buck23.jpgAn after party at a Kennewick, Washington hotel turned violent early Saturday morning (April 28) and resulted in the shooting of one man and the arrests of nine others. According to the Tri-City Herald, after headlining a concert at Club Paradise in nearby Richland, Young Buck and his entourage moved the after party to the Hilton Garden Inn in Kennewick. Sometime after 2:00 A.M., gunshots started going off in the hotel’s parking lot. Police were first alerted of the disturbance at around 2:54 A.M. when they received a 911 hang up call, but heard gunshots in the background. When they arrived at the scene, they found 30 year-old Robert Osound of Las Vegas with a bullet injury to his leg. Police later detained several people after stopping a limousine and an SUV on nearby Highway 240 and discovering a weapon on one of the drivers. Officers also say that they saw weapons being thrown from the vehicles as they approached. Although the investigation is still pending, nine men from the Seattle area have been arrested on charges of failing to report a crime. At one point, as many as 28 people had been detained as part of the investigation. According to Kennewick Sgt. Scott Child, at least six rounds were fired in the hotel parking lot and several weapons have been recovered. Bullets were found lodged in nearby vehicles and the walls of the hotel. Police have not commented on whether or not Young Buck or anybody from his entourage was involved in the shooting or was detained at any point.