Rap-A-Lot Records’ James Prince Allegedly Assaults Houston Label Owner

rap-a-lot.jpgRonald Bookman, owner of 7303 Records and Studio 7303 in Houston, filed a lawsuit against Rap-A-Lot Records’ owner James Prince yesterday (April 12). According the lawsuit, the situation dates back to 2005 when Prince allegedly allowed his artist, UGK’s Bun B, to appear on a song with 7303 Records’ first artist, JV. The song, “Wrong for Dat,” was recorded in 2005 and Bookman claims Rap-A-Lot and Prince agreed to assign all rights to 7303 Records in exchange for discounted or free studio time at their studio. But according to the suit, Prince didn’t fulfill his promise to allow Bun B on the song after he found out Warner Bros. Records approached Bookman about a label deal. The disagreement then turned physical when Prince and a half-dozen of his associates allegedly beat up Bookman at a Houston recreation center owned by Prince. The incident allegedly took place on January 25, 2007 when Bookman says he was “lured to the gym” after being told Prince wanted to “make things right.” After the attack, Bookman was admitted to the Park Plaza Hospital emergency room for severe head trauma, a broken nose and injuries to both eyes. “This was a vicious act of intimidation, plain and simple,” says John B. Thomas, lead counsel for Bookman. “We believe Mr. Prince’s plan was to eliminate competition in the Houston rap and hip-hop music business through the use of threats, intimidation and violence. We believe that Mr. Prince feared that his influence and financial well-being would suffer if Mr. Bookman and 7303 Records were successful.”

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  • Lano

    If this is true J is a hater.

  • Sincere (Sin)

    Hmmm! Sounds very gangsta to me.. J. Prince is no joke. Feel bad for the man getting beat down, but I’m sure there’s more to the story..But it is wat it is!

  • H-TOWN

    fuck lil j i don’t see why niggas fuck wit that nigga. he only out for himself. He fuck everyone out of there money. Z-ro should have never signed wit that nigga. now he ain’t gone never blow up. I would rather mess wit g-unit at least 50 wants you to be successful. And he gone make sure you eat as long as you down wit him.
    all lil j offer is protection.



  • traplif3 hustle

    he a fool for going everybody know that boy prince is known for this type of stuff how you think he got ugk off they old contract

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  • Birds of a feather, Flock Together

    Suge is cool with J Prince 4 a reason. They on that real GANGSTA shit. they are “strong armers” its this new facet of the ghetto tax inclusion where they come in and strong arm opposing threats. Hell, J Prince says it himself on the”Pimpalation” pimp c dvd. don’t fuck with deez niggaz. they mean business

  • F.U. Ent.

    Man dat niggaz a “Southern Suge” and sumtimez datz what u gotta do in da industry 2 get dat point acrooss, now i cant judge dat man 4 what happen and all u can say iz…..What would u do if u wuz in his air forces?

  • Common Sense

    O.K. People use your common sense J. Prince has helped artist through out his 20 years like Mike Jones for example, artist that are not even on his label. O.K. people we are just hearing about this type of behavior after 20 years. Use your common sense, there is more to this story because as rich as lil J is I don’t think one shitty ass song with J.V.’s wack ass is going to hurt his ties in the industry or his pockets. I bet money that Warner Bros could not possibly be interested in one wack ass song by J.V.’s wack ass (check his myspace it speaks wack for itself) and 7303 Records. Bookman sounds like a broke ass drug dealer digging for Gold. I hope the truth prevails. Bookman get a Job!