Diddy Accused of Threatening Choreographer

diddy-11.jpgLaurie Ann Gibson, a longtime choreographer for Sean “Diddy” Combs, has accused the mogul of picking up a chair and threatening to hit her with it during the filming of his popular reality show Making The Band. According to the New York Daily News, Gibson filed a complaint with the NYPD on May 11 outlining what she said happened during the incident. Gibson says Diddy and celebrity judge Michael Bivins got into an argument with her over an unsatisfactory performance by the latest group of the show’s contestants during filming at a New York Sports Club. The complaint alleges that the two men yelled and cursed at her and Bivins grabbed her while Combs picked up the chair and threatened her with it. Gibson says that she eventually broke free and left the set. Diddy’s attorney, Benjamin Brafman, has denied the allegations. While Gibson’s lawyer—Peter Toumbekis—stated that the investigation is ongoing, an NYPD spokesman told the News that detectives investigated the complaint and closed the case after finding no reason to proceed.

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  • http://www.myspace.com/dscores dscores

    rip offffffffffffff



  • Cinsere

    Maybe he was trying to knock the ugly off her face…LOL

  • cdotj

    She need to be knocked the hell out for snitchin on some stupid ish… they didnt hit her… its only a minor threat at that place an time… it doesnt say that hit threaten to hurt her anytime after the occurence.. mark ass buster

  • stoneyisland

    Mike Bivens from New edition? a gangsta? beating up on a female? Puff Daddy a mafia cat? beating up on a female? both are bitches. Real men dont beat on women, they keep their cool and if need be crazy glue their hands in their pockets. Fuck Diddy, Puff, whatever he goes by and Mike Bivens should get his ass back in the studio and work on the next N.E. album.

  • Puff forever

    yo puff is a real gansta no matter who he beats up he never gets charged. Camron is making harlem look bad but puff he never lets us down.


    Sean “Puffy” Combs can throw 3 things:

    1 – A decent party.
    2 – A chair at a female.
    3 – Continously wack ass cd’s into stores.


    Sean “Puffy” Combs can throw 3 things:
    1 – A decent “white” party.
    2 – A chair at a female.
    3 – Contiously wack-ass cd’s into stores.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com EReal

    Diddy is at it again. Damn.
    “I will smack fire out of your ass!!!!”
    My Favorite quote, lol.

    Fuck it, sometimes bitches need to be put in their place. Obviously her place was a chair to the face and a boot to the curb. Bitch was nasty anyway.

    1 hunned.

  • Ziggy

    diddy with a temper…

  • Galil ( DETOX IS COMING)

    Diddy with a temper hahahaha. I bet that the bitch Laurie would have kicked his ass.
    Diddy is a BITCH & he knows it.
    FUCK PRESSPLAY!!!!!!!!!

  • killa the dawn

    *igga wild boi

  • dark vanilla

    Why iz it wherever diddy iz, drama follows? anyways, diddy’s a joke and hasn’t been da same since BIG died

  • Kal

    to stoneyisland: obviously diddy did keep his cool cuz if he didnt ud be readin diddy got arrested for beatin the fuk outta some ugly bitch wit a chair.. he was jus pissd off nd this ugly hoe went nd blew it outta proportion nd prolly made some shit up cuz diddy booted fer ass

  • da king

    u.n.i.t.y. who you calling a bitch! remember that song.that shit was wack!bitches aint nothing but hoe’s and tricks!diddy dont beat up on women just your mother!

  • http://www.yahoo.com STEEL CITY

    take that take that

  • http://www.xxlmag.com EReal

    LMAO @ The whole comments section.

  • BklynBandette

    Don’t be alarmed fellas. This was just another Bullshit Publicity Stunt to make people watch that DumbAss Show. Somewhere along the line something went awry. However, this is corny.

    Just A Woman’s Perspective.
    Holla If Ya Hear Me …