodel34

    “possibly considering making a new album”

    give me a break… let me know when they actually decide to do something.

  • hero

    that would be dope.. brand new funk baby

  • BklynBandette

    Not Bad. Not a Bad Idea At All. Now Let’s See What Happens.

  • the xtc

    all though the fresh prince dont curse he could rap I just hope he dont try no dirty south shit like fabolous cuz i swear i will turn to rock

  • Da Brakes

    Its been a long time coming. This really needs to happen. Hip Hop is not that great of a place right now and JJFP can help steer it back in the right direction!

  • EReal

    Not a damn one of yall will goto that show and you know it, stop lyin.


    Man I rocked that summertime joint, parents just dont understand, when I was like 6 or some shit, lmao, im not goin to no will smith show, thanx anyway.

  • mr.knowitall

    Now that Mr will smith cooled off…. what he wants to spring board of jazzy again ?


    Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince are a legendary duo, it’d be a shot in the arm of the decaying state of hip-hop if they put out another album and toured

  • Bob

    This is exactly what is needed for hip hop…especially since Jazzy is on fire with beats and Will has diversified his topics.