dmx11.jpgOn Wednesday (April 11) two separate bench warrants were issued for DMX after he failed to show up in court. According to the Associated Press, X was due in court in White Plains, NY as well as his hometown of Yonkers on two separate traffic infractions. Judges in both of the cases issued warrants for his arrest. X had already failed to show up for the White Plains hearing on Tuesday (April 10) and was given until 2:00 p.m. yesterday to make it into court. His attorney, Murray Richman, said his client was in Arizona as of Tuesday and had vowed to make it to New York for both hearings on Wednesday. “In truth, I do not know where he is,” said Richman. “Why would he be hiding out from a damn traffic infraction?” Last June, the Yonkers native was jailed for a single night after he missed two court dates related to the White Plains case. He was released the next day after posting $25,000 bond. White Plains Judge Brian Hansbury told Richman yesterday that if he produces his client within two weeks, he will "listen to his reasons" for his tardiness before forfeiting the bond money.