Rev Run Collaborating on Album with Kid Rock

revrun.jpgIn a recent interview with cable network G4TV’s website, Rev Run revealed that he and Detroit rap/rocker Kid Rock will be collaborating on a full length album. “Me and Kid Rock are collaborating on making an album called Running With The Kid, sort of like what Clapton and BB King did with Riding with the King,” Run said. “We sort of have them same styles in a way, at least we dress the same. He’s a big Run-DMC fan and I grew to understand and like his music.” Run, one third of legendary group Run-DMC, says he plans to head out to Detroit in the coming weeks to start recording. In related news, the third season of Run’s House—the rapper turned reverend’s reality show on MTV—premiers on Monday, April 9.

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  • B

    This is gonna be dope! The Rev lazing the beats and the kid blesses them with da heat!

  • sojazzy

    first…idc…prolly lookin for that aerosmith/run dmc “walk this way” sound

  • jeff

    im lookin forward to that shit hopefully it sounds like aerosmith/run dmc that would be baller

  • Trickdd



    Shud be gud Kid Rock and Rev Run are gunna STUN!!

  • Dipset

    I cant tell russle simmons from rev run apart… if it wasn’t for that reveren suite the rev run wears I wouldnt know who the fuck was who…

    Oh and Kid Rock is gay… He didnt see Eminems potential and his music is retarded…

    Ya Dig??

  • bginer


    No I don’t dig. Kid Rock gay? You have got to be shitting me? That must be your lame ass way of trying to put the man down since he must be one of the most visable hetrosexuals out there (remember Pam A?). Dude gets more ass than a toilet seat!

    I don’t know what you’re talking about with the Em comment so I’ll leave that alone, but I like his music and so do 18,000,000 other people to date (the number of albums he’s sold). I also like Run DMC, and the Kid has made no secret that he’s a fan too. I’m looking forward to what could be one hell of an album (please guys don’t screw it up!). Some old school rap stuff mixed with the Kid’s rock sound? C’mon, what’s not to like?

    My only regret is that Jam Master Jay will not be able to contribute. That would have been fucking awesome!

  • sean

    eminem voice is annoying and all he did was steal kid rock sound from grits sandwiches for breakfast and the polyfuze method among other rappers from detroit hes a big rip off im tired of everyone saying eminem is great hes gay not kid atleast kid when he raps doesnt have cheesy beats

  • EReal

    Uhm, one’s fat and one’s not. He did see Eminem’s potential, said so himself in an interview “I dont know what you said, but if you slow it down you’ll have something”

    This is interesting. Maybe it’s what HipHop needs, a change.. something different. A new hustle. I’ll give it an ear thats for sure.. buy it? If its hot, if its not? Not so much on the buying. Niiice.

    1 hunned.

  • amfx22000

    anyone hating on kid rock’s hip-hop abilities just needs to download the torrent for his album “Early Morning Stoned Pimp”. near classic – 4.5 mic-ish