little-bro.jpgIn a recent interview with, the two remaining members of Little Brother, Phonte and Big Pooh, shared some details about their upcoming side projects. Phonte, who collaborated with Dutch producer Nicolay in 2004 under the group name Foreign Exchange, shared some details about the duo’s new project Leave It All Behind. “It’s basically just me and Nic really getting deeper into ourselves as musicians and songwriters,” ‘Te told “It could surprise a lot of people but then on the other hand, people who follow our music, it may not come as a surprise to them. We’re like six songs deep into it and already to me, what we got is smashing the last album. I’m really excited about it.” Although Nicolay has since moved to the U.S., the pair is working on the LP the same way they did their debut Connected, through e-mail and instant messages.

Meanwhile, Big Pooh is keeping busy with two separate solo undertakings. He’s currently working on his sophomore solo LP, Dirty Pretty Things. “I wasn’t really comfortable [with] the way it was going [at first],” Pooh told “It was one of those things where you start it, then you know it’s not gonna be out for a while, and then you go back and listen…and I wasn’t really liking all the songs. I think the way I’m going now is the direction I’m gonna stay in. I’m like six or seven songs deep and I’m just working slow, not trying to rush anything.” In the meantime, fans can look forward to an EP (still untitled) that Pooh is working on with Virginia producer Nottz. While a title and release dates are tentative, he expects to put the finishing touches on it well before Dirty Pretty Things.