Controversy Over Dallas MC Steve Austin’s Military Service

steve-austin.jpgSome controversy has arisen over Dallas rapper — Steve Austin the Bioniq MC — and his service in the Marines. According to the Dallas Morning News, the Marine Corp Times first raised the issue on April 25 after receiving a press release about the rapper’s new album, 800lb. Gorilla, which mentioned his military career. According to the Marine Corp Times, the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis has no record of Austin ever serving in any branch of the military. When the News asked him to respond to the allegation, he refused to elaborate and said “I’ve done nothing illegal.” Austin’s publicist, Bridgette Cush, acknowledged that there seems to be a “discrepancy” with regard to her client’s service. “I can tell you there’s a direct association between Steve Austin and the Marines, but that’s as much as I can say,” Ms. Cush told the News. “I don’t want to get into an all-out battle between what part is the discrepancy and who’s responsible for it.” In a prepared statement released last Friday (May 4) Cush stated, “Steve Austin is a hero, regardless of his military past or any decision he chooses to exercise in not further elaborating on it.” Austin’s Dallas based label, YMC Records, also said in a statement: “as a small record label with limited resources, we were unable to confirm the accuracy of his biographical data.” The rapper’s single “Bussa Move” with fellow Dallas MC Tum Tum, is currently at No. 8 on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles Sales chart.

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  • Were Read 2 Def

    Who gives a fuck

  • J.R.O.

    Ms. Cush

  • gds

    wow first the lie about being gangsters not its about about being marines. fuckin losers

  • D money

    That Boy got flow and ain’t nuttin fake about dude, I kno this cat. Stop hatin’

  • stl Q

    he was probably discharged from the military for being a gay rapper :-)



  • a true native of d’ville

    no gangstar no marine come on homie b real

  • A tue native of D’ville

    no gangsta, no marine, student of LSU U from D’ville homie Louisiana represent the boot


    Dallas MC???? Really cmon I’m not going to hate I’m going to wait until the truth comes out but if it’s true….


    WTF!!!!!!!!!I don’t know if I’m more shocked about the military status or that he got caught or that this made XXL. DALLAS STAND UP!!!!!!!!!

  • A12

    Who is this guy?


    That shit ain’t cool at all patnah! I’m active duty in the muthafukin military. Patnah that shit is about real sacrifice, real pain, and real time. Don’t fake with that shit cuz! If youwere in the MARINES then say that shit and if not then shut the fuck up. Oh wait a sec, you are shutting the fuck up since you won’t answer the question. Go make up some stories about moving weight and being a G in the streets homie. DOn’t pretend to be a part of a group of people that sacrifice thier lives every day to give themselves and thier loved ones a better chance a life.


    nothing more then another fake ass, frontin motherfucker, trting to be hard. Lying about his past, and his hood, its apart rap now, now adays people don’t if you soft, it just matters if you talk a big game, i got to stay with NaS its people like this which show me that hip-hop has to be dead

  • da_realting

    who the fuck is he? does he have contributions to hip hop?

  • LikeWhoa

    I’m wit 1. Who gives a fuck.

    What’s that about Ms. Cush?

  • John The Baptist

    Steve Austin is a high energy MC, he juss hit tha billboard charts with his latest single Bussa Move, and he even had a remix with Tum Tum from DSR camp…but on top of all that dude is a stand up cat. I don’t know nan nothin’ bout any military crap, but dude has hit me with game on this industry and connected me with a lotta of cats. He done helped open alot of doors for me. So F@#k anything anybody gotta say bout dude cuz I know he’s helped alot of people out. And to me thats the true sign of his character.

  • The Muthafuckin Rapture

    I know this dude personally, and he’s a real stand up cat…fuck this shit, the man is the genuine article, no matter what this shit says…don’t let em knock the hustle!!!


  • The Muthafuckin Rapture

    Fuck these hatin ass niggas!!!! Don’t let em knock the hustle, my nigga!!!

    800 LB Gorilla IN STORES NOW!!!

  • NewYorker

    Dallas people do NOT do their homework they are so happy to JUMP on the band wagon that they didn’t even RESEARCH this guy….. He came from Louisiana…. DUMB ASSES!!! Then they gave him awards LOL* Egg is on their FACE!!!! DID he graduate with a masters?? What else…. OMG I can’t go on…. Read this article and googled/yahoo search and I’m just laughing!!!! Mr. Austin/Hall owes DALLAS an apology!! Dumb Asses!!!!!! LMAO @ Dallas….. Media and ALL!!! Nicca LYING!!!!! Nice!

  • Smitty F.

    So everybody is on a truth crusade in hip hop now, huh? Cats spit about trafficking drugs on the regular, but nobody called Rick Ross’ lying ass out about knowing Noreaga.

  • boy stop

    for one thing I just checked and there is no section for hot r&b/hip hop singles sales because everyone knows no one sales singles anymore. secondly he is not on any billboard chart. I think its a disgrace to every rapper thats from Texas. we worked so hard to get where we are today to let someone that really isn’t from Texas slander what we have accomplished…….boy stop for real. and in what world is he a hero…..boy stop….all you have to do is show your discharge papers to prove if you we’re in the military. I guess he does’nt have any papers

  • boy stop

    for one thing I just checked and there is no section for hot r&b/hip hop singles sales because everyone knows no one sales singles anymore. secondly he is not on any billboard chart. I think its a disgrace to every rapper thats from Texas. we worked so hard to get where we are today to let someone that really isn’t from Texas slander what we have accomplished…….boy stop for real. and in what world is he a hero…..boy stop….all you have to do is show your discharge papers to prove if you we’re in the military. I guess he does’nt have any papers

  • NewYorker

    Is lying a sign of character…… OMG!!! PLEASE!!!! It is people actually dying over there for being REAL Marines…… And you know what!!! That’s who GIVES A FUCK!!!! It is a Disgrace to DALLAS!!! Don’t worry about me coming down again!!! I can’t believe ya’ll support this BS that’s why Ja Rule is where he’s at now!!!! This is no little white lie!!!! THE MARINES…. COME ON!!! DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!

  • fashiongirlfriday

    obviously, he was crowned and awarded in Dallas for his music, a factor that has been critically overlooked here. He hasn’t tried to hide the fact that he’s Louisiana born, but Dallas is where he lives works and makes music so duly so, he has contributed significantly to its hip hop scene. Not everyone will agree on the facts, but since when did we become a nation that relied solely on what we read in the papers. Steve Austin is on the map, whether the world likes it or not.

  • The Seventh Knight

    Yo, I got love for everyone so I’ma say that I cut for him and stay strong!!

    I ain’t here to say who’s lying and who’s telling the truth. I’m here showing love!

    I can say, as a military vet myself (U.S. Army Desert Storm Vet), my record is in the form of a DD-214. That tells you about your military service and whether or not a vet has been honorably discharged or dishonorably discharged and so on. When I got out the Army (at the time I was stationed at Fort Carson in Colorado), I came back to Texas and my paperwork was filed at the county clerk’s office. Then I got a card from the county that certifies my military service. It contains the date that you came into the military and the date that you left. I keep that bad boy on me at all times so when I blow up and someone questions my military service, I got proof. I got awards and medals as well.

    On one hand, you could say that they were just doing there job and making sure that the Marines don’t have someone saying that they were in the Marines and they’re checking to make sure. On another hand, one could say that since Steve’s getting ready to blow up, they trying to get at him to jack his life up.

    Me, myself, I’ma use the words that Chuck D from Public Enemy once said when Ice-T was going through the drama back in the day with the Cop Killer track: “Those who don’t know about the battle, shouldn’t comment on the war.”

    That’s some wisdom right dere!

    I can’t speak on Steve cause I ain’t there with him. I wasn’t a Marine, and I didn’t know him and I haven’t even met him yet. I’ve just been hollin at him over the net so I can’t say who’s lying and who ain’t. I can only tell Y’all what I do know from being in the military as far as myself is concerned. I was in it for 8 years from 1987 to 1995 so If you don’t know nothing about being in the military or have never been in the military, then st8up you can’t say much. This ain’t a diss, this just real talk, Mayne. Yeah, we can all offer objective opinions but the main fact is this: We got Brutha that should be getting some love and there’s katz out there hatin on him cause of the shine he’s getting. Plus, we all know, like the O’Jays song “Backstabbers”: “They smile in your face/all the time they wanna take your place.” It comes with the territory. We, as artists, have to prepare ourselves for an enemy that’s always trying to keep us down and stay on our grind and on top of our game.

    Yo, Steve, keep Ya head up, roll with God, and what has been hidden in the dark will come to the light! You can hit up me up Bruh, cause you gave me some advice even when you didn’t have to!

    As for me, I’ma give the whole industry an enema when I blow up!!

    My Swordz Stay Ready…


  • chic
  • CuttySpoke30trues on vogues

    It’s funny as Hell how MF can become some half azz critics on shit they know nothing about. The media print or speak some shit and the average joe’s become trial, jury , and judge. First of all FUCK where the brother is FROM it’s where he’s at and thats in DALLAS, reppin shit nicely. Secondly what does any of this military shit have to do with the GOOD MUSIC this brother is putting out. Half these brothers in the game have not really experienced shit they speak of in their music cause the shit is for entertainment, but this brother right here has lived and damn near died for his shot and I got brothers back fa sho.Fuck er thang else, the real brothers stay and the fake niggas go away!



  • ubanks

    let the hating begin..All it does is draws more attention to the artist an generates more keep up the good work.and for that idiot who don’t know how billboard works its generated off the number of spins a particular artist receive in a particular time pick up a book you idiot.HAHAHA

  • Leech

    Steve Austin is a MMA ninja