Busta Rhymes/Ludacris Concert Cancelled

ludacris-12.jpgBusta Rhymes and Ludacris were scheduled to perform at the Gwinnett Arena in Atlanta, GA this Saturday for the All Call: End of the School Year Megafest. But according to the Gwinnett Daily Post, the concert was cancelled yesterday (May 8) due to “unforeseen circumstances.” The event was originally slated to take place on April 28 with performers Busta Rhymes and E-40. But on April 25, the arena sent out an email stating the Megafest was postponed until May 12 and Ludacris was being added to the bill. But now, The Arena at Gwinnett Center is canceling the concert altogether. While no reasons were given, rumors are circulating it’s due to Busta Rhymes recent arrest on DUI charges in New York City last week.

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  • monsterflow

    the reason is because they are trying to stop hip hop. plain and simple

  • fla all day

    im tired of this shit!!

  • Jeff


  • BlackGenius

    What the fuck the Terminator can become governor with no political experience.Also they found out he fealt on women in gyms that didn’t want the shit.The muthafucka just sexually harasses women on the regular.My point is why do rappers have to have the best reputations but politicians can do whatever the fuck they want to do.Shit G.W.Bush was a C student on coke and he got to become president what the fuck.B4 you know it they gonnna make us slaves again.I love to live here but fuck Amerikkka!!!!!

  • HollyHood

    Man these rappers r givin corperate america shit 2 through back n our face. Busta has been arrested several times. Everywhere snoop goes he gets arrested and ban. We gotta start put forth more effort to represent hip hop better. The whole world done turned there back on us, so we must destroy and rebuild. If u ain’t here 2 make thangs better than step.

  • gsnyebum005

    word to hollyhood

  • che

    hollyhood, how’s corporte america gonna respect you when you speak like that? invest in a dictionary homie.

  • DirtDoggy

    Fuck everyone tryin to stop hip-hop. It will never work, the real MC’s will shine in the end, it’s more than money for some. We need to short’en the herd anyway to much garbage out there.

    And if I ever hear a rapper changing his words or accepting this freedom of speech (exept for rappers) nonsense, I will never listen, buy an albem, go to a concert or respect them again.

  • Rizzop

    Nas was trying to tell us it was dead. The trying to stop everything involved with hip hop. If they cancel every show, thats how the artists get most of their money

  • PhillyRepresent

    busta deserves this treatment, fool is a fuckin idiot…ludas aight tho

  • http://XXL LYCAN BEATS

    Hip Hop killed itself. I don’t blame corporate america. I blame the niggas that spit poison to our youth, and the niggas that bought their albums, making that poison even more potent.

  • wkareem

    People are usin their power. Now, those guys will probably still get paid, if they had a contract, but communities are starting to look out for their children. Busta is an idol, as are most rappers, but he’s irresponsible. Driving while he’s drinking? What kind of message does that send. Driving without a license? What kind of message is the idol sending to the children? That’s the type of shit, parents and school’s teach. Don’t drink and drive? Busta? GROWN ASS MAN? BIG RAP STAR? Send his ass back to kindergarten to learn the simple rules. and don’t make excuses for him… Poe-Poe is gonna be lookin for somethin that’s out of place, especially for a black man, I know from experience. But I solved that problem by having my shit together so when they stop me, they’re just wasting their time, because I KEEP MY LEGAL SHIT IS TITE!!!!

  • brutha-AM


  • http://www.do_u.com Mrs. Brown

    Some of you guys/gals are on your high horses and still using the n word! I thought we were abolishing the use of the word? Man…two steps forward trying to discuss principals and what these artists need to do to show a good example to children, and two steps back using derogatory language to do it? Wow we really are lost.

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