Russell Simmons and Hip-Hop Summit Action Network Holding Closed Door Meeting, Press Conference

russell_simmons4.jpgRussell Simmons and the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network have announced a closed-door meeting of some of the hip-hop industry’s biggest executives to be held this afternoon (April 18). The purpose of the sit down is to discuss challenges facing the hip-hop industry in the wake of recent events such as the Imus controversy and the resulting criticism of rap music. At a subsequent press conference, initiatives agreed upon during the meeting will be announced.

Expected attendees include:

Dr. Benjamin Chavis, President of the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network; Lyor Cohen, Chairman and CEO of US Recorded Music, Warner Music Group; Mitch Bainwol, Chairman and CEO of the RIAA; Kevin Liles, Executive Vice President, Warner Music Group; LA Reid, Chairman Island Def Jam; Craig Kallman, Co-Chairman Atlantic Records; Jimmy Iovine, President, Interscope Records; Steve Bartels, COO and President, Def Jam Recordings; Steve Rifkind, CEO, Universal Music Group; Julie Greenwald, President, Atlantic Records; Sylvia Rhone, President, Motown Records/Executive Vice President Universal Music Group; Lisa Ellis, Executive Vice President, Sony Music; Debra Lee, Chairman and CEO, BET Networks; Peter LoFrumento, Senior Vice President, Universal Music Group and Chief of Staff for Doug Morris (representing Doug Morris); TI, Atlantic Records recording artist; Stephen Hill, Executive Vice President, BET Networks; Chris Lighty, CEO, Violator Management; Damon Dash, CEO, Damon Dash Enterprises; Steve Stoute, Creative Director and CEO, Translation Marketing; Derek Ferguson, Chief Financial Officer, Bad Boy Entertainment; Chaka Zulu, President, Disturbing Tha Peace; Jeff Dixon, Disturbing Tha Peace; Big John, EMI and Managing Director of The Hip-Hop Summit Action Network, Valeisha Butterfield

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  • raoul

    Hey, food for thought. What are they gonna do?

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    i’d love to be a fly in the wall in that room! … “closed door”, them cats is gonna talking some real shit good or bad. No need to be “politically correct” since the media ain’t in there ..

    Hopefully someone will sneak a camera in like they did with the Sadaam hanging .. lol

  • BklynBandette

    I feel the Sisters need to take the lead on this one, and the Brothers gotta back us.

  • Atl’s own

    why is TI the only rapper there?

    i mean i know he da KING and all but he just seems out of place.

  • Crazy Lord Iz Me & My Daddy

    yea dats fucked up TI aint da only nigga inda industry. Dey need somebody dats gone speak some influencein shit like Mos def or Talib or Common. Real Talk. But i expect good 2 come of this. 1

  • E

    yea they shud def have more rappers there. TI alone is not enuff. after all they are the ones writtin the lyrics

  • dfd

    damon dash and steve stoute in the same room?i dont beleive it.

  • r.c.

    Jay ain’t there?

  • r.c.

    and what about puffy?

  • http://xxl gangsta gal vikki n talia

    hey wots up gangsta xxx

  • Iblacky

    my site is on the way the thing is stop looking to the rappers they only telling their message and unfortunately is the worst of it that can’t get blood out of stone however there are a lot of educated talent out there its just to find them

  • didi

    i think what russel simmons is doing is a good thing because to me most rap music can be very offensive .when they say things about girls you automatically think there talking about all girls