Chicago Radio Station Nixes Offensive Content

wkkc.jpgChicago’s 89.3 WKKC can now be added to a growing list of radio stations that have voluntarily banned offensive hip-hop records. According to, the station—which is owned and operated by Kennedy-King College—announced in a press release that they “will no longer play any songs that contain lyrics that are violent, sexually explicit, derogatory toward women or racially offensive.” In a move similar to stations such as New York’s Power 105.1 and Jackson, MI’s Hot 97.7, WKKC will remove songs it deems offensive from its playlist altogether rather than editing out the objectionable content. “Being a radio station that is under the auspices of an institution of higher learning, 89.3 WKKC-FM will no longer bleep, delete or edit out the offensive language in the songs we play,” said Marv Dyson, Director of Operations at the station. “We simply won’t play them at all.”

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  • beav


  • teddy “dbahsee”

    man fuck this what about those of us that need and like ignorance in our music. I guess billy sunday was at least right on one thing when he said people were gonna come mafter rap.

  • teddy “dbahsee”

    If all stations were to follow this kind of censcorship of content that would in turn just boost the memberships to sirius and xm stations. So go on u weirdos at all these corny regular stations because they all sound the same anyways . You are just pushing people away to these uncencored stations that have better content anyways

  • DirtDoggy

    Buncha Hoe ass bitch niggaz over there at 89.3fm , whats next ? you can’t say fuck, shit, faggot, birds, skeezer ect… when does it stop, feedom of speach exept for rappers ? Do they want us to spit nursery rhymes for infants. Wake up politicians! it’s not rap that caused the world to get fucked tha fuck uped, kids will be saying these words in real life without listining to rap. What about PORN ? I think it’s a little more degrading to females than rap, what about all the magazines ? that only sport 6′-100lbs girls and have every teenage girl starving themselves to look that way..When do they shut down these people ? What about all the escort sevices, strip clubs, rub and tuggs, mail order brides, lol……degrading woman is nothing new and will never stop, it didn’t start with rap and it won’t end with rap, bleeping these words will do nothing.

  • crack

    nobody in chicago listens to that station anyway

  • Larry Brite

    L-A-M-E . . . . . That Means = It’s BullSh&t!!!

  • Colli Park

    No big deal there. We’ll just listen to WRFG 89.3 FM in Atlanta online. At least they believe in freedom of speech and are balanced in content with their hip hop shows.

    That’s weak & not even a real story.

  • chicagoboy

    im from chicago and ive never heard of that station

  • eyebaaaaallin

    I’m from Chicago and I’ve never even heard of 89.3. I don’t think the signal of this station even goes beyond Kennedy-King College, which is like two blocks. So I’m guessing this probably isn’t a huge deal.

  • oh yea i do

    Put this in my Who Gives A SHit mail box! can’t nobody even get this radio station in Chicago! its a lil college station n e way

  • http://na shondell

    fuck them. New song 50 cent feat. jay z and nas go 2

  • http://na james

    new 50 cent feat. jay z and nas go 2


    If THEY don’t wana play OUR Music….

    DON’T give them OUR Money…. Radio Stations get PAID from advertises.

    The Hip Hop generation are a multi million dollar Market – just don’t support the Products that THOSE Radio stations promote.

  • EReal

    When the ratings drop, they’ll be back.

    Who the fuck listens to FM radion anyway? Its either CDs , MP3s , or Sirius for me. Regular Radio blows and only plays whats requested, but who besides loser ass no lifers and teny boppers request songs on the radio? I just request that shit from my Ipod and it gets played right then, not 5 hours later when Im in the shower, or in your mom. Kna mean?

    1 hunned.