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Time to carry on tradition. Time for YN to reveal his latest masterwork—way before it touches y’all greedy, sweaty hands on them newsstands. XXL muthafuckas, this is only a preview. Allow myself to introduce myself.

Big Things Poppin’

Sometimes light-skinded niggas say the smartest things. Truth be told, Sickamore was right. His proclamation on xxlmag.com (the soon-to-be-crowned best rap Web site in the game) a year ago wasn’t dead wrong—it was dead on. Hip-hop is all about them three Southern heavyweights: T.I., Lil Wayne and this month’s cover subject, Young Jeezy. All these MCs may or may not have pushed coke in their pasts (I’m no snitch), but, today, like Pepsi, these niggas is the choice of the new generation. It’s truer than anything Kurt Angle ever barked into a microphone. Live with it, my East Coast niggas. And can someone give Papoose a release date already? Sai and my nigga Just, what’s really good? You hear the sound of the clicking, you hear the sound of the clock, y’all. We ready. Anyway…

Yeeeaaaah, that’s right, Da Snowman was on the front page only a few months ago. But like one of the only two other artists who keep my pockets fat not flat, Shawn Carter, said: Men lie, women lie, but numbers don’t. Mr. 17.5 does OEs like Birdman Jr. and the K-I-N-G. So I’m recycling (I see you, JR) the champions until I take a loss. After you finish dissecting the story of Jeezy and his USDA crew (Slick Pulla and Blood Raw), thirty days later I’m coming with Clifford “The ’06 Champ” Harris all over again. That’s right, mo’ Southern covers. I’m even workin’ on my accent, patnas! And when it’s Carter 3 time, whatchu think I’m gonna do?

Shit, has YN grown tired of being Jimmy I’s concubine and copped a crib in the A-T-L or the Sunshine State, for Chrissakes? What the Net nerds, spineless industry fucks and mad rappers gonna say about me now? The E-I-C ain’t playing fair—jive. Yeah, I make a mistake or two (why’d the Clipse have to brick so hard?), but my animal instincts and spider senses usually take me on the right path. I focus. I concentrate. I obliterate. I destroy. Check the résumé. Google a nigga.

Yup, hip-hop’s so bad that only a handful or two of rappers are worthy enough to even think of getting the cover of rap’s finest mag this year. Yes, Swizz, a producer, has made the best rap song of the year. Yes, Puff made a better album than Jay-Z and Timbaland. Yes, young rap dudes like Fab have egos that are so big they’ll never, in spite of their talent, reach the career level they deserve. Yes, I sometimes think of hanging it up before you rap cats jump the shark, but I stupidly still believe in youse. Yes, hip-hop isn’t dead—it just sucks.

No, Joe Budden’s album is never coming out on Def Jam. No, that Mims song hasn’t grown on me. No, Luda didn’t deserve that Grammy over Tip. No, you can’t make friends when your boss hates everyone. No, the mixtape game will never be the same. No, I don’t give two shits about reverends, shock jocks, rich crackers from Duke or bullshit lawsuits. No, I can’t speak on the alleged incident involving Henchman’s son. (Do I look stupid?)

Yes, I no longer have any respect for allhiphop and will cherish the day I destroy them like I did y’all-know-what. Yes, you can be dead and still put out magazines. Yes, I’ll do more TV shows, so stop askin’ me and my crew. Yes, that was me on gakcity.com pissy drunk at the Vibe anniversary party. Yes, it’s not easy being married to your competition. Yes, Stretch Armstrong’s blog is better than most of the crap that drops on Tuesdays. Yes, O.C.’s and Mobb Deep’s unreleased shit is better than most of the crap that drops on Tuesdays. Yes, I can think of plenty things that are better than most of the crap that drops on Tuesdays.

No, I can’t put you on, make you famous or break bread with you if you ain’t willing to work hard. No, I can’t go to strip clubs without a signed permission slip. No, you can’t be my friend if you work for a record company. No, bringing the baby mama to a listening session is not a good look. No, still watching wrestling at the age of 36 doesn’t make you gay. No, we don’t sell covers or spend scrilla for stories. No, I ain’t got shit else to say.

You betta ask somebody,

Elliott “El Shabazz” Wilson

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  • sojazzy

    looks weak

  • http://www.youheardthatnew.com LowKey

    Yes, I’ll probably get hate for this comment….But Yellow Nigga..you the reason I write homey!! Eat these fools food without saying thank you……CHEA!!

  • http://www.akirathedon.com AK DONOVAN

    Sic is a clever man.

    The team is ace.

    Although Bol is looking tired.


  • Elijah

    WOW, Tell’em how you REALLY feel!!!

  • Rockcity (actually Adam K, but why should I go through the trouble to change this dude’s stuff?)

    “Deelishis: GOT A BIG OLE BUTT”


  • Real Hip Hop

    Still on the studio gangstas (Young Jeezy, G-unit, Dipset) dick I see…Let me guess who’s going to be next’s month cover..hmmm could it be 50 cent?? Surprise me nigga..Prove that i’m wrong.
    Man y’all some sellouts like the Source! Interscope/XXL-Not real Hip Hop..Where’s my Murder Dog magazine, lol.

  • these posts are racist

    Elliott “El Shabazz” Wilson is that dude!!!!!!!!

  • king blair

    yes i work hard an for free if you holla, no puff joint aint fuckin wit jay, and yes tip is the best rapper alive i said it that “i’m talking to you” sealed it especially cuz it was a better album than the carter 2 also.

  • DocZeus

    Mellow Yellow,

    Its incredibly corny to brag as if you’re Cam’ron when you edit a newspaper. It reeks of trying too hard. Please stop. For your own benefit. You’ll thank us later.

  • king blair

    p.s can i get my xxl on time this month that shit been coming mad late nigga but it still beats the suace that jail issue was burnable

  • Paul

    yo, just for that comment of you dissing kurt angle, i ain’t supportin’ ya’ll ass no more. peace!

  • http://www.myspace.com/enigmasept MR FAT SO

    damn i think blood raw is the first negro i ever met to grace the cover of XXL. Bloodraw, T-Pain, DJ Demp, TJ Chapman…the 850 is comin’ for that ass, bitches!!!! (no homo, pause)

  • mike

    MAN FUCK YOU! “RIch Crackers” if it wasnt for the rick crackers you wouldnt have a fuckin job, dick.

  • GATE13

    Ell Willson.

    Maybe u should make a section abou the international hip hop scene in the next issue.

    If not im a still get xxl cos it beat any other mag.
    The source sucks like weezy.

  • Beeyo

    YN, how does Fif feel about you cheating on him with these out of town folks?

  • Hannah Smith


  • http://myspace.com/mzcarter_1 mzweezybaby

    I hate young jeezy but im a cop the issue cuz i love xxl. I wont some weezy!

  • Incilin

    Nice to see you back in the mix for once, but; “Yeah, I make a mistake or two (why’d the Clipse have to brick so hard?” What? Are you retracting the XXL rating for HHNF? Say it aint so…….

  • http://xxlmag.com Michelle

    LOL!!! This is the most funniest shit I read and it’s great! Good one. Hey I still like source mag but with all that happened to them they are no comp for XXL. But AllHipHop is another story plus it looks like they get their stories from XXL.


    king blair Says:

    April 19th, 2007 at 6:02 pm
    p.s can i get my xxl on time this month that shit been coming mad late nigga but it still beats the suace that jail issue was burnable

    i agree with king blair my issues come very late i just got it on tuesday of this week.



  • Shay aka A&R SuperStar

    jeezy sucks! yeeaaahh

  • dub

    **Yes, Puff made a better album than Jay-Z and Timbaland.**

    you’re buggin. shitty pop duets with r&b chicks don’t top hov’s mid life crisis record.

  • dirtyshine

    yall late… ozone had buck on they cover in march then xxl has him on the cover in april or may. then ozone has usda (in the same order…blood, jeezy, slick )on they cover in may and xxl has them on the cover in june.. yall new york niggas just cant fuck with nothing from the south, not even magazines. HA

  • Wez

    Diddy made a better album then Jay-Z. Get the Fuck outta here. Maybe if you like Hip-Pop. Do you fools listen to music or do you just skim through it!? Jay-Z=GOAT!!

  • NoMamesBuey

    Wilson is a bitchmade fair-weather fan.

    Back when Jay-Z’s KC was about to drop, Wilson had a daily blog saying how KC was phenomenal.

    Now Wilson is saying the ass no-talent Diddy & his horrible album > Jay-Z

  • MidEast

    All i see is an E-I-C willing to slurp whatever he thinks is spicy at the moment.It’s a job don’t get it twisted but you’re in it for some bucks just like the ones on your cover.You run a magazine but actually you really don’t.Is it those white guys in suits who smoke stogeys behind the scenes that are behind the scenes behind those scenes but always stay behind the scenes(yeah those white guys) that you can’t expose the real of the culture without propaganda and bandwagon? My opinion says you aint no better than Star or even Enquirer. Unplugged people see through your bullshit Elliot! Continue to Keep the youth down.

  • radiohead

    Jeezy sucks so much it’s unbelievable.
    Why don’t put Pharoache monch of Marco Polo you gave these’s guy XL. Oh I know why you rater put a sucking no skillZ artist on the cover cauze it make more money than putting a quality artist on the cover!

  • NoMamesBuey

    Wilson not only has become a Wayne Stayne, but he is now admiring & biting Wayne’s “swagger”, by become a gay prostitute just like Wayne is to Baby.

    I quote Wilson “Shit, has YN grown tired of being Jimmy I’s concubine”

    SMH at these gay prostitues. Kids, gay prostitutes like Wayne, Wilson, & Jeff Gannon Guckert are not cool!

  • http://www.bacardi.com ROX ONE

    I still don’t believe this retarded jibberish is authored by a sober adult.

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    Big up for Acknowledging the fact that it is all about the south…personally I think the future lies with the following:

    Weezy F. Baby
    Fab (he be saying some sick ish b/ i guess it is his ego thats holding him back…never looked at it like that)

  • Hannah Smith

    Once again, XXL is now everything they claimed the Source was back in their little dispute.

  • EReal

    Can you say “Sell Out”?

    Ether Allhiphop? LOL. Yeah Right.

    No, you dont have more than 2 regular bloggers. No, your comment section isnt fixed. No, you dont have a community so people will homepage this shit. No, we dont wanna see another season of The (wack) Rapper Show.
    Yes, you are selling out just like all the other media outlets. Yes, you did just ether your mag sales by telling everyone you’re gonna put the same 3 rappers in rotation and juggle their balls for them. Yes, your ego is bigger than your magazine and website. Yes, I did just lose all respect for you, this magazine, and this site because of this self justifying sellout rant of yours. Yes, you should stop stealing the news and rumors from other websites because they have the news hours before yall and I go read it at AHH and 2 hours later its on this site. Yes, some of the usuals of this site have either lost interest or left already. Yes, the people at SOHH and AHH constantly etherin you in their blogs. Yes, Bol & BXS are two of the best bloggers, but noone else really cares about their job.

    Man, you say everyone has to work hard to be down with you?
    How come noone except Bol and BXS write blogs regularly? How come they say they dont even care to write regularly. How come the site isnt updated over the weekend? How come the news is late and features weak most of the time? How come the comments arent fixed? How come theres no new eye candy? How come theres no community to put you on par with the sites you wanna take out??

    You know what you should do that noone else does? Actually listen to your fans and subscribers and users about what they want from the site, the mag, ect. That IMO will make you the best out there. Just assuming shit and jumping on bandwagons is abandoning most of the users of this site that enjoy real hiphop on a HIGHER LEVEL. You call Lil Layme, and Jeezy hiphop on a HIGHER LEVEL? GTFOH. Youre just like Viacom, just like Clear Channel and all the other T.I. run media outlets, you’re gonna try to tell US what we want instead of just asking. W/E Yella, I love XXLmag and the .Com, but shit dude. I really hope you were drinking when you wrote that bullshit.

    Hopefuly this comment dosent get censored.

    1 hunned.

  • The DJ Formerly Known as N-CREDIBLE

    All you hating ass mofos need to go kick rocks…cuz we takin over…get down or lay down…jealousy is a weak emotion…the north last hope told you that…by the way he is out of touch and washed up at this point…buncha hatin ass mofos…we takin over!!!

  • The Ether Referee

    Ereal’s 10:12 am was intellectual & comedy ether masterpiece.

    YN “Jimmy Iovine concubine” “TI media” Wilson got sonned way back into the middle ages era.

    Ereal, keep up the good ether/work!

  • Focused Daily

    Yes Diddy did make a better album than Jay-z, and most of the other artists that dropped last year. I’m glad someone as Big as YN agrees with me.

    Press Play is probably the most consistant, well put together entire hip hop “Album” in a minute.

    Don’t let your blind hate of Diddy, or wanna be thug/intellectual bias keep you from listening to some really hot songs. Grow up Losers.

  • Content

    XXLmag/XXLmag.com is average at best

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    Does EReal need a high-level exec positon at XXLMag dot com? Yes.

    YN that dude just gave you 3 paragraphs worth of information on how to take this site from here to there … FOR FREE.

    All you have to do is listen …

  • FPL

    Im from the south…. ya feel me…”We got now, I dont care who got next”….

    @ Elliot
    Go get that nigga ILLSEED from Allhiphop….pair him up w/ BOL and you may have a winner.

  • My Effin’ Opinion



  • Oliver is the Future

    Yo you’re doin ur thing homie! U killed the Source, now you’re killin Allhiphop!

  • ApeDujeous

    No, bringing the baby mama to a listening session is not a good look.

    You cold. T.I.’s gonna be mad.

  • thoreauly77

    elliot- hiphop on a higher level is not displaying gross hubris; this attitude will likely be your downfall.

  • http://crunktastical.blogspot.com Fresh

    Young Jeezy is the best looking knee grow on the cover?! *puts head on desk* Jesus take the wheel.

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    My Effin’ Opinion Says:

    April 20th, 2007 at 12:01 pm



    That was an Effin’ Imposter

  • Gama

    What up it’s about time yall put the whole USDA on the cover slick pulla wuddup!

  • http://timsmomisgood.com BiGtReV69

    Tim is a juggalo bastard and he betta have mi money and his mom betta have it to

  • doc

    you know you are the primary reason i cop XXL. i NEVER care who’s on the cover. I buy it every month anyways, just to read what you wrote, and then looking at some pictures. throughout the month, I might actually read what else is in there. If i have the time.

  • bxconnect

    damn EReal i didnt know you were capable of such a ethering.
    *salutes EReal like a general*



  • http://www.xxlmag.com/?cat=29 noz

    “How come noone except Bol and BXS write blogs regularly?”

    Excuse me?

    “Yes, the people at SOHH and AHH constantly etherin you in their blogs. ”

    Those sites have blogs?

  • Pancho

    So Elliot…since you watch wrestling so much….

    Which do you prefer…WWE or TNA?

  • E-Hustle


  • FuckUPayMe618

    I used to read XXL all the time until I copped a computer. You can get all the interviews and shit w/o all the ads about lugz and south pole. Sine u killed off ur mag comp u need to step this site up dawg. You cool wit me man as long as u don’t put out any albums. Co sign on BXS and Bol being the hardest workers . They the reason people come to this site

  • EReal

    @ Noz

    Yeah Man, you write, I was refering to dailies..

    1 hunned.

  • We still rule

    now that the south is selling you can expect nothing but southern artist from this cocksucker. Oh please help us lord.

  • http://www.myspace.com/miclowrey Mic Lowey

    Hay there Yella Fella

    The Vibe has a great new vibe to it, (no pun intended) but I am not going to front I have not been coping the XXL’s like I use to, I may subscribe or something, but the Hip Hop Weekly with its every week thang is the best model fo hip hop things happen so fast and by the tie you get to print, its like dead already, case in point 50 vs. Cam you barely said a word, why is that, G Unit ship is not really floating that fast, and if it wasnt for the VT Killer (Yayo moms house getting shot up would make for a media frenzy) either way Hip Hop is dead and Ludacris did deserve the grammy and Diddy always has a banger, Jay album is for grown people (showing ya young status) anyways, Fab first single was a terrible idea, SAIGON needs some subjects or go the way of Nas and make an incredible album same for Papoose and any other NY Based rap, Joe Buddens will be the savior of the east if he can ever get released from Def Jam and Dessert Storm need to put out PAUL CAIN W/ Fab and Joe and call it the Triangle Offense, listen to them dudes on any tape together and you will be like Damn, that was what the firm was suppose to been lke great spitters

  • Perttu

    Elliot Wilson has got to be the worst writer alive. These so-called editorials are a pain to read and they contain absolutely no information, only weak chest drumming. In any other magazine’s office Mr. Wilson would be the intern making up horoscopes, but in XXL he’s the “Editor-In-Chief”?

  • Tony Terror

    Ah nah that’s some ol’ bullshit saying it’s Jeezy on top righ now.

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  • totheleft

    You betta rep. SOMEbody had to go in. Curses on these XXL haters. Let them wallow in their ineffectual, know-nuthin’, do-nuthn’ sh*t. Wah!Waaah!Waaaaah! Put a beat under it, Complainers: try to at least come-up with your same old songs.

  • thoreauly77


    is this english?

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