wkkc.jpgChicago’s 89.3 WKKC can now be added to a growing list of radio stations that have voluntarily banned offensive hip-hop records. According to radio-online.com, the station—which is owned and operated by Kennedy-King College—announced in a press release that they “will no longer play any songs that contain lyrics that are violent, sexually explicit, derogatory toward women or racially offensive.” In a move similar to stations such as New York’s Power 105.1 and Jackson, MI’s Hot 97.7, WKKC will remove songs it deems offensive from its playlist altogether rather than editing out the objectionable content. “Being a radio station that is under the auspices of an institution of higher learning, 89.3 WKKC-FM will no longer bleep, delete or edit out the offensive language in the songs we play,” said Marv Dyson, Director of Operations at the station. “We simply won't play them at all.”